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Professionalism is a major thing which need to understand by an individual properly before going to any course of practices. Professional nursing practices define as taking responsibility of one nursing judgement, actions and omission which relate with lifelong learning (Alligood, 2017). A professional nursing practices is one where all standard and best practices define for current aspect by treating patients with appropriate dignity and respect.

This project is based on Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)  leads and coordinate about the national improvement and quality in health care. They worked on three core principles which need to understand properly so that better and effective assessment of practices used to take place which are: care required to be consumer centred, information used to get driven and organised for safety. In this regards, a major thing get done for the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standard which associated with clinical governance, partnering with consumers, preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infection, communicating safety etc. All these standard need to followed up in better and signified frame by ACSQHC so that better and effective delivery of care could get done.

This project will going to include about the information and consideration associated with clinical activity as well as risk and potential problems define with such standard. Along with this, it will also going to describe about the improvements which could be done by the ACSQHC while performing operations.

Critical Discussion

Quality and safety in the Australian health care system

On the basis of Black (2016), a health care system is one where various services with appropriate quality standard used to get provided to an individual so that they could get recover in earliest time frame. Australian care system used to get followed some standard which facilitate and enable in providing effective quality standard services. A nurse need to understand all such associated standard properly so that they could become able to manage their working in such define area world.

Although, in such standard they also have to focus on appropriate quality standard and safety under such standard. It signify with clinical governance where care individuals have to provide and reflect better services to each and every individual better. This will result in signify and gain better suited outcome and care under which their standard of living could be improved.   The present topic is associated with communicating for safety where care individuals used to gain better services and provide training to them so that their safety could be enhance better. A health care centre includes certain number of individuals clinicians, nurses and other health car professionals. Thus, if inappropriate information used to take place in communication then chances of bad quality standard services used to take place. Hence, for ACSQHC it is essential for them to maintain and implement communication in safety concept properly so that effective delivery of services to target care user get possible which enable and support in earlier recovery.

As per the view point of Cherry and Jacob (2016), if standards could be place at health care then nursing staff need to understand them in a proper manner so that safe and appropriate services used to get deliver to care patients. This get done when communication used to take place in a definite hierarchy. AS per the aspect of LoBiondo-Wood and Haber (2017), structured communication care process need to take place in a better and suitable frame so that all relevant patients will get better and define services as per their cause. It is also important for communicating the safety that all essential records could be underpin which related with patients so that beneficial attribute could be drawn in long term perspective. Thus, all such essentials required to understand by professional nurse when they used to start working in  ACSQHC so that this define standard could be reflected better in consideration and enhance working practices which further assist in providing beneficial services as well (6 COMMUNICATING FOR SAFETY, 2017).

According to the view point of Chism (2017), a care provider have to ensure patients car throughout the entire system used to take place so that its recovery and other essential could get done in a better manner. This define that with effective and beneficial consideration of delivery of services, better care services used to get provided which further enable in defining the things better as well as effective assessment of services used to take place.

On the consideration of Keyko and et. al. (2016), communicating the safety standard enable and facilitate to determine things better and appropriate so that effective and better understanding could get done. Communication enables in protecting rights of all individuals so that effective security used to get done in a design manner. ACSQHC have to understand and estimate this fact better so that they could define appropriate and suitable consideration in nature.

Risks or impact of low quality care with improvements

As per the view point of Manojlovich and Ketefian (2016), care quality matter most for an individual so that they could improve their health in better frame. The risk which is associated with lower quality standard service is that things do not went well proper as well as an individual health get impacted most. Communication define as major barrier while delivering of services to an individual. Hence, to deal with this risk factor, management need to concern their work better. Nurses have to deliver and determine the potential harm by not providing and facilitating appropriate communication chain and then need to deliver quality standard services. Lack of communication could be improved when each and every aspect become able to better coordinate.

As per the view point of Moran, Burson and  Conrad (2016), policies of a company required to define in better frame by senior management under which better working coordination could get done. In health and social care services, nurses need to understand  define policies and aspects so that they could facilitate and deliver effective standard services and care to individuals. A professional nurse is one whom have better engagement with new standard and policies in health care section so that appropriate delivery of services will take place.

