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For the community and society, health and social care practices are quite significant. Individuals are often impacted by different types of diseases, among which few are new and through which people are suffering a lot. Therefore, it’s important that people should be aware of it, and health and social care centres should impart proper medication and treatment to service users (Alcock, Daly and Griggs 2008). Appropriate treatment and care should be offered to users by maintaining the level of privacy, and the same could be done through taking a patient opinion for reducing the hazards and risks and creating awareness about social problems and diseases, as it’s the principle of social and healthcare practices.


LO1: Understand how principles of support are implemented in health and social care practice

1.1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice.

Offering support to users is the key principle related to health and social care practices. In the case of Angela and her elderly parents, principal of support can be applied in such a manner that it could be made sure that better healthcare and wellbeing will be offered, and their personal rights and personality will be respected. In this case, belief and culture might vary among Angela and her parents, because people are having different ideas come at healthcare centres, and healthcare practitioners should respect their opinion. Angela can make her decision, as they hold such rights; therefore respecting the rights of Angela is important. Patients usually have their private healthcare workers, who understand private matters of patients and even keep them secret (Alcock, Daly and Griggs 2008). If principals of support are applied in the case of Angela and Andrew, it can help them in various activities like moving, sitting, walking and lifting.

Even healthcare workers can make a record about information in a safe way, and this information can be used for future, and it's regarded as patient’s mentality and health. For formulating the healthcare plan, information from patients’ needs to be collected. In the case of Angela and her parents, the person-centred approach could be applied, as it's helpful in understanding treatment procedures and even support in maintaining the privacy and rights as well as decisions of patients (Alcock, Daly and Griggs 2008).

Principles supporting health and social care includes:

Formulating actual service and care plan through attaining relevant information through users.

Making sure that every person is liable to take their decision for the self-betterment

Applying modern technology, while imparting health and social acre to staff.

Communicating in an effective manner for gaining the user's confidence by accessing the needs and demands of patients (Alcock, Daly and Griggs 2008)

Formulating skills and knowledge of employees

Conducting staff day to day risk management check for reducing risk as well as hazards for users and themselves

Including healthcare workers in development, planning and service evaluation.

1.2 outline the procedure for protecting clients, patients, and colleagues from harm

Promoting and maintaining patient’s health and keeping them comfortable is one of the principal aims of social and healthcare settings. To look after the health of Angela and her parents, it is important to safeguard them, along with staff, who are directly linked with the health care services, because it’s the primary duty of employees (Day and Wigens 2006). To ensure that everyone is safe and out of risk, health centres are expected to explore the reasons of harms and risk at patient’s surrounding area. Patients might face different types of issues like psychological harm, emotional harm, physical harm, and financial harm. In the case of Angela, care workers need to make sure that they offer quality services that are efficient, risk-free and safe and are according to the set medical standards (Day and Wigens 2006). Care workers can protect Angela and her patients from any physical harm if safety standards are properly followed. Though it is true that handling mentally affected people is often challenging, as they require more of mental support. For the own safety of care workers, it is needed to place restrictions on freedom. It is not easy to safeguard the patient through emotional harm as each person holds various character and outlook (Day and Wigens 2006). Offering psychological help by friendly behaviour can be the best solution for all patients.

It is noted that social bonding with family and friends wouldn’t be right, as a patient might have bad experience about something that can even make them more aggressive, just like the case of Angela, who want to live separately from her parents.  From saving the patient from emotional harm, friends can act as the best alternatives (Day and Wigens 2006). Through applying right medication, healthcare practitioners can safeguard them. Healthcare employees can support patients in completing their work, in case they are not able to handle their employees. As compared with various other types of job, healthcare and social acre job is very challenging, because if anything goes wrong, it will impact the job and patient adversely; therefore, it is significant to maintain the safety and health policies (Day and Wigens 2006). Healthcare employees might handle challenging situations when patients make use of false words by interacting with them in a polite manner.

1.3 analyse the benefit of following a person-centred approach with users of health and social care services.

