Is Writing a Short Essay Really Easy? A Step-by-Step Guide

25 Feb 2023 1695
How to Write a Short Essay

In today's scenario, students have to deal with various document types in their academic careers. The journey starts with writing a short essay and ends with a lengthy dissertation academic career. The journey begins with writing a short essay and ends with a lengthy dissertation. Writing a long academic paper is easy as you can include data related to the topic. But in a short essay, you have to include the information precisely. It must be to the point. To make your document readable, include limited data concisely.

Many students get stuck when writing a short essay. They do not know about the word limit, structure, guidelines, or components. They write short essays like normal ones. Do they usually think about how long a short essay is?

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How to Write a Short Essay? Guidelines Included

Writing a short essay is usually a part of the academic life of a student. It is a typical type of academic document that aims to provide an excellent description to the students. Short essays are written in different courses such as; literature, cultural studies, film studies, etc. Students need to give an overall description of the topic in detail.

Writing a short essay structure is a tedious task not because you have to spend too much time, but also because you have to concise your thoughts in defined words. Short essay writing cannot be described as steps. To write it smoothly, you should keep in mind the word limit and a few points. Let us have a read!

Subject Choice

An essay should approach a topic or its edge in a way that generates both interest and passion. Make sure that your choice must not broad and narrow as well.


Once you have chosen the subject, you have to collect data related to the topic. Try to familiarize yourself with it from different sources to get a complete understanding and a clear idea about the subject.


Before writing, it is convenient to outline your thoughts that will serve as a script or an essay skeleton. It will help you in telling the appropriate order to approach each idea or argument.


You have to proceed with writing according to the script, which means exposing the ideas as clearly as possible in the most logical order. Afterward, read the entire text, and correct the mistakes. You have to ensure that it says what it intends to say.

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What Is a Short Essay Format?

The main feature of a short essay is that it consists of a limited number of words. Therefore, you must express your ideas and arguments in a limited space. It is usually between 200 and 500 words and depends upon the university's and professor’s requirements. So the first step is to choose a good topic and research it using relevant sources or publications. Regardless of the number of words used, conveying the message clearly and concisely is critical.

For example, if you took the topic, "Should capital punishment be abandoned in the USA?"

It would not be a good choice because plenty of information is available. Instead of being helpful and informative, it will confuse the reader. It is a subject that needs thorough discussion, which is impossible to explain in a short essay. It is your responsibility to filter the data and structure it properly.

What Are the Components of a Short Essay?

Have you ever seen a pizza without a base or topping? Well, not. Similarly, to make your audience feel engaged, there are some components that you must include while writing a short essay. It is crucial to let the reader be convinced & adequately informed. The academic paper must contain several vital components to make it logical. The main parts or sections are the introduction, body, and conclusion. A short essay format consists of four to five paragraphs. It is sufficient to provide the information in a short amount of space. The first paragraph must include a compelling introduction. The upcoming two or three are the body paragraphs where you have to write accurate information and arguments to support your opinion with the relevant evidence, and the last will be your concluding paragraph. Let's see how to manage all the sections effectively.


  • It must sound interesting so that it can grab the attention of the reader. You can begin with a quote, fact, question, or metaphor about the particular topic.
  • You must ensure that the introduction moves from general to the specific viewpoint related to the topic as it can provide a road map of the essay to the reader in a logical order.
  • Also, you must include the thesis statement, arguably the most crucial component of the introduction. The thesis statement states the aim of the topic and also gives insight into the examples and evidence.


  • The thesis is the last sentence of your introduction. It should focus on the critical problem of your essay and include the argument you will prove in the upcoming sections.
  • If your topic is too broad or narrow, focus on something specific. The thesis statement should be debatable and encourage the competitor to raise or argue about the provided allegation.
  • Additionally, everyone should get a glimpse of the central idea of your paper by looking at your argumentative claim. So if it is unclear, rephrase it for another person's better clarity and understanding.


