List of Top Nursing Research Topics to Achieve Excellence

03 Jul 2024 309
Top Nursing Research Topics for Students | Assignment Desk

Nursing is a field that requires dedication, intelligence, motivation and lots of hard work. Nursing is a constantly evolving subject that requires the students to dedicate themselves to its study. Whether you are writing a research paper or doing a job in this field, both are quite challenging. However, do you know that the title is one of the most crucial parts of any writing document? Yes, this part is significant for catching the attention of the reader. So, if you are struggling with selecting nursing research topics for your write-up, let our experts assist you. In this blog, you will find a list of 100+ ideas for your research paper. So, let us begin our exploration and learn about nursing research topics.

Nursing Research Topics: An Overview

Nursing is a vast subject, so the subject of your research paper depends upon your areas of interest. In addition, while writing a research paper, most of you are stuck in your hunt for a suitable title. However, it is one of the most crucial aspects of any write-up, so you should choose a compelling, short, and informative topic. Nevertheless, you might require a helping hand for your exploration, so let our experts help you in your search. Read the following list of nursing research topic ideas and select according to your needs.

  1. What are the negative impacts of the trend of artificial nails on your health?
  2. Differentiate between the symptoms of stroke and a migraine
  3. Explore the communication techniques for mental health patient
  4. How to scale the pain of a non-verbal patient?
  5. How do night shifts of nurses impact their overall health?
  6. Learn about the basic hygiene to keep in an emergency room
  7. Ways to eradicate the margin for errors in hospital setting
  8. What are the strategies to reduce the stress of a mental patient?
  9. Know about the ways that can improve the nursing education system
  10. What are the impacts of the education level of nurses on patients?
  11. How to eradicate the problem of slight symptoms of COVID in the survivors?
  12. Sleeping tips for patients suffering from insomnia
  13. Crucial measures that could significantly improve the medical transportation system
  14. Why team communication is necessary for the smooth functioning of a medical team?
  15. Ways to turn the medication of mental patients into recovery-oriented treatment
  16. Does art therapy do any good to the patients?
  17. Tips for care of the patients of post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)
  18. Steps that could promote oral health in pediatric patients
  19. How to deal with adolescents suffering from depression?
  20. Learn the steps to prevent self-harm in mental patients

You must have understood how you can frame an effective nursing research topic, so take the help of the above examples and frame one for you. Moreover, in the next section, you will learn about the meaning of qualitative research and some topics related to it. Read the following section to get in-depth information.

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Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

Qualitative nursing topics explore the realities of this world and avoid using statistical data and complex figures. It deals with real meanings and words, just like its name suggests, it focuses upon the qualities. Researching qualitative research topics in nursing can be challenging, so let our experts help you by seeking our custom writing services for effortless results. Nevertheless, let us explore the following list of topics and select the best one.

  1. Why the use of fabric face masks should be promoted among healthcare professionals?
  2. What are the recovery plans to save dying patients?
  3. How to make healthcare more accessible in low-income areas?
  4. Explain about the doctor's dilemma in brief
  5. What should be the quality care to heal the patient who suffered an abortion?
  6. Why hydration is crucial for patients with kidney stones?
  7. How can psychiatrists help in reducing the cases of suicides in the country?
  8. Can alcohol work as a treatment for some of the diseases?
  9. Explain what is the meaning of stain therapy.
  10. What steps should the Government undertake to improve the healthcare infrastructure?

So, the above were some qualitative research topics that you can use in your paper. Now, read the next section to learn about the meaning of quantitative research and a few topics related to it. Also if you want to seek psychology assignment help you can contact us and get it instantly.

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Quantitative research is the exact opposite of qualitative research, as it focuses on the statistical data and figures to conclude. Therefore, when you are researching quantitative ideas, always give priority to numbers and figures. In the field of nursing, it undertook the considerations about patient demographic reports and explores trends about different treatments. Moreover, you can look at the following quantitative nursing research topics to get an idea about how you can write it.

  1. What are the impacts of underage smoking and drinking on the youth of the country?
  2. Why communication between doctors and nurses is necessary for achieving efficiency?
  3. Need for re-assessment of the patients who have a history of COVID-19
  4. Why rapid response is vital to increase efficiency in the emergency room?
  5. Recognizing the symptoms of early heart attacks in the emergency room
  6. Why doctor and patient communication is essential for better treatment?
  7. Ways to prevent nutrition deficiency in children
  8. Pain management ways for patients in hospitals
  9. How to prevent cross-infection between patients on the hospital premises?
  10. Why special care should be given to mental health patients?