Person-centred approach implies helping and fulfilling the requirement and client preferences. Service users are often encouraged to take decisions through maintaining the dignity and privacy in a strict way. In healthcare settings, it’s the best practice to treat the patients. Through meeting the demands and needs of the patient, this process makes sure that excellent care is imparted to users. Patients’ needs and requirements are fulfilled and supported by care workers, and in this way, users enjoy their individuality, and on health its effect is good. Patients are psychological, emotional health, physical, and mental health adequately care. Through person-centred approach, Angela and her parents can be given care, and it can be made sure that they are satisfied. Healthcare workers job gets easier through person centred approach, as patients start cooperating with care workers. Even better communication could be initiated among care employees and service users (Department of Health 2011). The Even confidence of patients could be improved, if their queries are properly addressed. For both service user and care workers, this process is advantageous.

1.4 Explain ethical dilemmas and conflict that may arise when providing care, support and protection to users of health and social care services.

Sometimes healthcare workers face situations that are quite contradictory. It is important that healthcare workers should try to maintain the organisational rules and policies, but for the sake of patient’s well-being, they fail to implement it. In such situations, ethical dilemmas are created. In particular cases, conflicts do occur in patient’s belief, opinion and culture with the care workers (Edwards 2012). The healthcare services might also get impacted through the conflicts and healthcare quality is also hampered. If the person is an adult as per the act, then he holds a right to take self-decisions. In certain cases, patients receive meaningless decisions and avoid taking medicines. But for better health, it is important for them to take proper medication. On the other side, healthcare employees are highly obliged to respect as well as obey the decision made by the patient. In result of that, patients stuck in an ethical dilemma (Edwards 2012).

The healthcare worker fails to support the patients, though it’s their duty to take care of patients because patients had denied taking care of themselves. In case, anything goes wrong with the patient; it’s the care workers who will be held responsible for that. If patients refuse to take their medicine, then care workers cannot force them, and it cannot happen all the time that they can motivate the patient (Edwards 2012). In healthcare centres, this type of situation usually occur, and it’s not possible for them to take any action. Therefore, handling such kinds of the situation goes challenging. For care workers are expected to adjust and make sure that nothing runs counter to the ethical values. Another ethical issue relates with restraining (Edwards 2012).


LO2: Understand the impact of policy, legislation, regulation, Codes of Practice and Standards on organisation policy and practice

2.1 Explain the implementation of policies, legislation, rules and codes of practice that are relevant to own work in health and social care

For ensuring about imparting quality care to local area children, local authority care should practice social acre practices, legislation, implement the policies, code of practice and regulations as per the local and national policies as well as legislation because it’s essential as well as necessary (Harlen 2005). This profession is quite sensitive, and therefore local authority care workers need to obey and try to follow the regulations. Its management duty to make sure that as per the code of practice, quality is maintained in care. Staff should also support the act of data protection and don’t reveal the compelling content to the patients. As per the data protection act, the permission towards accessing the data should be done by a single person. There is another regulation, named as control of substance hazardous to health regulation (COSSH). This regulation makes sure that when it required, then only materials and chemicals should be used (Harlen 2005). The website should also inform about the importance of secured medication and use of different tools, and the person on duty will only have its accessibility.

2.2 Explain how local policies and procedures can be developed by national and policy requirements.

For offering guidelines to the professionals or institutions, all the procedures, as well as policies, need to be developed. It is evident that most often local policies clearly reflect over the small scope and national policies had an enormous range. To attain the practical results, policies are critically addresses, carefully planned as well as strategically implemented. For the purpose of technological development, as well as society changes, there are few faults in certain laws and policies (Harlen 2005). Correlation, as well as synchronisation among the national and local policies, is necessary. Policies are required to precise and easy. For the purpose of enhancing the policy effectiveness, it is important that it does go confusing. There should be less misinterpretation within policies. Therefore, abiding by the local and national policies, culture can be impacted of local areas (Harlen 2005). It is evident that there exist a diversity in various companies; that’s why all policies are not appropriate for all organisations. It is again important to accurately monitor all laws and policies regularly. Reviewing the procedures is considered as the duty of staff as well as lawmakers, and they should also try to modify it.

2.3 Evaluate the impact of policy, legislation, regulation and codes of practice on organisational policies and practices.

