Language Features: Techniques, Structure & Effects Explained

11 Jan 2021 4677
An Overview of Language Features

Language is the basic requirement of everyone's life, whether it is spoken or symbolized. It is the main path to communicate with the people around us. Language features are helpful to analyze the language. It helps to share feelings and understand others' moods.

Writers who write for novels, books, academic tasks etc. require to use these features of language. Various writers use different language features and techniques to share their views & thinking in their writing.

The Curriculum English glossary of Australia defines the language features as 'the various features of language that support the meaning like - sentence structure, group/phrase of noun, vocabulary, punctuation, figurative language, etc.

You should read this blog to get an overview of what are language features, their structure, technique, or effects suggested by the expert writers to help students in understanding the language.

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List of Language Features

The list of language features that reflect the various types of support required by the language are as follows:

  1. Active listening
  2. Adjective
  3. Adverb
  4. Alliteration
  5. Apostrophe
  6. Simile
  7. Metaphor
  8. Hyperbole
  9. Personification
  10. Pathetic fallacy
  11. Onomatopoeia
  12. Oxymoron
  13. Emotive language
  14. Homonym
  15. Symbolism 

These are the 15 supports of the language features that provides great help in language analysis. You can find these language features in the writing of the expert at the Assignment Desk. For more in-depth knowledge, you can check out the language features examples that are given below.  

Examples of Language Features:

This table reflects 6 examples of language features with their explanation to know how is it useful in analysis.




Functions of Language


Nouns & Noun Groups

Great Mother Snake

Snake that is great mother

Verbs & Verb Groups


What she is doing?



How she is moving?

Prepositional Phrases

Moved slowly over flat, dry, empty land

Where she is travelling?

Text Connectives

In the beginning

To connect events with matters

Another Language


Use of word from different language in between.

This is how the language feature helps us to analyze the writings. These English language features are the whole and sole of writing as it makes the entire scenario clear and understandable for the readers. The writer uses every point very carefully and composes every scene according to it.

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Connectivity is the most important feature of the language, even when you write or speak. You should clarify what you are up to in your writing. The expert writers of the Assignment Desk uses perfectly fitted language features and techniques to make the writing more effective and convincing.

There is a difference between the features of spoken language and writing. As speaking is a daily task, so it's obvious to know all about it. 

Features of Spoken Language

The most common features of spoken language are as follows: 

  • Adjacency Pairs -In the conversation of two people, the first line follows the others, which is obvious reply is known as adjacency pairs.

For example:

‘Hi, how are you?’ get replied by ‘Fine, how are you?’ 

  • Backchannels -These responses show that the listener is paying attention to the speaker’s matter.

For example:

"uh-huh, oh I see", etc. 

  • Deixis -When you talk about something specifically, then these words are used.

For example:

A person (for example, ''She''), a place (such as ''There''), or a specific time (like ''Now'')

  • Discourse Markers -These phrases help to compare or tell more about something.

For example:

First, furthermore, or on the other hand. 

  • Elision -These are the combination of words that creates a meaningful non-word.

For example:

They’d, wanna, gonna

  • Hedge -The words that soften the force of points been said, like - emotion or opinion.

For example:

Perhaps, possibly, sort of.

People use this style of language usually when they talk, but when someone writes in academics or others, they make it simple and formal.

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Especially when it comes to writing in the English language, it should be in a perfect structure. The professional writers of Assignment Desk are masters in maintaining the structural features of English language in their writing. 

Structural Features of English Language

The structural features that you should maintain in the English language writing are as follows: 

Opening - First line or paragraph is always structured attractive so that the readers get along with the writing and read it till the end.

Ending / Conclusion - The ending should be a concluding all the matter of facts and argument to drop a reflection on the readers. 

Focal Point - Focal point is the point that helps the reader to feel the scene in-person & understand what is happening in the chapter.  

Shifts in Focus - Sometimes, the writers shift their focus from one character to another. They also shift the scene from wide to narrow paths. 

Punctuation - Perfect punctuation signs help to understand the expressions of the line and the deep thought behind it. 

Time / Time Shifts - Proper use of tenses can help the readers to understand the time of the scenario. 

Paragraph Length - Every topic should be in a perfect zone of a paragraph, even if it is lengthy or not.

Sentence Length - All the type of sentences, like- simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex sentences, are welcome to use in writing.

Listing - Writers use to list out the story characters and important points in the writings.

Tripartite Structure - Many times, the writers bound the three nouns or groups together to show the efforts clearly.

Point of View / Narrative Perspective - The narrators use first, second, and third-person perspective while writing a novel. 

Flashback - This is when writers remember something from the past referral with the present scene.

Tension - In some writings, it is required to create some tension not only for the characters in the story but also for the readers.

Flash Forward - Flash-forwards are the future scenarios imagination of the narrator written in the present time.

Mood - Sometimes, the writing can make you feel happy, emotional, or thrilling. This helps the writers to make the readers feel the writing.

Tone - Tone reflects the attitude of the writer towards the subject. 

Cyclical Structure - This is a connection between the starting and the ending of the story. 

These are the various structural features of the English language that help the writers in innovative writing. Do you wonder how these features affect the writing? Let’s know about that now.

Effects of Language Features

Here are the seven major effects of language features that you can notice in all types of writings.

  1. The language features make the writing amusing and memorable.
  2. It makes a better flow of writing.
  3. It creates a hard or soft mood depending on the genre of writing.
  4. It uses different sound effects to make it more dramatic.
  5. It uses one-to-one conversation between the characters of the writings.
  6. It uses different phrases to show mimic in a natural way.
  7. It helps in the perfect use of metaphors to create some imaginations.

These are the different effects of language features in writings. Students should learn all these factors of language feature to become the better in your language writing and reading skills.

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Hope you have observed a good knowledge of language features and their effects in this blog. Followed by various structural features English language and techniques.  

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