You must have understood the meaning of quantitative research and how you can frame such topics. It is a phenomenon that focuses on statistical data and figures about the topic. Now, for the next section, you will find some more nursing research paper ideas. Read the following part and select the most appropriate for yourself.

Miscellaneous Nursing Research Ideas

Read the following list of nursing research topics handpicked by our expert writers and select the best one for yourself.

Interesting Nursing Research Examples

  1. Ways to prevent hypertension and blood pressure in heart patient
  2. Learn the steps that could promote sleep in patients with insomnia
  3. Techniques of managing pain in palliative patients
  4. How to make a hospitalized patient comfortable in their surroundings?
  5. What is the role of nursing in community mental health promotion?
  6. How can you support patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
  7. Ways to deal with the patients suffering extreme mental condition
  8. Learn how to promote self-care practice as a mental health student
  9. Why mental health training is essential for psychology students?
  10. Learn the importance of team collaboration and communication for improving the condition of patients

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

  1. How to cure an addict and cure his cravings?
  2. Ways to Make healthcare more accessible in low-income countries
  3. Increasing the awareness in the patients about self-care
  4. Why is it better to seek early treatment for heart-related problems?
  5. How can professionals increase their efficiency and reduce errors in the medical system?
  6. What are the ways to deal with mental pressure for nurses?
  7. Learn how to prevent burnout in nurses.
  8. How to prevent skin barrier treatment for better diagnosis?
  9. Ways to prevent the shortage of oxygen tanks in the healthcare system
  10. What is personal protective equipment for nurses and doctors?

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. Importance of pediatric services in low-income areas
  2. Bring out the analysis of the relationship between vaccination and autism
  3. What is the pet therapy for hospitalized patients?
  4. Learn the ways to protect pediatric patients from COVID-19
  5. Ways to treat the Pain of pediatric in Young Children
  6. Explain in brief the meaning of the tetralogy of Fallot
  7. Is it true that sick children are more emotionally mature than the ordinary ones?
  8. Learn the care tips for grieving parents
  9. How to prevent drowning in children?
  10. Explain the effects of bullying on the mental health of young children.

Good Nursing Research Topics for Students

  1. Learn the strategies to reduce medication errors in healthcare
  2. Analyze the impact of nurse burnout on patient security
  3. What is the meaning and importance of transitional care programmes?
  4. How can nurse intervention improve patient satisfaction reports?
  5. Diabetes management steps for doctors and nurses
  6. Learn the steps to take care of patients with heart failures
  7. Know the importance of psychological wing in every healthcare institution
  8. Learn some patient engagement strategies in hospitals
  9. What is the technology that could help in remote patient monitoring?
  10. Why there is a need for advanced care and planning for cancer patients?

Nursing Research Topics for Women's Health

  1. Tips to prevent urinary tract infections in women
  2. Need to address the disparities among LGBTQ+ women
  3. Spreading awareness about women's reproductive health
  4. Encouraging and supporting women with Polycystic Overy syndrome(PCOS)
  5. Increasing the cervical cancer screening practices among women
  6. Approaches to cure the chronic pelvic pain
  7. Ways to increase the mental health screening in perinatal women
  8. Techniques to improve the condition of women hygiene sector
  9. Why is it necessary to spread awareness about breast cancer in young girls?
  10. Ways to increase the screening of vaginal cancer in women

Psychiatric Research Topics for Discussion

  1. Learn the importance of group therapy for psychiatric patients
  2. Ways to prevent violence and aggression in mental health patients
  3. Importance of mental health monitoring in hospitalized patients
  4. What are the ways to prevent suicides in psychiatric settings?
  5. Learn the importance of art therapy for improving the mental health of patients
  6. Spreading awareness about mental health among the youth
  7. What is the importance of 8 hours of sleep for people suffering from mental diseases?
  8. Learn the meaning of recovery-oriented language in psychiatric nursing
  9. Why family support is essential to improve the condition of mental health patients?
  10. What is cognitive behavioural therapy for psychiatric patients?
  11. Why it is crucial to aware people of psychological education?

So, that was it with this section, you must have chosen the best nursing research topic with the help of the above list. The list has been curated by handpicking the best appropriate titles by our experts. However, if you want further assistance from our professionals, read the next section on how you can get assistance for your assignments you can seek civil engineering assignment help if you find issues with that.

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