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How Has Marketing Evolved Over the Years?

A comprehensive guide to the changes in the marketing sector

25 Apr, 2018 6332

Marketing is definitely the backbone of every business entity. Whether a product will be able to survive in the market or not, this is highly dependent on the way it is introduced and advertised on various platforms. If you look through the history, you will notice how promotional strategies have turned the small-scale business into the large-scale enterprise. There are number of companies that are remembered because of their excellent marketing strategies, such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Airbnb, Apple, and many others. However, marketing has witnessed huge developments over the years, and two of them are a) internet and b) global branding. Both of them have contributed a lot to revolutionizing this sector.

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Visualization became important

Heineken was on the No. 1 position for over 65 years as imported beer. Then Corona arrived with a new concept with a lime on top of the bottle. According to latest figures, Corona easily outsells Heineken. This example was to illustrate the power of a visual. But just following visualization is not enough as almost every company is using images. What makes a difference is a visual that strengthens the verbal positioning concept of the company. Such eye-catching promotional concepts hammer the brand into consumers' minds. Yes, the key objective of each marketing program is to leave its verbal concept into the mind of potential buyers, and the best way to do so is not with words but with a visual or image with an emotional appeal.

Google got smarter

Although search engines like Yahoo!, AltaVista, Infoseek, Lycos, etc., were quite significant for the digital evolution of search, the golden era started in 1998 with the launch of Google. The today’s most popular search engine changed everything online with its tools like AdWords and content targeting services. After advanced ranking algorithms, online browsing became more personal and had an immense impact on business. The target browsers and developed strategies made a whole new way of selling and communicating. Now people can access the most relevant web pages instantly via voice or traditional search. If a marketing team of a company is smart enough, then brand can reach anywhere, to anyone, at any time.

SEO grew up more

If we talk about current scenario, SEO has become an inseparable part of marketing as it optimizes sites for search engines. Earlier, keyword stuffing, link spamming, and article submissions techniques were excessively recommended. People did not care much about the social media influence. But as they learned more, they understood that overusing keywords was embarrassing and adopted other useful strategies and channels.

Social media connected people

In 2004, when everyone was using MySpace, they had no idea that  Mark Zuckerberg along with his Harvard roommates is planning to launch a colossal giant that would crush all that came before. Facebook is definitely considered as a start new era in the digital marketing world. Social media platforms are no longer just a way to chat and connect with friends and rest of the world; people came to know brands better. It is used as a medium to shop, complain, spread news and influence other buyers. For companies, their online reputation management became significant than ever. Now with similar channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram that have billions of users, a digital landscape that never sleeps, online media has become a powerful source of marketing.

The marketing world has changed a lot over the past decade and has the potential to witness major reforms in the coming year. To be a successful marketer, you will have to keep yourself updated with all the latest trends and updates.

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