According to the regulatory policy, rules, regulations, legislation, as well as a code of practice provides a crucial contribution. It also offers appropriate guidelines. As the law, organisation carry out all functions. It’s quite challenging for the local are local authority care to formulate their policies towards local children and their health, as its legal, and no reference is required of legislation (Harlen 2005). A suitable, as well as ethical environment of working need to be created for the local children and care workers, if they are following the laws. An organisation can only function properly, without any problems, if the laws are practised, or organisational policies are followed. It should be made sure that employees should be fine or they might be restricted from the company, in case they break the laws. For following the rules, it is important that both employees and employers should be obliged and they should take some urgent steps for mitigating the issues if the law is broken (Jones and Atwal 2009).


LO3: Understand the theories that underpin health and social care practice

3.1 Explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice

For social and medical practices, there are specific theories. Individual requirement and different events and process attain priority through theories. To promote the healthy lifestyle and for achieving a high level of spirituality, physical, mental, social, and emotional fitness for patients, these theories supports in developing the plans (Jones and Atwal 2009). The theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a modern theory applied in healthcare practices. As per this theory, individual requirements are categorised in different levels and core needs are given priority. As per this theory, without meeting the needs at low level, people cannot go to next level. Physical and physiological needs are considered as the most basic need as per Maslow theory. Security and safety, belongingness and love, self-actualization and self-esteem take next level. In order to implement the service plan, this theory needs to be applied (Hearnden 2008).

there are different type of theory which underpin health and social care such as Freud Theory and Erikson theory etc.

sFreud theory is that in which it show that in brain of human there are three part that is Id, ego , super ego. According to the theory of Freud it is clear that the conflict take place because of this three structure, while human give effort tot make balance between each Id, ego and Superego. There is conflict which take place within the mind is as follows:

  • The Id: it is rude structure which linked with own basic need. For example, if any individual pass from near the stranger who is eating ice cream. Then it minds of individual came to take ice cream by itself. To take something from other is not rude it shows that person want ice cream.
  • The superego: The super ego is related to development of child learn about its culture and what is right and wrong. It reflect the social rules and morals.
  • The ego: Ego is less than rude and it is conscious and unconscious. It help in balancing the ego and ID.

According to the given scenario, Tower Hamlets care home resident were treated poorly and care worker misbehave with them. For making a healthy and strong relationship it is necessary to have proper and regular communication between services user and services providers. When there is proper communication then services provider will understand the problem of patient and provide them services according to their need. Along with this with then help of Freud theory separation can be done between ego and id of individual.

3.2 Analyse how social processes impact on users of health and social care.

In the society, the important role is of the social process. Behaviour of the people, the process of adapting it, and reaching over the circumstances are profoundly influenced. The manner in which people take their actions, think, select lifestyle is profoundly affected by it. For the purpose of ensuring the intervention effectiveness, the planning and development practices in healthcare settings tries to consider the social process (Levin, Overholt, Melnyk, Barnes and Vetter 2011). It is important that social and health care services should be implemented in different ways so that it could be effective. It is done like that because various people come from diverse cultures and react in different ways in different situations. By considering own culture as superior to others, might create discrimination at the workplace. Due to the qualities of culture, there are few care workers, who support patients over others (Mendelstem 2009). It is significant that all patients should be treated fairly so that favouritism in medication doesn’t occur.

There is some positive and negative impact of social process on the Hamlet carte home, the social process help in making life easy of individual. For Example, social exclusion, marginalization and unemployment. There are different behaviour which is adapted in various situation in the social process. Through the social process the action choice and lifestyle of individual also get influenced. If any issues is find at the health and social care then it is necessary to resolve it on time.

The combine of social process which help in shaping the life of individual is as follows:

Unemployment; if any person is not have job or unemployed then it may impact their health such as it may suffer from depression or tension. Further it may started smoking which lead to cancer. This all health problem can be faced by unemployed person.

Poverty; if any person is poor and not have enough money to take proper treatment then it increase the chance of disease. Poor people are not capable of affording the fees of hospital.

Impact of scoial process on service user is that it poor people may get services freely whenever they get sick. They can easily afford treatment at free of cost which help in overcoming from disease.