  • After writing a compelling introduction, you have to write a body paragraph. It must include the evidence and support of the topic in addition to your opinions or ideas.
  • Your essay must have sentences that relate the discussion to the thesis statement. You can make your paragraphs more attractive with chronological, spatial, or emphatic order as per the type of essay.
  • You must ensure that your paragraphs must contain proper transitions to create a better flow to the essay.
  • You can include examples and pieces of evidence to support your argument, but make sure each example is relevant to your particular topic.


  • It is a summary part of your essay that wraps up all of your arguments and points.
  • Make sure it should restate the main arguments in a simplified manner. It will help your reader to understand your opinion on a particular topic.

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How to Formulate a Title for a Short Essay?

Writing a short essay is not an easy task to do. Many students get stuck on how to formulate a title for a short essay. Well, it is tricky and time-consuming. The academic document consists of limited information, and to make the title accordingly is not a piece of cake. To help you with this, we have some qualities that you need to keep in mind to form the title smoothly. Take a further read and make the heading as per the required needs.


Titles are the first seek of attraction for everyone. So, always make it eye-catchy. The university professor prefers a document to read whose titles are phenomenal. He does not go ahead with lame and vague headlines. The professors are more inclined to look for something interesting, out of the box, and unique.


In making the title catchy, many students make it incomplete, which does not convey any meaning. They walk away from the truth, and it leads to making the headline inaccurate or a completely blatant lie. Nothing will anger your professor like a title that does not deliver any sense.

Easy to Read

Nobody likes complicated and difficult-to-understand titles, not your professor or a reader. While making a title, stay away from strange phrases, complicated structures, and even some uncommon fonts. It can ruin the document by getting an F grade in it.

Active Voice

While making a title, you have to include active voice verbs instead of passive voice. It will engage your professor and reader as well. For example, if you are framing the title- Is the upliftment of society caused by freedom of speech? You should write; How does freedom of speech contribute to the upliftment of society?


As a reader, a title must contain a question and hidden answer as well. If possible, you can make an essay title slightly brief. It helps you to gather the attention of the professor smoothly. Well, there is a difference between long headlines and brief titles. Make sure you do not mess up with both terms.


A title must give your readers a clear vision of what they are going to read in your document. You cannot write an inaccurate title under any circumstances. Try not to mislead while writing the academic paper. It can harm the overall essay quality, and your professor will not appreciate it. Go for a custom writing service if you wish to avoid this circumstance.

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7 Ways to Develop Arguments in a Short Essay

Apart from the titles, you should know the arguments while writing a short essay. It is up to you how you convey your thoughts to the audience who are against it. To state your opinions, you should organize your thoughts and mention the supporting arguments in a short essay related to the statements. Being a student, if you have this perk to persuade your reader with your point of view, then no one can stop you from scoring high grades. To develop the arguments adequately, you have to follow the 7 C's.

Let's take a look.

Consider the Situation

To build an argument in a short essay, you have to consider the situation effectively. You have to ask several questions related to your topic. It will help you provide the appropriate answer to the reader. Know how broad you can think about the essay topic. The more you go in-depth, the more you will able to develop an argument.

Clarify Your Thinking

An argument is developed to convey your thoughts to the relevant audience. To do it proficiently, you have to clear your thinking in your mind. You can smoothly develop an argument in a short essay after clarifying your thoughts.

Construct a Claim

Once you have clear your opinions, you have to construct a claim to produce an argument. It must consist of truth, value, and policy, if creating it seems a burdensome task seek an academic writing service.

Collect Evidence

After stating an accurate claim, you have to collect a strong piece of evidence to support your argument. You can use facts, statistics, reasons, results, examples, etc. It will help you to make the reader understand why you have stated the particular argument.

Consider Key Points

An argument consists of two or more two verdicts. You have to justify your ideas and significant points. It will strengthen your debatable statement in a better way.

Confirm Your Opinion

You have to state your views, connecting them with the future. It will be a strong final thought to develop an argument in an essay.

Create Your Argument

Finally, you have to structure your argument as per your audience. You can provide support upfront and reply to objections at the end. If creating a clear argument appears difficult, using an essay typer tool may be the best solution.

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