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Present report is based on the case study of AUBMC. It is a non for profit teaching hospital and medical centre, working in the volatile environment. Currently organization is facing many internal and external challenges. Mohamed Sayegh joined the medical centre and worked for the betterment of the cited academic institution. Current assignment will discuss the main challenges faced by the AUBMC (Perla, Bradbury and Gunther‐Murphy, 2013). Culture of AUBMC and its role in the provision of healthcare services will be illustrated in this study. At last it will provide recommendations for a strategic plan so that Mr. Sayegh can deal with complexity of the situation at AUBMC.

Question 1

There are different set of issues that are faced internally and externally. Due to these factors the firm is facing serious issues. In this context, below given are the SWOT analysis which will enable to provide proper information about the areas in which improvement is required or the issues that are faced in the organization (Kern, Edwards and Kaushal, 2014). In addition to this, it SWOT analysis will also help in determining the strength and opportunities that are faced by cited firm. In this context, below given is the SWOT analysis which will help to identify the internal and external factors of the firm:


  • Technology: AUBMC make sure that they update or make use of new technology so that they will be able to provide their customers with high quality services. There are different set of disease that has to be diagnosed and for almost all type of issues that are faced by people are helpful to make sure that are able to provide patients with high quality services (Lorenzi and Riley, 2013).
  • Highly skilful: There are many professionals who work for different parts of the body. They are very helpful in order to diagnose diverse set of issues that are faced by people. When proper skills, these employees are able to make sure that people the desired treatment and overcome the issue. In this context, it can be stated that both technology and professional are able to make sure that patient get all type of services with high quality (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013). More specifically, there are high number of physicians.  
  • Services: In Lebanon itself, there are 167 hospitals which consists of 11533 beds. Among all these more than 90% of these hospitals fall under private sector. There are mostly all type of facilities or services that are provided.



The relationship between employee and employer is it proper. There is not proper interaction among each other. Due to this issue, patient have given complaints against the services that are provided by the firm. Due to conflict, there not proper interaction among nurse and doctors. Due to this reason, patient fail to get proper treatment for the issues for which they have been admitted.


Most of the staffs are demotivated and this is creating issue for the performance. Further, demotivation is also raising issues of raising employees turnover. This is inversely affecting patients as they have wait much more longer in order to come their turn for check up. In other words, it has raised the waiting tile for each patients. Further, there is lot of miscommunication that has raised and this is because of the ineffective communication among patients and professionals. In order to understand the problem of patient it is important for the professionals to understand the patient and develop trust and confidence (Ostroff and Schulte,  2014). In this case, professional are not able to do so. In this context, the issues is not identified properly and proper treatment is given to patients.

Brand issues:

The brand image of the organization is lost due to these reasons. Further, this has also caused management to think over rebranding the firm so that people get to know about the services that are provided by the organization.

Political situation of Middle East and North Africa:

Before the Civil war Lebanon and the Middle Eastern countries along with North Africa had great political stability and the country was developing at good pace. But civil war made the government dysfunctional and the health care situation became worse. AUBMC had to look after all the health care facilities of the country which was not possible.


AUBMC explored the opportunities after assessing its weaknesses during and post the war. The organisation worked for extending its arms for more needy people by two ways that is increasing employment and facilities. Staffing increased its competencies while providing facilities helped the war struck people. The complete structure of the organisation can be updated  with more recruitments and it can also develop, enhance and improve the medical facilities provided to the patients (Paine and et. al., 2011). Technologically advanced equipments and their use can be imbibed. The hospital can achieve global brand reputation by expanding its medical centres and giving high end health care and attention to the