How to Write Dissertation Methodology? Excellent Guide Inside

19 Feb 2021 1625
Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation writing is a completely new experience for you. As this is a long piece of writing, you have to be patient and determined throughout the process. It can pertain to any subject like marketing, psychology, humanities, architecture, business, and others. A dissertation consists of several sections and one of them is methodology. Innumerable students don’t know how to write a dissertation methodology, and due to this, they write it poorly.

Dissertation methodology writing is directly related to your research methods. It completely depends on how you do research and what sources are used. You have to do extensive research and have a record of what sources are used, with the intention to write them in the methodology page.

Let’s know more about the methodologies thoroughly in the below section.

Dissertation Methodology: A Brief Overview

Many times, students ask how long a dissertation methodology beBut this can not be answered until you finish research for it. The approximate length is 2000-3000, but it can change according to the depth of research. Generally, it is conducted through two methods-one it qualitative and another is quantitative. If you select one method of research, then you must have strong points to convince the reader, that's why you used the particular method.

The type of research you choose relies on the below things.

  • Type of Topic: You should first analyze the topic and understand what type of solution can be provided in it.
  • University Guidelines: If it is clearly written in the university guidelines that you should go with particular research methods, then follow that.
  • Professor’s Requirement: Before starting the research, have a quality conversation to understand how to write methodology in a research paper like this.

Oftentimes, students focus on the above points and select the right methodology. But many students can’t choose or sometimes use both.

When both types of research methodology are used, it's being called mixed-methods research. It involves analyzing, collecting, interpreting both quantitative and qualitative data. It also consists of philosophical assumptions with a mixture of both the methods in a single series of studies. It is important to know what are the pros and cons of both the research methods to know how to write a dissertation methodology.

Qualitative Research Methods: In this type of research, you will not need to be a bean counter. It relies on ‘why’ and ‘how’ findings. This data collected from interviews, observation, existing documents, focus groups, and many others. Generally, qualitative approaches are not bound by the limitation of research like quantitative. Researchers can improve responses at any time as this method is flexible.

Quantitative Research Methods: If you are using this method, then describe operationalized concepts and what are the sampling methods. You have to explain the inclusion and exclusion criteria for specific information. When students don’t focus on these little things while using quantitative research methods, they will not know how to write a dissertation methodology effectively. Here you can collect data from experiments, surveys, existing data, and many others. This method helps in the standardization of generalized findings.

Both the methods have their advantages, therefore students can pick anyone.

Now, let’s focus on how to do data analysis for dissertation methodology writing.

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How to Do Data Analysis for Dissertation Methodology?

Data analysis takes place, once it is processed. The data is collected and then converted into numbers and statistics so that it can be understood properly. Methodology in a research proposal plays an important role and to write it properly, data analysis is vital to understand.

You can answer the research questions, after statistical analysis of the data. There are two types of statistics through which you can analyse data, descriptive and inferential.

Descriptive can be a sample of entire information in the form of a summary. You can understand the mean, median, and mode of the data by analyzing descriptive statistics.

Inferential statistics is used to make inferences and helps in making predictions and generalizations. You can take samples' help to collect data. To make this type of data collection more productive, you should focus on the scope of the dissertation topic, draw a representative sample, use some criteria to incorporate the sampling errors.

Knowledge of how to do data analysis helps in making a perfect dissertation methodology structure. Here are 4 main things that you should focus on while structuring it.

  1. Methodology approach
  2. Methods of data collection
  3. Data analysis methods

Dissertation methodology writing is an extensive part of the paper, so focusing on the data analysis is crucial. But there is one more thing that is equally important as data analysis; this is a methodology style. There are many styles for dissertation methodology writing, so you have to read about some main before choosing anyone. You should also talk to the professor about the same.

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The next piece of information will make you aware of how to write dissertation methodology in APA style.

How to Write a Dissertation Methodology in APA Style?

Methodologies are written in the past tense and you have to be descriptive while writing them; many times students seek dissertation writing help when they can’t manage both. They can face this type of issue while writing in APA style. Learn the basic rules of this style. This write-up offers you main sections regarding writing in APA style. Have a look at them.

  1. Participants: You have to describe participants. These are people with whose help you can collect the data. You can present the number of these people and the way through they were selected. If there were no numbers, then you can say ‘we randomly selected 1000 high school students near the University of Manchester.’

    If you are writing this section, then you have to present the basic demographic characteristics like age, ethnicity, sex, and religion. If you have done this research with some restrictions, then mention about it also. Suppose you focus on the school students, then answer why only this category of people was used for research. You also have to explain why they got ready to participate in your research. If you provided them with some incentives for it, then don’t forget to mention it in the dissertation methodology.
  1. Materials: Mention what materials, measures, equipment, stimuli, and others used in the experiment. If you took the reference from any experiment, discovery, testing instruments, or equipment, then elaborate them. In the case of electrical devices,you don’t need to give more explanation, then their names. You can skip writing the technical specification of the devices, because there is only a requirement of the purpose of their use. If you think that there is a need to explain a particular special device, then you can go into detail.
  1. Design: What type of design were used in the experiment? You have to provide this information in the paper. Present the variables in the sequence and the importance levels. There are generally three types of variables used by students while talking about design; dependent, independent, and control variables. If you see there are other variables also, then you can put them in the category of extraneous variables. You can write like ‘the independent variables were an age for this particular research.’
  1. Procedure: This is the fourth part of your method section. As the name implies, here you have to talk about the procedures used in the experiment. Describe how you collected data and how the participant got ready to work with you, what tactics you applied for it. You can talk about this part in steps, like what you did first. Let’s take the example again from school children. You prepared a list of questions to ask students individually, so you asked the guard to send them one by one, after the end of the first round you started the second one and so on. It was the procedure to collect data. Try to write this section concisely so that your peers also find it impressive and ask you how to write a dissertation methodology.

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These were the four sections that you have to write about while writing in APA style. A lot of students don’t read the APA format and start to write, you should avoid this approach and save yourself from making mistakes.

Apart from it, when students are not aware of some questions, they also make mistakes while writing a dissertation methodology. You should be aware of them so that you don’t make mistakes.

So, let’s read about them in the below section.

Students’ Common Queries Regarding Methodology

  1. What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?
  1. What is the difference between method and methodology?
  1. What is the difference between reliability and validity?
  1. What is sampling?
  1. What is Operationalization?
  1. What is hypothesis testing?

These are some important questions that you must ask yourself while writing the dissertation methodology. These questions will help you do research effectively. As you know research is in-distinctive to dissertation methodology, going in-depth for the data becomes quite compulsory.

But sometimes students don’t have time so that they can do extensive research and due to this, they fail to produce amazing dissertation methodology. There are some other reasons also that stop students from producing an impeccable methodology. Know what are they below.

  • Sometimes students don’t understand what is the use of dissertation methodology, and that is why they don’t focus on writing it properly.
  • If they have done poor research, the impact can be seen on methodology.
  • Talking only about fixed data and facts also stop them from writing impeccably. You should do an experiment to present new approaches.
  • Complex structure of methodology and use of terminologies makes it difficult for students to write.

If you also feel that dissertation writing is eating up your precious time, then here is a solution; you can take writing experts help. Let’s read about it in the below section.

Where to Get the Best Dissertation Writing Help?

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Henceforth, you will not have to bother by the question- how to write a dissertation methodology our writers will provide a dissertation with an excellent and impeccable dissertation methodology section.

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