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Issues and Challenges of Romanian migrant

Answer :

Chapter 1- Introduction

Title: To investigate the issues and challenges of Romanian migrant in hospitality (from employee point of view)

1.1 Overview

Throughout history and throughout the world individuals have always moved across significant borders. Migration has been regarded as the universal part of the human condition/ In the present era, nearly each state as well as political contexts are affected through the international migration. Human migration has become debatable topic that can be observed in the various parts across the globe. It can be defined as the movement of individuals from one particular location to another (Black, Adger, Arnell, Dercon, Geddes and Thomas, 2011). The migration among the people is carried out with the aim to live either on temporary or permanent basis within new location. The movement is often over longer distances and from one country to another. There is greater impact of migration on the economy of the host country. The influence of migration can be viewed over various sectors that includes education, health housing as well as hospitality etc. Migration has continued in the form of both voluntary migration that is within one region, country or beyond and involuntary migration. Earlier the human being migrated as the reason of various factors that includes change in climate, landscape as well as inadequacy in the supply of food (Biermann and Boas, 2010). The people migrating face wide range of challenges. The present era of globalization has taken the activities of the employment beyond the boundaries of the nation. In hospitality sector the individuals are being employed from another countries. The presence of existing migration of Romanian within UK is concentrated in four various sectors that involves construction, trade, hospitality as well as cleaning services. This has resulted in increasing number of people that are migrating with the aim to get employment. There is greater impact of immigration on the growth of population. This has become one of most prevalent themes in the political and media debates on UK immigration policy.

Earlier migration was regarded and utilized as last resort for the purpose of maintaining moderate living that is impossible to acquire in origin country while this successfully responds to significant labor needs of the destination countries. Then with this migrants might not has any trouble to get employment within host countries. But beside this there are several challenges that are being faced by the migrants in the host countries.

The issues as well as challenges that are being faced by the migrants includes cultural differences and educational issues etc. the major challenge which young migrants are required to face before starting up new journey relates with preparing to adapt to new culture, in a different environment from what they were used to and getting informed regarding their rights and obligations as new comers (Muttoni, Scardia and Kent, 2010). Cultural differences demonstrate major issue being faced by migrant workers even in the situation when they are not at the job. Migrants workers are often isolated by their neighbors as they do not speak similar language and shop mostly at the ethnic stores. The barrier regarding language can make it difficult for them to gain better understanding in relation to legal documents such as tax forms and leases. The patterns of people flowing among the countries are widely affected by the international economic, political as well as cultural interrelations (Adamo and Izazola, 2010). There are various factors affecting international migration. This includes factors such as economic disparities, poverty and environmental degradation that is combined with absence of peace, security as well as human tights violations.

Today, it has been examined that there are nearly 200 millions migrants that are living in the countries in which they are not born. About 60% of the recorded migrants are found in the developed countries. However 40% are in the developing areas. In the present era the migration to the developed countries is work oriented. The predominant form of the migration varies from one part of the globe to another in a considerable manner (Levy, 2010). There have been conflicting views regarding the impact of immigration on the economy of the host countries. It has been believed that migrants steal the jobs and depress the wages. Further immigration has the potential to create conflicts among the ethnic group. This is because of the assumption that the possibility of occurrence of such environment wherein low income native groups consider migrants as the competition for jobs as well as resources (Kempadoo, Sanghera and Pattanaik, 2015). Further it has been gained that increase in number of migrants results in destroying local community's identity as well as its institution.

Along with this there is presence of certain barriers that makes it impossible for the migrant workers to integrate with the labor markets of the host society. Non recognition of diplomas gained in the origin country, discrimination in relation to access to employment, lower wages as well as other barriers for women immigrants for participation in the labor market acts as major challenges that is being faced by the migrants. Due to such they face difficulty in residing in the host nation without fear in an effective manner. Human possess the tendency to migrate. Migration to the uninhabited lands has not created any potential for conflict as there was no interest that can be challenged (Mangalam, 2015). Conflict emerged when the migrating people were forced to crystallize their quest for better life on the expanse that has been made by others. This presents that earlier conflicts took place as a result from movement of people. It has been gained that children of migrant workers often have to miss school and fall behind their peers due to the reason that they have to work along with the entire family.

The present study explores the issues and challenge faced by the Romanian migrant under the UK hospitality industry. Further the dissertation covers the views points of various authors who have carried out research on similar subject in past. With the assistance of such phenomenon under subject matter can be gained in an effective manner.

1.2 Rationale for the study

The major purpose of the present investment is to investigate the issues and challenges of Romanian migrant in hospitality (from employee point of view). The research is being conducted in the areas of challenges of human migration that is getting significant growth in the today's era.

What is the research issue?

In the present investigation the research issue that will be discussed is with respect to increasing number of Romanian migrants in the hospitality business in UK.

Why it is an issue?

This is research issue as in the present era there are various number of people who are migrating to developed nation for the purpose of getting job (Scheffran, Brzoska, Brauch, Link and Schilling, 2012). This further results in creating situation of conflict among the people of host country and they regard is at loss of job. Thus due to this major challenges and issues are being faced by immigrants in UK.

Why it is an issue now?

The subject under the present report has become an issue now because of increasing poverty and unemployment in developing and underdeveloped nation there is increasing number of people that are migrating to the developed nation in search job. This has greater impact on the host community in terms that they would not agree for such situation prevailing in the country.

What could this research shed light on?

The present research would shed light on the challenges and issues that are being faced by the migrants in the host country. Further it explores human resource literature that relates with training to the employees. The present study also makes analysis of the advancement with the hospitality business in UK so as to deal with migrants. Along with this it highlight what Romanian migrants bring regarding skills and what they gain or learn from working in this sector.

1.3 Research Aim and Objectives

Research Aim

The main aim of the present investigation is: To investigate the issues and challenges of Romanian migrant in hospitality (from employee point of view)

Research Objectives

  • To explore the Human Resources literature related to employee training.
  • To analyses the advancement within their organization.
  • To highlight what Romanian migrants bring regarding skills and what they gain or learn from working in this sector

1.4 Research questions

  • What are the relevant theories on employee training development?
  • What are the benefits of employing Romanian workforce?
  • What does current literature states regarding Romanian immigrants working in the hospitality industry?

1.5 Significance of the study

The present investigation is effective in investigating the issues and challenges of Romanian migrant in hospitality (from employee point of view) within UK. In addition to this it assist in gaining in-depth knowledge regarding human migration. The significance of the present research has been enumerated in the manner stated below:

  • The present investigation acts as an aid for the academicians in carrying out Ph.D. In addition to this the present investigation offers greater knowledge regarding the challenges and issues of Romanian immigrants.
  • There is huge importance of the present research for the hospitality organization that are operating in UK. These organizations can gain knowledge with respect to feasibility of considering the issues in the hospitality sector.
  • The present investigation is of greater advantage to the other researchers who desires to carry out investigation on the similar phenomenon under subject matter. Through this they can get adequate information with respect to importance of resolving challenges attached migrants that are coming the host countries.
  • The present research is of greater importance for the thinkers. As such it demonstrates the innovative knowledge regarding the tools that are being incorporated in the investigation.
  • Present report plays significant role due to presence of complex nature of the organization. By carrying out research attention can be given on various operational issues that relates with the business.
  • Along with this investigation is significant for the intellectuals and researchers as this would act as an aid for them in generalizing new theories that relates with the subject matter under investigation

Therefore present investigation is regarded as the base of knowledge and is regarded as the important source that provides guidelines for resolving the various social and business issues. It is regarded as the formal training that facilitates in developing understanding of the new developments in the area with greater effectiveness.


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