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8 New Age Jobs That Assure a High Paying Career

25 Aug, 2016 4534

Students often come across the cross-section of choosing the desired career that would support them for life. The 21st century has been a period of miracles with the advancements in life changing commodities such as the mobile technology. Not just this, the current years are an amazing time for the blossoming of careers that weren’t considered lucrative some time ago. Even artists can make a splendid livelihood from their art in present times.

We have curated a list of jobs that are a huge hit among people these days, and will make you think twice before embarking on a career path. Take a glimpse into them:

Zumba Instructor

If you are a fitness freak, then becoming a Zumba Instructor might be the perfect job for you. Zumba started emerging as a classic gym exercise in the 1990s and today it is one of the highest paying jobs in the fitness industry. You need to earn a certificate before starting as a professional instructor.

App Developer

Thanks to the mobile technology that Apps have become the most demanded products in the market. App Development is today counted among the top businesses. iOS and Android have boosted the scenario of App building and have garnered remarkable revenues from the consumer market.

Web Analyst

Web analysis has emerged to the invention of a large number of websites. Web analysts determine how a website can be improved and do the necessary bug-fixing. They also need to use the data to benefit the business as a whole.

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) got fueled with the introduction of digital marketing. Creative content and technicalities go hand in hand in this job. As a specialist, you are required to maintain the branding of your firm and ensure that it ranks high in the search results.


People have become health conscious these days, and thus there is a demand for diet coaches who will take care of the health-related issues. From the celebrities, gym instructors, and sportspeople, everyone needs a well-organised food plan offered by a professional nutritionist.


Blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon and can be pursued as a part-time job as well for making additional money. However, it is hard to hit the bulls-eye and gain instant popularity; individuals work with the firms to provide them branding solutions and promoting the content related to that organisation.

User Experience Designer

User Experience Designer ensures that the consumers have a pleasant time while interacting with the technology- induced products. A perfect utilisation of the user experience can be seen on the E-commerce websites.

Social Media Manager

Social media platforms have significantly contributed to the growth of this career option. A social media manager is required to use these platforms creatively and incorporate marketing strategies of the promotion of the corporations for which they work.

Students these days are more inclined towards challenging and out-of-the-league jobs and wish to break the traditional course of the career. They want to be more than just being doctors or engineers - which were once considered the only secure careers. You can draw inspiration from the jobs listed above and choose one for yourself.

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Hope you enjoyed reading the blog!

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