3.3 Evaluate the effectiveness of inter -professional working.

Inter-professional working is explained as the one, where healthcare practice with the other healthcare providers and they work in coordination with other care workers and are even connected and work on a continuous basis. Nurses, respiratory therapist, psychologist, midwives, physical therapist, and others being part of health team could include in it, whose skills can help in planning healthcare services (McLean 2010). The lack of individual expertise can be easily fulfilled by other people, working in the same field. It can also support in formulating plans for giving care to patients and to reduce service delay.

At the Tower Hamlet care home the inter-professional working play significant role. It helps in maintaining strong relation between service provider and patient. For example if nurse work with doctor then it gain knowledge and in absence of doctor it can give proper treatment to patient. Further, it helps in improving efficiency of all care workers at the Tower Hamlet care. Along with this work load can be reduce if all inter-professional work together.

If any services' provider is not many experiences then other of same field can help in providing the services to patient.

Role of doctor is to find out disease of patient and provide treatment according to the problem. Then it need to regularly check if any improvement is made or not. On the other hand role of nurse is to give medicines to patient on time and in absence of doctor they need to take care of services user.


LO4: Be able to contribute to the development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy

4.1 Explain your role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in the context of working with those within and outside the health and social care workplace.

Being a care worker, my role is to offer a therapeutic as well as a conductive environment for the patients in healthcare settings. Relations that are based on trust are important, because, patients spend there most of the time with care workers (McLean 2010). For any help, patients rely on us. In the case of conducting all standard functions as well as exercising independence of patients, it’s our duty to ensure about it. It’s our responsibility to make sure about the requirements of patients and work towards fulfilling it. Being a care worker, I am also responsible for giving proper care to patients, ensure their rights, and ensure that these rights are exercised. Through performing the role, I can fulfil the patient’s physical needs like physical activities, feeding and hygiene. The emotional, physical, as well as financial interests of patients, are also protected by us (King's Fund 2011).

4.2 Evaluate your contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy.

To have a smooth running system for staff members, it is important to formulate a regulatory policy. To reduce the misinterpretation and misunderstanding, it si expected from us to make the policies clear, and it should be straightforward. Through implementing the policies, care worker own contribution is also analysed, as they might be affected by it (Pereira, Nagarajah, Win, Joachim and Wjesuriya 2008). Being a care worker, I believe that good workforce should be developed if employees follow the organisational policies. It is again significant to review policies, as non-compliance of policies in the company is getting quite familiar.

Gibbs model


In this first page that is description in which I ask a question related to problem which is patient suffering.


In this I need to understand the problem and issues which is face by patient due to disease.


before providing treatments it is necessary to understand what will be the positive and negative aspect of the situation.


Gibbs reflective cycle

Illustration:- Gibbs reflective cycle

At this stage I need to develop my skill for providing effective treatment. My interpersonal skill developed at the time of facing this situation.


At last I need to take action for a given situation for this proper plan need to make and action need to take.

4.3 Make recommendations to develop own contributions to meeting good practice requirements.

It is important that one should take relevant knowledge about the code of practice by the help of general counsel for the purpose of fulfilling the good practice needs. Through taking actual knowledge, managers can be determined, if they go with the standards and national policies, and can even evaluate their performance (National Health Services 2012). Being a care worker, it’s my responsibility to consider both local and national policies into consideration. Adopting basic rules and laws in healthcare practices is compulsory for the organisation. Next, being care workers I hold the responsibility to enhance oneself in practice, or I could be responsible for involving training as well as additional studies in work (Moon 2008). To perform better and to go with the dynamic changes, it is required to update oneself with all the present information related to social and healthcare practices (Department of Health 2012).

  • There are various skill which is improved at the time of working at care home. It can confidently communicate with anyone. Further my decision making skill and interpersonal skill also improved.
  • There is need to develop policy and benefit for care worker so that they get motivated toward the work.
  • Advance technology need to introduce so that proper treatment can be prpvided on time to services user.


It is true that each person has to visit healthcare settings for availing better medication and treatment, as no one can escape from risk and illness. Healthcare employees are highly responsible for offering better quality care services to the patients, and they even play a significant role in coming out of patient’s illness. Healthcare staff should also work towards following both rules and regulations in the company, and they should be aware of their job task. It can be reviewed from the study that, it is possible to reduce the diseases and different hazards through the society, in the case of care provider’s work in coordination with the local and national government.


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