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65 Trending Biotechnology Assignment Topics 2019

02 Sep 2019 4533
Biotechnology Assignment Help

Writing an assignment is already a difficult task. It needs research, analysis, writing, and editing skills. Plus, the complex nature of biotechnology makes this document more difficult. Many times students face the problem of overlapping topics with their classmates. The main problem is, students are not aware of the advances and several fields of biotechnology. As a result, most of the students choose from the most common topics like Agriculture biotechnology, Biomedical, Plant biotechnology, etc. however, there are many new fields also like Biopunk, DNA recombinant, GMO, and Biochemical on which a document can be made. And this problem of overlapping topics leaves students with no choice but to take biotechnology assignment help online. To give students some relief, we are sharing 65 biotechnology topics here. These topics are provided by our experts so that students can complete their assignment writing task efficiently.

65 Biotechnology Topics for Your Assignment

  1. Environmental Biotechnology: Concepts and applications.
  2. Risk management in biotechnology.
  3. Reducing risks from chemicals through biotechnology.
  4. MIP as a tool of biotechnology.
  5. Uranium Extraction: Saving the nature through biotechnology.
  6. Cryonics raising the dead.
  7. Safety measures in medical microbiology diagnosis.
  8. Will biotechnology be able to increase life expectancy?
  9. Animal agriculture through biotechnology.
  10. Use of GMO in food.
  11. Waste management and biotechnology.
  12. Applications of biotechnology in industries.
  13. Biochemical Engineering: Scope and career prospects.
  14. Business perspective of biotechnology.
  15. 3D Bioprinting: Innovation with bioscience.
  16. Social issues pertaining to biotechnology.
  17. Ethical issues of biotechnology.
  18. Understanding Biopunk: Synthetic biology.
  19. Management of renewable energy technology.
  20. Molecular based technology for complex food.
  21. Production of ethanol using molasses and its effluent treatment.
  22. Methods of evapotranspiration.
  23. Genetic enhancements of plants through biotechnology.
  24. Pharmacogenomics of anti-hypertensive drugs.
  25. Nanotechnology methods for DNA isolation.
  26. Identifying heavy metal tolerant and sensitive genotypes.
  27. Characterization of genes involve in heavy metal tolerance.
  28. Delivery of embelin to cancer cells: A future target.
  29. Development of nanotechnology to aid HIV.
  30. Genetic manipulation and transgenic animals through biotechnology.
  31. Genetically engineered hormones and vaccines.
  32. Can animal organs be used for human patients?
  33. Use of stem cells in tissue regeneration.
  34. Stem cells: Types and traits.
  35. Ethical, legal and social implications of the human genome project. 
  36. Bioethics on embryonic stem cells.
  37. Isolation and improvement of microorganisms through biotechnology.
  38. Production of heterologous proteins.
  39. Recovery and purification of fermentation products.
  40. Recombinant DNA technology v/s therapeutic proteins.
  41. Basic research v/s translational research: Which is better?
  42. Biotechnology market and product development: Strategies.
  43. Intellectual property protection strategies for biotechnology innovations.
  44. Aquatic bioassay for analysis of pollutants in surface waters.
  45. Use of bioleaching and biomining for recovery of resources.
  46. Environmental impact of pollutants: A deep analysis.
  47. Microbial transformation of heavy metals.
  48. Treatment of wastewater released by food processing industries.
  49. Recent advances in enzyme technology.
  50. Detection and control of foodborne pathogens.
  51. Selection, screening, and analysis of recombinant DNAs.
  52. Working with nucleic acids through biotechnology.
  53. Bioinformatic techniques on marine genomics.
  54. Bioprocess engineering of phototrophic marine organisms.
  55. Marine enzymes: Production & applications.
  56. Marine fungal diversity and bioprospecting.
  57. Novel bioreactors for culturing marine organisms.
  58. Use of bioreactors for the mass cultivation of plant cells.
  59. Biosafety, bioethics, and IPR issues in plant biotechnology.
  60. Molecular markers in crop plants.
  61. Screening the anti-cancer activity of novel organ-metallic compounds.
  62. Biochemical investigation of the anti-cancer activities.
  63. Novel quinone compounds as anti-cancer agents: An analysis.
  64. Investigating the role played by retinoblastoma binding protein 6 (RBBP6).
  65. Identification of biomarkers associated with ovarian and breast cancers.

So, this was the list of 65 biotechnology topics which you can pick for your assignment as well as research papers. We have tried our best to cover the most important biotechnology topics. Apart from these topics, you can also select any other topic as per your interest and field as there is no shortage of topics in this field. You should also consider the time limit and the resource availability while choosing a topic.

Till Then Good Luck!!! 

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