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    Students enrolled in different degree courses in criminology often look for online criminology assignment writing services as they constantly struggle with their college papers. We, at Assignment Desk, come to the rescue of such scholars by providing them the best criminology assignment help at a reasonable price. Be it any reason, such as lack of time, knowledge, writing skills, reliable resources, etc., if your pending academic write-ups are giving you stress, then take online assignment help from our criminology experts. With us at your service, you can be assured of receiving applauds from your professor and scoring the highest grades in your class. Go ahead and take advantage of our criminology assignment writing service.

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    A Brief Guide to Criminology

    Criminology is the combination of two words, Latin term crimen which refers to ‘accusation' and the transliterated Greek logia which means ‘the study of.' Therefore, criminology implies the study of the crimes or criminal behavior. Our online criminology assignment helpers explain that it is a discipline of sociology and has been studied for thousands of years in some way or other. However, irrespective of its long history, this subject has been recognized as the branch of science recently.

    Best Criminology Assignment Writing

    According to our writers who provide criminology assignment help, criminology students garner scientific knowledge regarding management, nature, control, extent, causes, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior, be it at an individual or social level. This branch of the study also explains why criminals behave in a particular and different way as compared to other ordinary men and all the probable reasons behind their antisocial activities.

    Importance of Criminology for Students

    In recent times, criminology has become one of the most sought-after subjects amongst the college-goers. The reason is the increasing significance of criminologists in a society. They devote their day and night to mastering the concepts and theories of this subject. However, the one thing that acts as a stumbling block in their path to success is their criminology assignment writing tasks. If you are also stressed because of your pending academic papers, then need not worry as criminology experts are here at your service. You simply focus on your learning and leave all the writing woes to us. Look at some of the advantages that criminology provides you with:

    • You get the opportunity to contribute towards a better society by understanding the reasons that cause individuals to commit crimes. Moreover, you protect the nation against them, improve them through rehabilitation and help the victims of various crimes.
    • If you are a student with a curious mind, then criminology is the ideal intellectually stimulating field for you. Our online criminology assignment experts explain that in this branch you can come up with your theories or ideas. Thereafter, you can research them to develop nation through your teachings, publications, and communication with several community groups to cut down on criminal activity.
    • The best part of working in this field as highlighted by our online criminology assignment help providers is that it is not a regular 9 to 5 office job. If you are the one who cannot do a monotonous job and enjoy challenges, then opt for this branch. You will come across new experiences and situations every day to deal with.
    • Of course, the most important benefit to study criminology is the control and elimination of crime, be it directly and indirectly. When you discover the causes of the malady, the cure becomes easy.
    • Last, you can have flexible career options after completing your degree in criminology. There are endless choices available to you whether in a government office or law enforcement agency. Some of the professional aspects of criminology are criminologist, probation officer, criminal lawyer, forensic scientist, criminal investigator/detective, etc.

    To find a dream job, you need to score high throughout your college because recruiters prefer students with impressive scorecard during campus placements. However, even an average-written criminology assignment can influence your grades adversely. So, do not take risk with your career and avail criminology assignment writing service from our criminologist-cum-academic writers. With their experience and knowledge, you are assured to receive a paper that will be ranked second to none.

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    Schools of Criminology Explained by Our Assignment Helpers

    One of the biggest questions in criminology is ‘why people commit crime?' Many professionals and experienced criminologists have tried and attempted to find the causation of criminal behavior and crimes. This has lead to the discovery of various schools of thoughts within the branch of criminology. Each of them looking at the different aspects that are involved in this deviant approach and suggesting appropriate punishment. Our writers who provide criminology assignment help to students have described each of them in simple terms. Read on:

    Classical School

    Cesare de Beccaria, the pioneer of modern criminology, founded the classical school of criminology. He emphasized the free will of the people and argued that rationality and intelligence are the two primary attributes of human beings. Therefore, their behavior must be explained on the basis of these characteristics. He gave four basic ideas:

    • People are free to make their decisions and act according to their will.
    • Individuals have 'hedonist' approach where they prefer seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Also, they have 'rational calculators' where they compare the cost and benefit before taking any action.
    • Punishment can deter crime, and the extent and severity of the sentence must be proportional to the crime.
    • The deterrent of the crime depends on the swiftness and certainty of the punishment.

    Positivist School

    This school of thought opposes the above-explained classical school of criminology. Our criminology assignment help service providers say that each person is different and their understanding between right and wrong may vary. There are many external and internal factors that are beyond the control of any human being, such as psychological, biological, environmental, and social. Cesare Lombroso, best-known proponents of positivist thought, studied the physiological features of criminals which include shape of their skulls, height of their cheekbones, etc., and suggested that biological traits may precondition people to tend toward criminal behavior. It believes that the study of crime must involve the environment in which it has occurred.

    Neo-Classicist School

    Neo-classicism school of thought opined that free will is important but can be constrained by environmental and physical factors. There were some revisions that accounted for the issues of classicism:

    • Allowing for mitigating circumstance after looking at different scenarios in which the criminal had been placed.
    • A court needs to consider an offender's life circumstances and criminal history while making any decision about his sentence.
    • Factors, such as incompetence, insanity, pathology, and impulsive behavior must be taken into account. Moreover, children and the mentally ill are not much capable of exercising their reason.

