Clarify All Your Doubts on How to Write a Thesis Statement for Essay

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Learn How to Write a Thesis Statement for Any Essay

Several factors determine the success of an essay, such as language proficiency, uniqueness, connectivity, and many more. In a pool of such aspects, one includes writing a thesis statement effectively. It is a one or two-liner sentence guiding the reader about the central idea of the topic chosen. Moreover, it forms a crucial element of your essay. If it plays a prominent role in your write-up, don’t you think it is necessary to find out what is a thesis statement in detail? Also, it necessities you to explore how to write a thesis statement. Thus, we have an answer to all your questions in the upcoming sections.

What Is a Thesis Statement? (Meaning, Purpose, and Its Significance)

A thesis statement states the central idea of your paper. It usually comes in the introduction section of the thesis. Additionally, it contains a gist of the question in your thesis. The purpose of a thesis statement is to give a hint to the reader as to what to expect in the upcoming sections. Moreover, it provides a short and crisp statement to the reader. But why is a thesis statement important? It makes the work easy for you, as you get clarity on how to write a thesis statement logically, which includes knowing the difference between a hypothesis and a thesis statement. Read the upcoming section for the same.

Clarify Your Doubts: Research Hypothesis v/s Thesis Statement

Here is a table that will clear all your doubts between research hypothesis and thesis statement.

Research Hypothesis

Thesis Statement

A hypothesis is a prediction about your research that you make on limited evidence.

A thesis statement is a premise in the introductory section that you gradually prove it in your paper.

Experimental and quantitative studies mainly involve research hypotheses.

The thesis statement in essay forms a part of all the research and scientific papers.

It is an assumption; therefore, it is not backed up by evidence.

A thesis statement is a statement backed up by powerful evidence.

A research hypothesis can never include a thesis statement.

A thesis statement can include a hypothesis.

After making a research hypothesis, you test it in the end.

There is no point in testing a thesis statement; you discuss it with evidence and arguments.

You cannot argue on a research hypothesis. You prove it gradually in your writing.

A thesis statement is arguable. You may find your opinion satisfactory, but everyone cannot.

The length of a hypothesis is less than 20 words.

The length of a thesis statement is around 30-40 words.

Now that you know the difference between both, know the steps on - how to write a thesis statement.

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An Insight into How to Write a Thesis Statement for Your Essay

Here are some pointers that guide you on the thesis statement structure for your essay.

Start with a Question

After finalizing the topic, look for a question in your paper. Try to frame your thesis statement in a question format. After researching, you can frame a question on your own, and if not, take essay writing services. One advantage of making the question is that your upcoming research process becomes simple. It means you do not have to dive deep into a broad range of categories; instead, focus on what you are going to focus on.

Write Your Answer

After you have framed the question, write an answer for it. It is not necessary to construct it properly. You can write it in an easy language for better understanding. Structuring an answer to the question is significant, as it guides you in the research process. Moreover, it directs which type of arguments to consider for the body of your thesis. This step helps you write a good thesis statement for your paper.

Enhance Your Answer

The answer you framed earlier is not wrong. But with more in-depth study, you can gain knowledge of the issue. Thus, try to reframe it; examine it from a reader’s perspective. You should read it multiple times and think from the audience outlook whether it will convince them. Your answer should be attention-grabbing and should contain the essence of all your arguments.

Polish Your Thesis Statement

Once you elevate your question and answer, the thesis statement is ready. But wait, how long should a thesis statement be? It should not exceed more than two to three lines; that means 30-40 words is enough. You should consider factors such as language, readability, punctuation, and preciseness to make it professor-friendly.

The above pointers guide how to write a thesis statement. But these steps are a general guideline. You cannot rely entirely on them when you have been assigned a specific essay type. The thesis statement structure changes according to the kind of essay you are working on. The upcoming section contains principles guiding you to design your thesis statement concerning the essay form.

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A Pre-Defined Formula to Frame Thesis Statement for Essay Types!

There are different thesis statements depending on your objectives. But the most prevalent are argumentative, expository, and analytical. Do all essays need a thesis statement? Yes, every essay requires it. Thus to make your work easy, we have explained how to write a thesis statement according to the essay type.

Expository Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement for an expository essay means explaining a topic to the reader by giving details on the subject. It merely does not contain facts but tries to explain the issue by giving descriptions. Furthermore, it includes significant pointers or arguments you are going to describe later in the paper. Here is an example showing how to write a thesis statement for an expository essay.

Topic- Leader’s Qualities

Aspects to discuss- Teamwork, cooperation, empathy, gratitude, and goal-oriented

Example- The attributes required to become a leader in coordination, showing gratefulness, and knowing tactics to achieve targets.

Argumentative Thesis Statement

How to make a thesis statement for an argumentative essay is a common question. Well, you should stick to one side of an issue. The main aim is to persuade the reader by giving them logical reasons and strong evidence. Here is an essay example for the argumentative type.

Topic- The Consequences of Smoking Publicly

Aspects to Discuss- Ill effects of passive smoking on adults such as respiratory diseases, and risk of cancer.

Example- Passive smoking is equally harmful as smoking, and leads to cancer and other lung diseases. Therefore, smoking should be banned in public places.

Analytical Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement in an analytical essay? It means breaking down the topic you have been assigned, to conclude. The process involves examining, interpreting and evaluating a topic to frame a thesis statement. The following example will clarify your doubt regarding what is a thesis statement in an essay:

Topic- The Result of Listening to Music

Aspects to Discuss- Process of how music increases blood flow to the brain and controls the emotions of a human being.

Example- The music sparks emotional responses in the listener that can either increase or reduce pain.

The above examples may have clarified your doubt regarding what is a thesis statement in an essay. Let’s jump onto the next section to determine how Assignment Desk can help you with the same.

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