Why You Should Avoid Using ChatGPT for Assignment Writing?

03 Feb 2024 611
ChatGPT Generated Assignments: Safe or Not? | Assignment Desk

Ever since artificial intelligence came into existence, many students have started using software like ChatGPT for their assignments. Yes, these tools can save a lot of time and offer quick results, but are they credible? Can they help scholars score high marks, or does ChatGPT assignment lead them to poor scores? Well, the experts of the Assignment Desk are here to answer all your queries. In this blog, you will learn if ChatGPT is safe to use, if teachers can identify auto-generated assignments and more. So, jump ahead and start reading!

Is It Safe for Students to Use ChatGPT for Assignment Writing?

The first question that every student has is whether ChatGPT is safe or not. Well, there is no right answer. It is because, in certain professional fields like management and web development, AI software is considered a blessing. However, if these tools are used in the academic field, it is frowned upon by the teachers. Still, our experts have determined some safe and unsafe ways of using chatGPT, and they are highlighted below.

5 Ways Where It Is Safe to Use ChatGPT for Assignments

In this section, you will learn the five ways where it is okay to rely on the chatbot assignment tool. So, check them out one by one.

1. Generates Unique Topic:

Topic selection is one of the most challenging tasks. So, if you cannot find an idea that matches your professor's requirements, then you can seek help from a chatgpt. It will offer you a list of unique topics for your assignment/

2. Crafts Engaging Titles:

Selecting a good topic is not enough. Students have to frame an intriguing title, too. So, if you are unable to craft a heading for your submission, then you can safely use an AI assignment writer for title creation.

3. Offers Rough Outline:

Having a format or a rough outline for a complex assignment saves the day. It speeds up the entire drafting process. So, input your topic, and you can make use of chatgpt for assignments.

4. Provides Problem Statement:

Some academic submissions require extensive research. Creating a list of questions can boost the data collection process. So, instead of using chatgpt for assignment writing, seek its help to create a problem statement.

5. Resolves Complex Queries:

If you are stuck in a loop of doubts and are facing difficulty in understanding concepts, then you can use the chatgpt for clarification. You can ask this software to offer simplified answers to complex queries.

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Now that we know the safe measures to use chatgpt assignment writer let us move ahead to the next section.

5 Ways Where It Is Unsafe to Use ChatGPT for Assignments

Teachers frown upon when students make use of an ai assignment writer. So, to stay away from academic consequences, have a look at the pointers below and learn where to avoid chatgpt.

1. Data Collection:

Students should never use AI tools for research. This is because software like chatgpt often provides biased or neutral answers. Not only this, the raw data offered is insufficient and sometimes irrelevant.

2. Information Analysis:

Chatgpt assignments are graded poorly because they include AI-analyzed data. This is because such evaluations often lack critical thinking and human-based insights. So, never use chatgpt for data analysis.

3. Content Drafting:

Are you wondering, “Should I use chatgpt to write assignment?” then the answer is no. Your documents will lack creativity but will include traces of improper explanation and complex language.

4. Document Proofreading:

Students find it challenging to proofread and edit an assignment. So, they use chatgpt to review their content. However, AI tools can only check grammatical mistakes and will not detect traces of irrelevancy.

5. Customized Assignment:

Professors provide endless writing requirements and guidelines to students. Chatgpt assignments cannot fulfil all these conditions. So, do not use such tools and instead seek custom assignment help from experts.

Well, submitting chatbot assignments is not ethical and is frowned upon. Not only this, but it is also not safe to use AI-based technology for academic submissions. Still, a student can use these tools for idea and title generation. Apart from this, never use chatgpt for writing assignments as professors can easily detect it. Are you wondering how teachers can identify such submissions? Check out the next section!

How Do Professors Identify ChatGPT Generated Assignments?

Students end up submitting chatbot assignments, thinking that professors will never detect them. Actually, it's pretty easy to identify AI written assignments. If you want to know how? Then check out the pointers below.

1. Turnitin Software:

Turnitin is a widely used software that can easily detect traces of AI in your academic submissions. It cross-checks your content against thousands of traces and reviews to see if the document is written by chatgpt or not.

2. Connectivity Issues:

Chatgpt assignments usually lack proper flow and connectivity. Also, it does not include any transition phrases. So, by reading your paper, a professor can easily detect AI written content.

3. Plagiarism Traces:

You will be shocked to know that even advanced AI tools do not provide original content. So, by running plagiarism checks on your assignment, professors can identify the use of an AI assignment writer.

4. Lack of Creativity:

If you use chatgpt for assignment writing, it will lack creativity and perfection. AI-based content does not include emotional intelligence and human touch. So, the complex formal tone can easily reflect the use of AI.

5. Performance Evaluation:

One effective method to identify chatgpt written assignments is to compare a student's previous work. When a creative scholar turns in a technical and logical paper, the professor will think it is AI-based.

Professors can detect chatbot assignments if the submissions are rejected by Turnitin and if they lack creativity and connectivity. So, it is pretty clear that students cannot use AI-based technology to curate their academic submissions. Then how can they resolve their assignment writing challenges and submit multiple tasks on time? Well, the best solution to academic problems is online writing. Yes, these experts can assist you in every step and are a better alternative than AI tools. Do not believe us? Let's read a quick comparison between expert vs chatgpt in the next section.

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ChatGPT Vs. Human Writer: Who Is Better?

If you want to know how academic writers are better than chatbot, then you are at the right place! Through extensive research, we have curated a table for you explaining the difference between human-written and chatbot assignments. So, without further ado, let's check it out.

Differentiating Factor Human Written Assignments ChatGPT Generated Assignments
Emotional Intelligence Tailored to connect with the audience emotionally Lacks ability to understand and evoke emotions
Contextual Understanding Adaptable to specific contexts and audiences Limited understanding of cultural nuances
Domain Expertise Deep knowledge of specific subjects or fields Generalized information on specific topics
Ethical Considerations Navigate complex ethical issues No inherent understanding of ethical concerns
Intuition and Judgment Make strategic decisions for effective writing Lacks intuitive understanding of audience needs
Authentic Voice and Style Reflect unique personality and writing style Mimics writing styles but lacks authenticity
Quality Assurance and Revision Engage in iterative and quality drafting and revision Limited ability to refine and improve content
Critical Thinking and Creativity Capable of original perspectives and insights Limited capacity for generating novel ideas

Students should never rely on chatgpt to generate assignments. It will never lead them to good scores. However, they can always reach out to online platforms like Assignment Desk and seek assistance from writers. But, after reading comparison between chatgpt and assignment experts, students wonder if online services are safe and legal. So, let's resolve this query in the section.

Online academic writing platforms are 100% safe and legal. So, if students are stuck with their assignments and essays, then they can always reach out to us, and we will assist them. Assignment Desk is a trusted platform and comprises a team of certified academic writers. These experts assist students in steps like researching and drafting by offering high-quality reference documents. Students can use such papers as a reference and submit perfect academic submissions to their professors. Apart from this, we also offer assignment editing service and proofreading assistance. You can avail them to resolve all errors in your document and to make it flawless. So, what are you waiting for? Go seek assistance now!

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