Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT? How it Works?

24 Apr 2024 261
Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

The hike in AI content generation is noticeable and cannot be ignored. AI writing has become common in colleges, institutes, and online spaces. Students are active users of this tool because it seems to be quick and saves time. But, the main question arises: Can Turnitin detect Chat GPT?

Therefore, Turnitin is being used by over 2.1 million teachers, 62 million students, and 10,700 educational institutions in 153 countries. They benefit, and it reflects their true understanding and skills.

But, to know how accurate it is,? How does it work? Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT if you paraphrase? Let's see what our experts say to find the correct answer to this query.

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Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

Can ChatGPT be detected? It is the most common question that students come up with. Yes, Turnitin can be detected with a 98% accuracy rate generated by ChatGPT. OpenAI is one of the leading conversational AI models developed by ChatGPT. It has become the most popular when it comes to generating human-like content. Moreover, it accesses the originality of the content written by the students by scaling the AI detection score from 0 to 100. It is a well-known online detection service and is trusted by many scholars. In addition, it works best for detecting plagiarism and maintaining ethical implications in academic universities.

However, due to this evolving technology, it has been observed that this tool also makes some adjustments. Do you want to know? Well, look at the point below:

  • There are a few cases where Turnitin has flagged assignments with "false positives, while it was human-written content, and it incorrectly identifies the wrong AI detection score.

We hope you have understood that can Chat GPT be detected by Turnitin. Let's, move ahead and check how it works. By reading the next part, you will gain knowledge about the complete process of how can Turnitin detect AI writing.

How Does Turnitin Work?

how does turnitin work

It is crucial to understand how does Chat GPT shows up on Turnitin. When you paste your essay into this tool, with its vast database of academic content, it compares your content. Also, it checks and gives you the results that will suit your university's policies and guidelines. Therefore, to know more about how to avoid Turnitin detect ChatGPT, read the pointers below and get in-depth knowledge about its functionality.

1. Text Comparison: It uses an extensive database that contains academic text, including articles, documents, and other written material. Moreover, when you submit a document, it compares the content against its database to show whether can Turnitin detect ChatGPT paraphrasing or find any matches or similarities.

2. Originality Report: After comparing the submitted content, Turnitin generates a report. The importance of Turnitin report is that it highlights similar or matching text and provides a percentage. It helps instituters and students understand the originality of the work and identify whether it is ChatGPT-generated text.

3. Analysis of Matches: After detecting the similarities in the content, it also analyses references and citations. It will help you to know whether you have properly cited and if your paper follows academic integrity standards. Moreover, this feature of Turnitin ensures that scholars are giving credit to the original authors.

Now, you must have understood the functionality of how it works. So far, we have discussed whether Turnitin can detect ChatGPT and how does Turnitin detect ChatGPT. However, can a university detect Chat GPT? So, to know about this, read the next part, where our experts will discuss it in detail.

How Does the University Detect ChatGPT?

Yes, universities detect content generated by ChatGPT. Many colleges and institutes use platforms like Turnitin to check whether the content is AI-written to ensure the integrity of student submissions. It is a platform that has adapted a vast area of technologies to recognise and catch content produced by AI models.

Since ChatGPT and its versions have become popular, many scholars have started using it for academic purposes. However, with the updated capabilities of Turnitin, it can identify the writing style of ChatGPT and flag it.

Moreover, academic professors and professionals are trained to recognise AI writing due to its style and pattern. So, even after so much perfection, the teachers can still be easily identified. Do you want to know how Turnitin detect ChatGPT?

Well, look at the pointers below:

  • Using Plagiarism Detection Software: Plagiarism detection software like Turnitin can detect your content, whether it has any per cent of the content generated by ChatGPT. So, if you want to avoid using ChatGPT for assignment writing, you can seek help from our experts.
  • Analysing the Writing Style and Patterns: ChatGPT-generated content generally has the same stylistic patterns of writing, and they also use a few similar words like ultimate and more that can be detectable by human readers.
  • Comparing with Their Previous Work: If professors are not sure that the content is human-written or find it in a different style or quality, They check previous work, and by doing so, they can identify whether the student is using ChatGPT or not.

This is all about this part. We hope you have understood how universities and professors detect the ChatGPT generated text in the papers of students. However, try not to use it in your writing, and in place of this, you can seek help from the experts at the Assignment Desk. Moreover, do you know the ethical implications of using Chat GPT? Let's learn because it is crucial to know everything before relying on it.

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Ethical Implications of Using Chat GPT

Chat GPT was developed by OpenAI as a popular language model. Moreover, you must be using it for your university writing. It is used for various purposes, like education, entertainment, and customer service. But, like any other tool, Chat GPT, also has its drawbacks and gets misused. Therefore, it is crucial to know the ethical implications of using it so that you can be aware of certain things before relying on it.

1. Bias and Inaccurate Outputs: ChatGPT was trained on a vast number of sources, some of which contain obvious biases. As a result, this tool sometimes produces outputs like racial or gender stereotypes that reflect these biases. Moreover, it has also been criticised for its tendency to produce false or inaccurate information as though it were factual.

2. Privacy Violations: The purposes of ChatGPT conversations are for training future models. Therefore, if a user write personal details about themselves or any false information of another person in this tool, it may be show later outputs.

3. Plagiarism and Cheating: In academic contexts, ChatGPT and other AI tools can be used to cheat. Some of the ways ChatGPT may be used to cheat include copying AI-generated content as original work, paraphrasing plagiarised content, and more. Therefore, you should avoid using Chat GPT for assignment writing.

4. Misinformation and Disinformation: Many people are using ChatGPT to generate realistic news into fake social media posts, news articles, and other forms of content. This can lead to misinformation that is being spread all across the world by various mediums.

5. Copyright Infringement: Copyright infringement is not only an ethical issue but also a potential legal issue. This tool is trained by various sources, and few are protected by copyright. As a result, it may reproduce copyrighted content in its outputs.

These are the few ethical implications of ChatGPT that you need to consider before using it; otherwise, there are chances of plagiarism or any misinformation in your paper. But why do you want to use Chat GPT and take certain risks? You can use our plagiarism checker tool for 100% unique content. Therefore, to learn more, we can help you in the next part.

How Can We Help You Write AI-Free Paper?

In this blog, we discussed and gained insightful knowledge about Turnitin, a platform that detects whether students' content is original. Moreover, we have also talked about the queries that scholars often come up with: How can Turnitin detect ChatGPT? and What are the ethical implications of ChatGPT? Apart from this, this tool provides 98% accuracy, and if you do not even want to take a risk of 2%, then do seek help from our experts.

They not only focus on the delivery but also provide the best services that are perfect with your university guidelines. Therefore, you can also use our grammar checker tool for better accuracy. What are you still looking for? If you need an AI-free paper at a reasonable price, then contact us now!

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