    If any of the above-mentioned schools of thoughts within criminology is difficult for you to comprehend, then do not waste a minute to take our criminology assignment writing help & service. Be it any citation or formatting style, our academic writers are proficient at each of them. Trust their writing skills once, and you will not regret your decision.

    Types of Crimes Covered Under Criminology

    Pursuing a degree course in criminology is not as easy as falling off a log as students have to deal with various tasks simultaneously, such as attending lectures, reviewing notes, preparing for exams, doing part-time job or internship, etc. Amidst so much to handle, preparing top-notch criminology assignments on time adds to the already hectic or tiresome life of the scholars. Academic writing task gets more difficult when they have to explain tricky topics and concepts in detail while still being in the learning process. Hence, criminology assignment help service is their last resort. To help you understand the criminology subject more, our writers have briefly described various crimes that are studied by the subject students:

    Violent Crime

    These are the crimes that plague the nation and are of the major concern of society. It includes rape, aggravated assault, robbery, and murder. This is one of the most frequently covered topics of our criminology assignment writing service.

    White Collar/Corporate Crime

    Our online criminology assignment helpers state that these types of crimes are more severe and harmful than street crimes in terms of physical injury and economic loss. When a person with high social status and respectability commits an offence in the course of his occupation, it is regarded as the white-collar crime. It is an illegal act that is committed by nonphysical means with concealment or guile with the motive to obtain money/property, or for business or personal advantage.

    Organized Crime

    These are the illegal practices carried out by organized groups whose primary purpose is to commit such crimes. They specialize in drug operations, gambling, prostitution and other correlated illegal activities like money laundering and racketeering.

    Victimless Crime

    Also known as consensual crime, these are the illicit behaviors in which no person or party sees themselves as a victim. However, the society is harmed by these prohibited deeds, such as prostitution, illegal gambling, pornography and drug use.

    Property Crime

    This category often makes students of criminology confused. Hence, they prefer seeking online criminology assignment help from our experts. The motive of a property crime is to obtain property, money, or other benefits and may involve the threat of force or force like in robbery or extortion. As these offences are committed to enriching the perpetrator, they are known as property crimes. Some of the examples are motor vehicle theft, burglary, theft, shoplifting, arson, larceny, and vandalism.

    We understand that it is not a walk in the park to get a strong command of these aforementioned crimes overnight. You need to study day in and day out to master the subject. Therefore, you concentrate on your learning and let us deal with your criminology assignment writing tasks. Hire us now to seek our help with your criminology assignment and see what wonders we can do for your grades.

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    Topics That We Offer Criminology Assignment Writing Service On

    The writers of Assignment Desk who offer the best criminology assignment help to the students based in the UK are no ordinary people. They are the professionals with the highest degree credentials and years of experience in this field. Their knowledge and academic writing skills are what students vouch for. Till now, they have delivered hundreds of criminology assignments on different topics to the scholars of Manchester, Chelmsford, London, Winchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, etc. Here are some of the topics that they have written A grade criminology assignments on:

    Evaluation of criminal justice agencies Punishment, Incarceration, and Rehabilitation Deterrence and Rational Choice Theory
    Juvenile delinquency Critical Criminology Crime Prediction and Prevention
    Domestic violence Criminal Psychology Deviant Behavior
    Sociology of law Cultural Transmission Theory Forensic psychology
    Criminal justice systems Convict Criminology Law Enforcement
    Crime statistics Crime mapping Penology

    The list is not over yet. There are many other subject matters that we have provided criminology assignment writing assistance on. If there is any topic that bothers you, then get in touch with our team to ask for criminology assignment writing help.

    Why Choose Us Over Our Peers?

    Despite numerous online criminology assignment writing service providers, students refer us as the most credible and trustworthy among others. The credit goes to our writers and ever supportive team members who are always ready to assist students with all their academic writing issues, be it any time of the day and night. Once we take responsibility for completing your criminology assignment on time without compromising the quality, we never budge an inch from our promise. Here are some other features that prove our competency as the best criminology assignment helpers:

    • Round-the-clock support team to help you with all your academic writing issues.
    • Plagiarism-free content along with an attached Plagiarism report.
    • Stringent privacy policy to secure your personal details.
    • Competitive pricing structure specially designed for the students with a shoestring budget.
    • Assign yourself a writer from the pool of Ph.D. certified experts.
    • Delivery of your order even before the given deadline.
    • Get you criminology assignment reviewed multiple times without paying an extra penny.
    • Ask for a refund, in case you are not satisfied with our criminology assignment help service.

    Now that you have got the idea about what makes us stand apart from our peers, do not waste a minute to think twice. Call, live chat or email us for further inquiries and avail exciting offers and discounts along with our criminology assignment writing service. To get yourself registered with us, follow these steps:

    • Fill in the order now form and mention your details, such as name, country, email id, contact number, etc.
    • Specify your requirements which include topic, word count, type of content, citation style.
    • Finally, pay the nominal amount via available payment gateway.

    Done! All you got to do is relax and wait for your exceptional criminology assignment to be delivered to your doorstep within the mentioned time.

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