As per the standard of  National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standard of   communicating safety for  ACSQHC describe that professional nurses have to get aware with all ethical standard properly so that they could become able to manage their working and provide better health care services. This will result in reflecting beneficial gain to all individuals so that chances of derivation become possible. This potential risk get improved when proper training before recruitment could get provided so that organisation internal policies and external system get understand in a definite frame which further enable in providing effective signified services to individuals.

On the basis of Morton and et. al (2017), confidentiality is a major thing which need to understand by an individual at health care so that chances of duplication of services could reduce. Another potential risk of lower quality services could get done when health care records not getting inspect properly.  It is really important to determine health care records in better frame so that effective absolution could get done in a structure manner. This also get describe in standard of  National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standard which required to understand and estimated by  ACSQHC in order to deliver the better quality services.

On the basis of Regan, Laschinger and Wong (2016), better coordination is a key to success and sustainability through which appropriate health care services could be provided. In a health and social care practices their quality assurance is a major thing which could get ensure when all associated data get estimate for an individual. This require better coordination among all division so that better and effective delivery of services get done. As per the standard of  National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standard of communicating in safety enable and signify that things required to take place in better manner so that effectiveness and efficiency in services get maintain. An appropriate coordination and cooperation support in delivery of quality standard care to all care users so that effective assessment of working get imposed. This will result in appropriate recovery of an individual which enable them to gain secure environment of living.

As per the view point of Tourangeau and et. al (2016), clinical care system is must at each and every health and social care setting so that better and appropriate understanding could be done in a define frame. There is a need of appropriate communication among clinical care team so that appropriate and considerable services get deliver. It is another derivation of potential risk where clinical team might not get understand their work due to lack of appropriate communication. This potential harm required to get improved in a definite frame so that they could define effective consideration. A clinical team of  ACSQHC have to understand their roles and responsibilities better and communicate them in a derivative frame.

Thus, for Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) have to determine all such potential risk and problems which could be arise due to lack of communication.  Henceforth, suitable steps need to get estimate so that effective and better delivery of services used to take place.

Process and outcome of data as per clinical care

A clinical care team need to understand about major potential harm for an individual so that they could work in an appropriate and suitable manner. It is really essential to estimate some data regarding harm due to communication in safety standard lack of presence so that better derivation of information could get done.

Improving patient safety systems

(Sources: Improving Patient Safety Systems for Patients With Limited English Proficiency, 2018)

On the basis of this definite image which enable and support in determine the risk cause due to lack of communication ( Improving Patient Safety Systems for Patients With Limited English Proficiency, 2017). Here, one of a major problem is language barrier. A clinical team of Australia might speak English but certain individuals could not become able to speak English properly which facilitate and create potential problem among them due to language barrier. This language barrier define that things will not used to take place and get done properly. Thus, this problem have to better understand by clinical team so that they could maintain effectiveness and efficiency in their working. This limited English Proficiency enable and restrict them to communicate with team properly and create hurdle and define as major potential risk behind security.

Another barrier of communication in safety standard Australia is cultural barrier and factors. Sometimes, some individuals belong to differ culture frame where values and norms also get vary from each other. This culture barrier required to understand properly so that effective and appropriate assessment of communication get restrict. This need to understand by clinical team properly so that they could treat individuals as per their cultural values and norms. This going to support in reducing frame of cultural barrier so that effectiveness and efficiency in providing services could get done.  


It get concluded from the project that professional nursing practices is an essential aspect which facilitate in managing and making factor better and effective in nature. A professional nurse used to deliver better services by compiling their work with all associated standard and factors. This will result in proclaiming better and effective deliver of services. There are various standard get underpin as per the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standard out of which communicating for safety standard is essential and supportive in frame of reference. Thus, there are various scholars provided their own views and aspects regarding quality and safety in Australian care system. This will facilitate and enable in managing things better and proper. Along with this, certain risks and problems also get evaluated which need to resolve through effective recommendation.


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