Psychological Tricks That Would Work on Majority of People

20 Jan 2018 5074
psychological tricks for students

Human mind is the one of the greatest mysteries, and it's tough to know about a person's mental characteristics just by looking or talking to him. But, psychology is the field specialized in this. It is a scientific study of the human mind which helps to know how it behaves and functions. It evaluates the thoughts and understands the properties of brains. Everyone wants to know what other individual is thinking about him and if he is hiding something or not. We all wish for such cognitive powers which may enable us to peek inside the mind of others, but we all know that is not possible. Psychologists can analyze the attitude and habits of people and predict about their future course of action.

There might be some time for all you psychology students to reach the professional level; we do have some tricks which may be useful for you in everyday life:

1. Get rid of earworm

We all hate when a particular song is stuck in our mind, it keeps on playing on a loop and can't get rid of it. Here is a trick- try to remember the last line of that song, and it will instantly get out of your brain. This is so because we always tend to remember things that are unfinished, so once you know the end of that song, you will get rid of the annoying earworm.

2. Be a pro at rock, paper, scissors

Right before starting to count, interrupt the game by asking your opponent some questions. After he answers, get back to the game immediately, the chances are that the player will choose scissors in such situations.

3. Know the stalker

Have you ever felt that constant suspicion of someone watching you or stalking you? But when you look around, you can't find anyone staring at you. If yes, then we have a solution. Next time you feel this way, yawn and look around at the person you suspect, if your doubt is correct, then the person will yawn too.

4. Friendly handshake

If you know you are about to shake hands with someone, make sure your hands are warm as it promotes friendly relation as compared to cold hands.

5. Start friendship instantly

When you meet someone, you are more formal which might not build a friendly and informal rapo between you two. So, refer them more by name during the conversation, it will develop a sense of trust and likeness which is a good start for friendship.

6. Avoid argument

If you have an idea that an argument may break out with someone, then avoid sitting or standing in front of that person, sit next to him instead. It will make them uncomfortable to be aggressive and will use a calm tone with you. Standing in front of them may make you look as a threat which will trigger the anger more.

7. Get through the crowd

While walking through the crowd be it in a subway or at a station, we usually focus on other people's eyes to know in which direction they might go so as to avoid running into them. But, the best way to move quickly and easily through the crowd is to look at your destination, and the gaps between the people and a walkway will open up for you.

8. Read feet

People's feet tell a lot about their insight. Suppose, two people are talking about something, and you want to join and express your opinion. If they turn their torso towards you, it means that they are not much interested and want you to leave. But, if they move their upper body and feet both in your direction, it indicates that they are welcoming you to be a part of the conversation.

9. Be memorable

Usually, it is believed that person remembers the first and the last of everything that happens to them. So if you are going for an interview, try to be either the first or the last applicant as it will make you more memorable to them.

10. Know your closest friend

When laughter breaks down in a group, studies have revealed that everyone looks at the person they like most and are closest to. So this will help you to identify your close friend.

11. Get satisfactory answer

When you talk to people, who are not comfortable to open up and doesn't share much about himself. When you ask questions to then, they give an unsatisfactory answer which is very annoying. So, when they are done talking, stay silent and look into their eyes, this will encourage to talk more.

Although every human being is different, these tricks are based on different behavioral patterns and can be applied to most people. Try these psychological tricks with your friends and family, and we are sure that you will see the results.

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