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Top Online Resources for Freshers to Learn to Code

21 Apr 2018 4385
Learn to Code

It is always overwhelming to learn a new skill especially if it is something complex and constantly evolving like coding. In recent years, there has been a constant increase in the demand for coding. Students who are efficient in this skill are more marketable as compared to their peers. Looking at the growing career scope in this field, learning coding has become more valuable. Whether you intend to have a career as a graphic designer, marketer, or UX designer, understanding coding will make your job a lot easier.

However, if you go to any regular classes for computer programming, then it will be both expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are several high quality free online resources that are the ideal platform for a novice programmer.

Our assignment writing team has listed the best online resources for you to learn to code. Read below:


One of the most popular platforms with over 25 million users, Codecademy is the perfect destination for all aspiring coders to start learning. It also offers interactive projects and quizzes so that you can get hands-on experience and grasp the concepts that are being taught. There is no expertise needed for this. You can also learn through blogs and articles, programming language glossaries, forums for discussion, that are provided here.

Topics: You can start with HTML & CSS, and later progress to JavaScript, SQL, and more. Other topics covered here are Python, Ruby, PHP, AngularJS, Sass, Rails, Git, etc.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy doesn’t teach you only about coding; you can find a number of options to learn from. It is for the newbies who are well aware of what they want to build and prefer an engaging, straightforward method to develop skills. For those who are more interested in graphics, animation, and gaming-type applications, this is the perfect destination.

Topics: JavaScript, CSS and HTML, SQL, etc.

GA Dash

According to our programming assignment help experts, it is an entirely project-based platform teaching you how to create your own website. With each walkthrough, you learn to build a project.

Topics: CSS and HTML, JavaScript, and responsive design.

Free Code Camp

It uses an established program to teach coding which takes approximately 800 hours to complete. Free Code Camp is a friendly open-source community where while learning you will eventually build real-world projects for nonprofit organizations. It is not a boot camp, so you learn to code at your own pace. It provides coding challenges, certificates, and connections for aspiring coders.

Topics: CSS and HTML, Bootstrap, Java, D3.js, Git, DevTools, Agile, Databases, Node.js, React.js.


CodeWars makes the entire learning experience fun through its martial arts theme. As soon as you complete challenges (kata), you are awarded honor. As you progress, you also get the opportunities to interact and collaborate with the CodeWars community.  Eventually, you will be able to create your own kata and challenge other users to solve them.

Topics: CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Elixir, Ruby, Python, Java, Haskell, and Clojure, PHP, Swift, C++, C#, etc.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is the free version of the prestigious Viking Code School. The skills that it offers will help you to shape a successful career in web development. Its tools enable you to connect with fellow learners so that you can share tips and team up on projects. Through this program, you can build a portfolio with a "Getting Hired" section.

Topics: CSS and HTML, Ruby programming, jQuery, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails.


It is also an open-source higher education community with a wide range of computer science courses. One benefit of this program is that unlike other traditional colleges, here you can learn to code at your own pace. If you want to level up even more, then edX offers unique “MicroMasters” programs which include a series of graduate-level courses that will benefit you to impress recruiters.

Topics: Java, Python, C#, and many more.


It is best suitable for learners who have enough patience and dedication to research about the course that is most sensible for them. Coursera is a large online course library with real university professors take classes.

Topics: HTML & CSS, Python, Objective-C, JavaScript, Swift, Ruby.

MIT Open CourseWare

You can find an open library of documentation of all of the courses that MIT teaches. It includes assignments, video lectures, and much more. You don’t need any account to see any of these materials. So if you find getting into MIT a hard nut to crack, then better access their course material that requires no minimum SAT score.

Topics: All the topics taught in Computer Science classes at MIT.

If you think that we have missed out any other important online resource that you think should be part of this list, then let us know.

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