What Is the Brookfields Reflective Model? An Insight Into Its 4 Lenses

23 Dec 2022 4021
Brookfields Reflective Model, 4 Lenses and More

No theoretical model can be perfect, and no accepted method exists to define one. Someone once stated, "You gradually evolve as a person when you reflect on your ideas and deeds." However, the Brookfields Reflective Model is not flawless, but it is the most trustworthy, and that is what this blog is about.

Here you will get a chance to learn better about the real deal of this model. Also, you will know the 4 primary types of lenses that this model comprises. Come, let's explore further.

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What Is Brookfield Reflective Model? A Brief Intro

The Brookfields Reflective Model is a method that aids teachers in determining the worth of their teachings through critical self-reflection. According to Brookfield, critical reflection make teachers have outstanding instructors because they can effectively share their perspectives with others. While every modal ever proposed has two sides to itself, this brookfield reflective model advantages and disadvantages are both there, which you can only understand after knowing the basics.

Teachers are better equipped to reliably and adequately analyze the educational method, evaluation, planning, and design of learning plans and assessments. As well as address difficulties with others when they reflect more and more. Therefore, it is essential to carry out these duties with critical evaluating different angles as Brookfields Reflective Model propose.

Many colleges urge instructors to critically evaluate their teaching strategies and students' development using Stephen Brookfield's four distinct yet interconnected lenses. To become a critically reflective teacher, one must use these four lenses for critical self-reflection. It is the best direction for any teacher to get into the depth of self-understanding. So whenever you want to know, "What is Brookfield Reflective Model"? Tune here.

Who Developed the Brookfield Model of Reflection?

Stephen Brookfield created the Brookfield Model of Reflection in 1995. He had a long teaching career and worked in several nations.

He has taught abroad in Canada, England, and the United States. Brookfield published 19 novels during his career. These works cover various topics, including critical theory, discussion techniques, and critical thinking. His objective has always been to encourage adults to consider the prevailing notions they have all internalized.

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Brookfield's four lenses are still the most used methods in critical thinking. Being a student, you have to understand them better for future use. So, let's get into them one by one:

Know the 4 Lenses of the Brookfield Reflective Model

According to Brookfield's approach, we should think about reflection from four angles: our own, that of our students, that of our coworkers, and that of its link to broader theory. We can only deepen our reflection by considering various Brookfields critical lenses.

The objective of the teachers, is to become more aware of their teaching from as many angles as possible. Stephen Brookfield created the four lenses of the Brookfield model of reflection with this objective in mind. Teachers might utilize these in the critical reflection process. It relates to the following four views or lenses:

1. The Autobiographical Lens

The Brookfields Reflective Model's first lens is where a teacher can identify instructional elements that need to be enhanced or modified.

Teachers can reflect on their personal experiences with others regarding education and learning by using the autobiographical lens. Identifying presumptions and convictions about how individuals learn will be possible by analyzing this learning experience.

This pedagogy can be gained via learning materials, assessments, student feedback, personal outcomes, or other methods. Reflective teaching is built on self-reflection through brookfields 4 lenses.

Activities Seen Via the Autobiographical Lens

  • Teaching and Learning Philosophy
  • Recordings
  • Teaching Diaries
  • Audits
  • Advice

2. The Student's Eyes

Beyond self-reflection via an autobiographical perspective is essential. The Brookfields Reflective Model contends that instructors must comprehend students' experiences.

Teachers can accomplish this by having students evaluate their use of focus groups, interviews, tests, and instructional techniques. Their instruction will become more adaptable as a result.

Among Brookfield critical lenses, the student lens also indicates their feedback-based learning practises and whether any presumptions about power dynamics need to be changed.

Activities Seen Via the Student's Eyes

  • Formal Evaluations
  • In-class Evaluations
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Letters
  • Questionnaires

3. Colleagues' Experiences

Excellent instructors will work closely with this process and interacting with colleagues for mentorship, advice, and feedback. In addition to concentrating on the first two brookfields lenses of reflection.

Teachers also gain more confidence by interacting with other educators. It is due to their realization that other people also make strange blunders and that this is common among their peers.

Likewise, you can share experiences about group projects, take part in seminars and workshops, share your ideas and proposals, and talk over educational ideas and practices.

Activities Seen Via the Colleagues' Experiences

  • Learning Circles
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Critical Conversations and Evaluations

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4. The Theoretical Literature

The training of teachers does not end with the final exam of the teacher training course. Instead, it is a lifelong process, according to the Brookfields reflective model. Teachers must be involved in the study of their teaching practice.

To deepen and reenergize the linkages between process in practice and critical engagement with that practice. One should engage in critical reading, subject scholarship, the political and other settings of current teaching, and higher qualifications.

Teachers who read, discuss, or publish this material have a sophisticated language and a wealth of instructional strategies. Teachers are supported when they interact with colleagues and the scientific literature. All 4 Brookfield lenses are designed to help them critically analyze their lessons.

Activities Seen Via the Theoretical Literature

  • Conferences
  • Professional Journals
  • Research

A return to critical reading may help teachers realign themselves with theory, and examining their practice from various theoretical perspectives can provide them with new insights. This form of participation encourages connections to larger knowledge groups. That is beyond the surrounding environment, peer knowledge, and experience.

Although many methods here stated are very similar to other models such as Driscoll Reflective Model, Rolfe Reflective Model, Gibbs Reflective Cycle, etc. But, the actual outcome varies, and that sets them apart from each other.

A thorough analysis of oneself and one's practice then incorporates several factors and applies them to one's teaching. It may be filtered through peer, theoretical, and learner interactions in addition to one's reaction to reflection.

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