100+ Most Controversial Debate Topics To Win Any Argument

09 Apr 2024 1066
Check Out 100+ Controversial Debate Topics

A debate is a formal discussion on a topic between two sides with opposing points of view. Each side gets a specific time to speak. Many students learn debating in high school. It helps them to brush up on their communication skill. Also, debate topics enhance their promptness to answer any questions. Thus, you can be ready for your future job interviews. Sometimes, your institution gives you controversial debate topics. However, in the more significant sector, you may get some ideas. You can review several articles and use your creativity to shape your arguments. Today, you will find the best debate topics for students.

You must have been debating for a long time, even since high school. But you may not recognize the types of debate you are involved in. You may have read some persuasive essay topics, but the differences are based on the topics and the approach of the debaters. A debate is kind of an extracurricular activity. So, if you pick good debate topics and win, you can use them in your resume for job applications. 

What you need to understand is the topics. You may get some controversial debate topics. If you are unaware of those, you will hesitate to talk. That will be embarrassing! Knowing the types will help you to choose the popular debate topics. Read on to learn more about the most popular types of debates-

Policy Debate:

It is a team debate. Here, you must work with your team. You can choose political debate topics or anything else here. But, you must establish your points strongly. Usually, participants get one hour to speak. So, they must present some constructive discussion and cross-examine their contenders.

Mock Trial Debate:

Mock trial debate imitates a real courtroom trial. So, you can choose controversial debate topics here. Students participate as lawyers. Also, they must put up the case in front of the judge. The mock trial also enhances the skills of acting and public speaking.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

It is a one-on-one debate, organized between two teams or individuals. The name has been derived from Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. It is a bi-monthly debate format. Therefore, the participants get enough time to go through the controversial topics to talk about. 

Cross-Examination Debate:

It is a debate between two teams. Here, each team contains only two members. Participants can ask other teams questions and clarify their points in this format. Such debates are organized on interesting, controversial topics. Teams should use strong evidence and references to answer the questions. 

So, here you get to know about the types of debates. It helps you become efficient in public speaking and putting up your points. You must review the current debate topics and prepare to talk on each side. The more practice can make you a better debater. Today, you will get to know about several debate topics. It will help you pick a concept for you based on the theme of the debate in which you are participating. So, if you have trouble finding suitable controversial topics to discuss, you can rely on the list below. 

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A List of 100+ Interesting Debate Topics

Finding unique debate topics as per the theme becomes tricky sometimes. Also, students feel out of the pond when they face debate ideas they are unaware of. However, our essay writing service experts can present the most brilliant ideas. You can check our list and prepare yourself for your next venture!

