Challenges You Face in Different Types of Academic Writing!

03 Apr 2023 933
Different Types of Academic Writing

Overloaded with plenty of academic tasks and do not know where to start?

Well, it is common to get stuck because there are rules and regulations you need to adopt for your scholarly write-ups. But, before understanding norms, it is crucial to get acquainted with types of academic writing to follow a particular approach. As soon as a task gets assigned to you, it is essential to have keen knowledge beforehand. Write-ups for the university are different from informal writing in terms of structure, tone, and citations. So, before you take up any task, understand its requirements and then start working on it. As a scholarly writer, you may have a different perspective or opinion regarding a particular subject, but adapting yourself to different types of academic writing is crucial. Therefore, without wasting much more time, read the upcoming section to learn about various types of writing.

What Are the 4 Types of Academic Writing?

What are the different types of academic writing is a common question among students when they begin working on any task. Solving this query is crucial because every writing has its own style. Excited to know what are the 4 types of academic writing?

Here is a section that will solve the students doubts regarding types of academic writing, and help them identify their writing style before they start working on their paper.

  • Descriptive Writing
  • Expository Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Narrative Writing

Each writing style is significant; therefore, this blog discusses 4 types of academic writing and explains why you need academic writing services.

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An Insight Into the 4 Types of Academic Writing

Four types of academic writing include persuasive, narrative, descriptive, and expository. Here is a section that tells you the meaning of each style.

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing means including all the facts, but put your opinion also. It does not mean you only have to state the information backed up with numbers. Indeed, it signifies you should put forward what you feel. The viewpoints you share can take any form, such as argument, interpretation, or recommendation. To put them forward clearly without any scope for error, seek assignment proofreading. Next time you start working on any paper, examine what it demands. If you want to submit an excellent document, it is crucial to meet the professor expectation. Words such as argue, discuss, and evaluate clearly show a persuasive form of writing.

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is one of the most common types of academic writing you deal with while entering a university or a college. It means describing a place, event, subject, object, or a person. The descriptive writing explains the subject matter so that a reader understands the topic at first glance. Words such as report, identify, define, summarize, and record indicate the use of descriptive writing.

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Expository Writing

Expository writing is one of the types of academic writing which means presenting data without including your opinions or viewpoints. If you want connectivity and a flow in your content, it is critical to follow a logical sequence. Also, as you provide the facts in your text, cross-check the information to find the truth. Always consider authentic and reliable sources, otherwise, your writing will hold no value.

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing means narrating a story with an entertaining beginning and a satisfying ending. It is a long piece and can be fiction or non-fiction. Plots, characters, setting, theme, and structure all together form a good narrative writing piece. Linear, non-linear, viewpoint, and quest are different forms. Details and imagery provide the best result in a narrative style. Now that you know the major types of academic writing, it is time to focus on the challenges of each style.

Challenges in Writing Different Academic Types

Here is a table showing the difference between the 4 types of academic writing based on topic block, viewpoints, elements, and area of usage.

Types of Academic Writing

Persuasive Writing

Descriptive Writing

Expository Writing

Narrative Writing


Persuasive writing focuses on persuading a reader to agree with a viewpoint.

Descriptive writing focuses on being more subjective about a topic.

Expository writing focuses on explaining a topic without your opinions and emotions.

Narrative writing focuses on narrating an incident based on a personal experience or an imaginary situation.

Topic Block

Topic selection is the main agenda in persuasive writing. You should choose an issue that influences the reader. In such a case focusing on social and political aspects can be a great choice.

Picking a topic for descriptive writing is also an issue. You should choose the subject matter on which explanation does not become an issue.It should excite or motivate you to write more.

Expository writing talks about factual data. Therefore sometimes it becomes boring. To engage the reader, it is best to explain the information in easy and understandable language.

Narrative writing narrates a personal experience. The event can be positive or negative. Thus, while narrating it creates confusion about how to set a story which does not put a negative impression.


Persuasive writing focuses on explaining one side of the topic. It rather forgets that adding other’s opinions is equally important.

In descriptive writing, you talk about a particular subject without neglecting and state both sides of the topic without biasness.

Expository writing does not include your personal opinions. It, rather states the information after thorough research.

Narrative writing includes personal experiences. While narrating sometimes it sounds biased because experiences differ according to the person.


Including ethos, pathos, and logos can upgrade your document's quality.

Including metaphors, similes, and adjectives in your descriptive writing can elevate your write-up.

Potent evidence, transitions, thesis statement, and a well-defined conclusion make expository writing stand out.

Plots, characters, theme, conflict, character, and setting combined together make the narrative style effective.

Area of Usage

Speeches, cover letters, newspaper opinions, letters of

recommendation, business ideas, reviews, letters of Complaint, advertisements or commercials, critical analysis, and editorial pieces are common areas for persuasive writing.

Poetry, novels, diaries writing, plays, and journal writing are common areas for descriptive writing.

Textbook writing, encyclopedias, scientific writing, research papers,

recipes writing, technical writing,

business writing, essays, and

reports are areas where expository writing plays a crucial role.

Novels, songs, fairy tales, screen scripts, anecdotes, plays, autobiographies, legends, poetry, and short stories are core areas for narrative writing.

So these are some pointers that depict the difference between four types of academic writing. Although there are many factors that separate, but still it creates confusion. To stay away from such a problem it is better to seek assignment help. The experts tell the points of differentiation in detail. Thus, it clarifies your doubt. But who can be the best helper?

The answer is Assignment Desk. Their professionals have keen knowledge on every writing style. To have an insight of them,, read the upcoming paragraph.

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