How to Write a Psychology Case Study? 7 Steps to Follow

27 Jan 2024 889
7 Steps to Write Psychology Case Study | Assignment Desk

Writing a proper psychology case study is essential. It helps you to find information about rare conditions and behaviors. With this, you can develop your theories and find better treatment plans to cure the patient. Moreover, with the research you conduct, you can make your contribution to the field of psychology. However, sometimes, it can be challenging to write this type of project. But if you read this blog, you will know the steps for writing a psychology case study. Moreover, these tips are given by experts of Assignment Desk who provide the best service in case study assignment help. So, read ahead to learn the meaning of a psychology case study and then discover the top tips that help you to prepare a quality document.

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What is a Case Study in Psychology?

Students often ask about the meaning of case study in psychology. So, the answer is; it is a research method used in psychology to investigate a person or subject in-depth and allows one to collect information. This type of case study aims to understand the problem of an individual. For this, you have to explore the thoughts, experiences, and behavior of an individual. It helps you to understand the psychological aspect of that person. When you examine the cases, you can develop the theories and thesis. It also allows you to contribute to the field of psychology.

So, now that you know the definition of a case study in psychology. Let's read ahead to learn some approaches that will help you write a psychology case study.

Approaches to Write a Psychology Case Study

By understanding the meaning of case study in psychology, you can develop a research project related to it. Moreover, by using some approaches, you can write a proper psychology case study.

So, here are the approaches you can use.

1. Humanistic

In this approach, you have to focus on the person. It means you have to observe an individual by placing yourself in his position. It will help you examine a person properly and you can decide the best treatment plan for the patient.

2. Cognitive-Behavioral

In this approach, you consider the person's habits, thoughts, and beliefs. It is essential to find out an individual's behavior by observing how one reacts in different situations. Moreover, you also have to see how that person is interacting with others.

3. Grounded Theory

In this approach, you first collect the data about a person or situation, then you integrate them into categories. It will help you find new theories that are based on the data collection.

So, now that you know the approaches, let us read ahead to learn the steps that guide you to write a proper psychology case study.

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How to Write a Case Study in Psychology?

Students often ask our experts, "Can you write my assignment and case study in psychology?". It is because they face hundreds of academic challenges in completing such tasks. However, with proper guidance, you can finish the project on time. Hence, just like you have learned the approaches in the above section, you must understand the steps to write a proper psychology case study. Hence, here are the 7 steps to consider while writing.

1. Gather Information

The first step in creating a psychology case study is to gather all the essential information about a person. It helps you to understand the individual. Moreover, you can also examine the situation correctly.

There are various ways to collect data. It includes personal history, demographics, and behavioral observations. You can also take interviews and surveys for the same. It serves as a basis for a solid case study.

2. Select Case Study Method

After gathering the essential data, the second step is to select a correct case study method. The method you choose will determine your approach to the analysis. Moreover, it will also impact the presentation of the findings. So, make sure that you select the correct method to prepare a psychology case study. Single-subject and comparative case studies are some of the methods you can use.

3. Collect Background Information

One of the most challenging steps in any academic task is researching. Thus, to avoid it, many students prefer to pay for assignments or case studies. Well, all you need is a little advice. So, start with collecting the complete background information of a research subject. After this, it is essential to deeply understand a subject to prepare a meaningful narrative. Gathering background information is vital to understand an individual or situation that is under investigation.

4. Analyze Data Properly

After you gather all the information, the fourth step is to analyze that data. It is a crucial step, so take care that you correctly examine that. For this, organize the information along with identifying the patterns within the data. If you have established a diagnosis, then compare the individual's symptoms with set standard criteria. In this way, you can analyze the information correctly.

5. Choose Intervention Strategy

The next step in the psychology case study is to choose a proper intervention strategy. These are actions you performed to bring the changes in person. It becomes more crucial if there is a therapeutic consideration. For this, choose the plan that is most suitable to a person's specific needs.

6. Explain Treatment Objectives

The sixth step in preparing a psychology case study is that you have to explain the treatment goals. So, you must provide a clear and detailed description of the process you use. For this, you have to specify the goals of the treatment. With this, you decide the timeline in which you achieve that goal. You also have to discuss the methods used in the treatment procedure.

7. Craft the Discussion

Preparing the discussion is the last step in preparing the project. Therefore, it is a crucial step of the psychology case study. In this section, you have to interpret the findings of your study. You also have to write the significance of your research project. Moreover, you can also show how your project is contributing to the existing field of psychology.

After understanding the case study psychology meaning and what steps to follow for preparing the project, let's move to the next part. In the below section, you will learn some case study examples that help you to better prepare the project.

Know the Examples of Case Study Psychology

As you have learned the steps of preparing the project, knowing some example of case study in psychology help you to write an effective document. Here are the best ideas you can refer to while preparing your work.

1. Phineas Gage

This is the first example of case study psychology. It is a famous case study that shows how affected parts of the brain lead to specific mental changes. Phineas Gage was inserting the explosives in the ground to make a railway line. At the same time, he met with an accident that severely impacted his frontal lobe and limbic system. As a result, it changes his personality.

This case study explains the role of parts of the brain in determining the personality of a person.

2. H.M.

It is another example of a case study in psychology. H.M. died in 2008, after undergoing brain surgery as a treatment. In that surgery, large parts of the hippocampus of his brain were removed. As a result, he was unable to store the information for a long period.

This case study shows the role of the hippocampus in memory.

3. Kim Peek

Kim Peek was an autistic savant who was born with brain abnormalities. He had exceptional memory that included calendar calculation along with encyclopedic knowledge on every subject. He had also read 12000 books which resulted in his strong memory.

Hence, this case study shows that memory is a skill in itself.

Probably, these case study examples have provided you with a better understanding of the role of case studies. Moreover, by using the 7 steps mentioned in this blog, you can craft a proper psychology case study. Moreover, with the help of approaches, you can conduct effective research. But, if you are still facing issues in preparing the project, read the next section and see how our experts can assist in psychology assignment help.

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