Funny Debate Topics

1. Is it better to be posh or common?

2. Which is better- TikTok or Instagram

3. Should pineapple be allowed on pizza?

4. Is the British accent the best in the world?

5. Are hot chips better with ketchup or mayo?

6. Laptops should be allowed inside the classroom?

7. Is putting milk in the tea before the water is a crime?

8. Are English breakfasts the ultimate hangover cure?

9. A 'laughing hour' must be mandatory in workspace

10. Is queuing etiquette more important than traffic laws?

11. Is 'Adulting' getting more complex than the previous generation?

12. Should queue jumping be considered a national sport?

13. Is it acceptable to binge-watch Netflix during exam week?

14. Is tea better than coffee for staying awake during lectures?

15. Are socks with sandals a fashion faux pas or a bold statement?

16. Is the English weather more unpredictable than a reality TV show?

17. Should sorry be considered the most overused word in British culture?

18. Is it acceptable to use 'cheeky Nando's' as a legitimate excuse for being late?

19. Should the Queen be required to perform a TikTok dance at least once a year?

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Controversial Debate Topics

20. Should Zoos be banned?

21. Should everyone be vegetarian?

22. Should Animals' rights be secured?

23. Should the UK abolish the monarchy?

24. Should the UK adopt a flat tax system?

25. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

26. Should university education be free for all students?

27. Is the use of plastic bags justified in today's society?

28. Should the legal drinking age be lowered or raised?

29. Is fast food responsible for the rise in obesity rates?

30. Is it ethical to use animals for scientific experimentation?

31. Should the sale and consumption of energy drinks be restricted?

32. Should the UK government impose stricter regulations on immigration?

33. Should social media platforms be responsible for preventing cyberbullying?

34. Is it acceptable to use performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports?

35. Is the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food production safe?

36. Is it fair to prioritize environmental conservation over economic development?

37. Should the Government impose a law limiting the number of children in a family?

Political Debate Topics

38. Is capitalism and ecology compatible?

39. Was Brexit a good idea?

40. Should more gun control laws be enacted?

41. Should the voting age be lowered to 16 years?

42. Should we get more referendums in the UK?

43. There must be a death penalty

44. People must elect judges

45. Religious organizations must be tax-exempt

46. Can religion and politics be separated?

47. Is torture justifiable in the name of security

48. The biggest threat to global security

49. The effect of mixing entertainment with news

50. Which social media platform would be best to ban?

51. Should there be a universal basic income?

52. Should billionaires be taxed more?

53. The most essential purpose of the criminal justice system

54. The most essential quality a country's leader should have?

55. Is the right to privacy more important than freedom of the press?

56. The best way to deal with abusive governments and armed groups

57. Can the British Council improve security in United Kingdom?

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Societal Debate Topics

58. Burning the flag is illegal

59. Cigarettes should be banned

60. Should censorship be justified?

61. Marijuana should be legalized

62. Healthcare must be universal

63. The importance of privacy

64. The effects of peer pressure

65. Should sex work be legal?

66. Should human cloning be legal?

67. The Government must provide free birth control

68. Violent video games are ruining the youth

69. Sometimes censorship must be put on the internet

70. Euthanasia should be made legal worldwide

71. Same-sex weddings must be legalized worldwide

72. Feminism must focus more on men's right

73. Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt kids

74. Relevance of feminism in the 21st century

75. Abortion must be available for all students

76. Drug addicts must be helped rather than being punished

77. Companies must employ an equal percentage of male and female employees

Educational Debate Topic

78. Is a college degree necessary to get a job?

79. What should be the length of holidays in college?

80. Should there be single-sex colleges?

81. Should college education be free?

82. Does homework help you to learn better?

83. Education should be privatized

84. Should drug testing be mandatory in colleges?

85. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

86. Colleges must offer free STD testing

87. Should colleges teach LGBTQ sex education?

88. Students must study a second language

89. Teachers must be paid as much as doctors

90. Student loans should be forgiven

91. Standardized testing must be abolished

92. Should colleges make sports compulsory?

93. Which is online education or in-person education?

94. Should mobile phones be banned in colleges?

95. Academic pressure creates anxiety and depression among students

96. Should students get cash incentives for scoring high?

97. Colleges should teach life skills

Environmental Debate Topics

98. Capitalism is the cause of pollution

99. Climate change is not manmade

100. Solar power is the future of energy

101. Is ecotourism a sustainable practice?

102. Should live animal exports be banned

103. Can we thrive in a zero-waste society?

104. Should the sale of animals far be banned?

105. Is organic farming the future of agriculture?

106. Urban gardening is good for the environment

107. Make the use of a bidet instead of tissue paper

108. Firecrackers should be banned immediately

109. Should every house have a septic tank?

110. More land should be dedicated to national parks

111. Is Vertical farming important for the environment?

112. Tree planting must be mandatory in every school

113. Genetically modified foods should be banned

114. Organic farming is the solution to soil pollution

115. How blockchain technology is harming the environment

116. Should nuclear power be used more than fossil fuels?

117. Reforestation is the solution to reduce global warming

118. Should the use of ACs be reduced for the environment's betterment?

Hopefully, you get to know about several debate topics here. Now, you can participate in any type of debate whenever you want. Also, you can be an essential part of your institution's debate team. These topics for debate will help you to get in touch with the trendiest topics. So you can prepare yourself to face any challenges. You can get any dissertation help services while searching for good debate topics.

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Our experts have been providing an excellent service in terms of writing debate topics. So, be it research paper help or any other services, we can help you here. Hopefully, these topics will help you to prepare for your upcoming debate competition. They can assist in finding such a list of debate topics. Many students often get nervous when speaking in public. If they practice debating often, they can develop such skills. These will help them in their future career. Also, they can face job interviews more promptly. We are the best in serving you with the trendiest controversial topics to debate.

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