Here Are the Top 40+ Engaging Persuasive Essay Topics

13 Mar 2024 11023
Interesting 40+ Persuasive Essay Topics

Selecting unique persuasive essay topics from the pool of ideas can be difficult, so to solve this issue, reading this blog will help you. In it, you will find a list of persuasive essay topics curated by our experts. You can choose any of the ideas from it. With this, we have described the meaning of a persuasive essay so that you can understand it in a better manner. Moreover, you will find the steps that help you write a good persuasive essay. So, without wasting much time, move ahead and read the blog.

A Brief Overview Of Persuasive Essay

Do you want to know how to start a persuasive essay? If yes, then you will find the answer to it in this blog. But, before this, it is crucial for you to know the meaning of a persuasive essay. So, without discussing much, let us understand it. A persuasive essay is written to convince the readers of a specific opinion by presenting facts and evidence to them. It usually begins with a question about the topic you have chosen. After this, you need to provide many counterarguments. Then, you will present your viewpoint by using three elements of persuasion. These are ethos, pathos, and logos. By using them, you can emotionally and logically appeal to your audience.

So now you have learnt the meaning of a persuasive essay, let us move to the next section and discuss how to write a persuasive essay.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

6 tips for writing persuasive essay

In the above section, you learn the meaning of a persuasive essay. So, in this part, you will find the answer to how to structure a persuasive essay. In it, we have mentioned the steps that help you write it. So, read them one by one.

1. Select a Topic

The first step that you need to consider is to make a list of persuasive speech topics. For this, choose ideas that you find interesting or you are passionate about. It will help you in providing the facts that support your arguments. You can also look at some of the previous essays and get inspiration from them. In those documents, you will find many persuasive essay examples.

2. Do Research

After you have selected the persuasive essay topics, the next step is to do in-depth research about it. For this, you can take the help of many books, magazines, and articles. In this way, you will find the information that helps you support your arguments. Moreover, it facilitates you in proving others' claims incorrectly.

3. Identify Audience

You are writing a persuasive essay to convince the audience of your opinion. So, it is crucial that you identify who will go to read your academic work. For example, if you want to describe the importance of the vote to people, your target audience will be people equal to or above the age of 18. In such a case, write the essay in easy-to-understand language without using many complex words.

4. Prepare Structure

After you have selected the topic and identified the audience, you prepare a persuasive essay structure. In it, you have to make an outline of the information that you will draft in the introduction, body, and conclusion sections of an essay. Start your introduction with an engaging question and then draft the outline of arguments for the body paragraph. After this, create an outline for the concluding section. If you face difficulty in drafting a correct structure, you can seek essay writing help from experts.

5. Include Logical Arguments

For writing academic work on persuasive essay topics, you must include information that provides support to your claims. For this, find the arguments related to your topic and then identify the facts, statistics, and evidence that prove others' claims wrong. Do not include data that is vague and does not justify the content of your persuasive essay.

6. Make it Engaging

Nobody likes to read boring content. So, try to make it engaging by using three elements of persuasion. You can use ethos to establish your credibility. Use pathos to emotionally appeal to your audience. Moreover, to provide logical arguments, you can use logos. When you prepare your essay by including them, it can attract readers' attention and convince them of your opinion.

So, these are some of the steps that help you prepare a correct persuasive essay structure. So, next time when you sit to draft an academic work consider these pointers. With this, let us move to the next section of the blog and read the topics curated by the experts of assignment help UK

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List of 40+ Persuasive Essay Topics

In the above section, you have learned the steps of writing a persuasive essay. So, in this part, you will discover the persuasive essay examples, and you can select any of the topics for your academic work. Moreover, the topics are divided into categories that make topic selection easy for you.

Beginner-Level Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Why are teenagers more rude than other generations?

2. Is it fair to provide money to people without homes?

3. Why should countries use a military draft?

4. Why must students read about sex education in school?

5. Why should families choose the schools for their children?

6. Mention the significant moment of your life.

7. Is it ethical for firms to sell information to customers?

8. How to encourage a person to be physically fit?

9. Do healthy people pay less for healthcare?

10. Which is the best field for making a career?

11. Why America is the strongest country in the world?

12. Is the government spending resources and time on renewable energy?

13. Should physical education be compulsory in schools?

14. Why professional sports are considered as dangerous?

15. Which is the best season to enjoy?

Intermediate Level Persuasive Essay Topics

16. Should the government implement trash limits on households?

17. Mention the importance of using nuclear weapons against foreign attack

18. Why should students wear school uniforms?

19. Is too much money considered a bad thing?

20. Why should robocalling be outlawed?

21. Is age 12 young for babysitting?

22. Why should mobiles never be used while driving?

23. Importance of applying bullying awareness programs in schools

24. Why should school days start late?

25. Should entrance exams become compulsory for colleges?

26. Importance of privatisation of public transport.

27. Are beauty contests the reason for increasing body shaming?

28. Should the voting age lowered to age 16?

29. Significance of speaking English for every immigrant.

30. Why should professional sports remove cheerleaders?

Advanced Level Persuasive Essay Topics

31. Is playing video games an effective way to spend free time?

32. Why social media is bad for society?

33. Why schools should ban religious education?

34. Do professional sports hurt young people?

35. Is internet access a basic human right?

36. Why there should be restrictions on religious education?

37. Should mobiles be essential for teenagers?

38. Why people should learn to cook food?

39. Importance of passing tests for students before riding a car.

40. Why supplements and vitamins should be regulated strictly?

41. Why women should receive guaranteed maternity leave?

42. Importance of prayers for students in school

43. Do all Americans have a fundamental right to healthcare?

44. Why do celebrities deserve more privacy rights?

45. Why climate change should be the primary concern for the government?

So, above is the list of good persuasive essay topics. You can select any of the ideas from it and prepare your academic work. However, if you are still having issues with it, you can seek help from our academic writing service experts. To learn more about us, read the blog section below.

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