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1. Main Features of a Successful System of IPRP.

The IPRP stand for individual performance Pay, even though according to the CIPD, Performance related pay is such which generally helps in handling and managing the measurement of performance with the pre-agreed objective in a better manner. PRP is considered as the reward linked with the achievement of objectives in right contrast too.

Hence, various indicators are there for assessing the amount of the individual performance-related pay and thus on the basis of their work and performing criteria the reward is settled (Allen and et. al., 2011). Moreover, the performance Indicator is a measurable value which demonstrates in an effective manner a company achieves business objectives in the right context too. Generally, there are some implications for the company and some of those are as:

Increase in profit: PRP is that concept which usually leads to developing the performance of the organization and it is like which helps to attain the firm goals and objectives in a better manner thus increase in profit is also noticed in the right context.

Needs to manage the Conflict: Even the PRP is a concept which creates a chance of conflict and thus it is required to manage such because this can also develop hurdles for the company in earning profit and not be able to achieve their target in the right context too.

Increase employee competition: Having PRP in conflict is such that help also increases the competition in business which somewhere also makes them earn higher income and profit as well.

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2. Benefits and Drawbacks of Host Country with Culture Shock.

Host country nationals to resources are such which has to be ascertained by them in a better manner and thus it has to be maintained in an effective way too (Armstrong and Taylor,  2014). Moreover, there are various benefits and drawbacks of host country resources as follows:


  • When a company expand their business then there is a benefit that employees can be hired at lower packages.
  • Expanding business to other countries also brings employment opportunities for people.
  • The company can earn higher income and profit as well because the people of their country how to sell the products and services and how to treat the population too.
  • Moreover, young blood can be hired and proper work can also be there in the organization.
  • If a positive response is found in another country then they can also think about expanding their business in various other countries in the right format.
  • Before going across the boundaries they conduct research which helps in collecting useful information in the right context as well.
  • This can also help in having an exchange of money.


  • Various country is having different political and legal structures which need to be followed by organization.
  • Cross-culture is such that it affects the company's performance in a great manner.
  • They will follow their own structure of working and not follow the real one in the right context too.

Culture shock:

Culture Shock is such which refers to the feeling of confusion and uncertainty which is experienced when people come and meet out with a new culture this is somewhere vastly different from their own culture too (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Generally, this can be noticed in the people of immigrants and foreign students too.

Some of the things which help to minimise culture shock:

  • Do not think about home or something.
  • Get active and stay in touch.
  • Travel and don't be shy.

3. Training and development.

Training and development are that which help to learn new skills, knowledge and abilities to perform the work in a better manner and it also directly helps organizations increase their productivity.

Even though they make proper strategies and decisions related to human resource management and provide them with training and development so that they can perform even better way what earlier they were performing too (Carter and Liane Easton, 2011). HRM is considered the pillar of any industry, hence the company chooses the accurate technique and tools which can help them to provide training and development. Some of those are as:

  • E-learning
  • Coaching
  • On-the-job training
  • Off-the-job training
  • Job Rotation.

These are some of the methods of providing training to their employees, when the business expands in other countries then it is required to provide instruction and development programs so that skills and how to handle different situations can be learned to them. Even though organizations do research to know which method can help the employee increase their performance in the right context and thus such things help an entity to attain its goals and objectives in the right direction too (Davis and Adam Cobb, 2010). Moreover, there are some steps of organising the training and development program in the firm which has to be followed in a proper way.

4. Barriers That Prevent Human Resource Strategies.

There are various barriers which are related to the human resource strategies implementation which create problems in having proper working in the right context. Normally those barriers create hurdles in between the working of the organization and although need to be overcome in a better manner so that human resource strategies can be implemented in a better manner as well (Ernst Kossek, Lewis and Hammer, 2010). Several barriers are as follows:

  • Resistance to change
  • Ineffective leadership
  • Lack of such resources as time and commitment.

Moreover, there are various things which do help in providing solutions to the barrier in a great manner and thus it is like as:

  • Resistance to change: Even though motivating the employees in a great manner can help them to have a better structure of work, this is that which manipulates the employees to adapt to the changes in the right context which does help in increasing the performances of employees in a great manner and make them to attain their goals and objectives too.
  • Ineffective leadership: Moreover, it is required by top executives to motivate the leaders in a better manner so that they can lead their employees in the right context and the right direction of working can also be seen as well. Effective leadership does help in attaining goals and objectives in the right context too.
  • Time and commitment: Moreover, it is required to have time management and commitment towards their work and thus lead to proper working with commitment and time in the right context (Glover and et. al., 2011). Moreover having this concept in the right format can help in attaining the implementation of strategy in a perfect way too.

5. Diversity, Equality and Ethics.

Managers and management of the company do find difficulty in implementing diversity at the workplace and thus it is something which is creating hurdles in having proper working too. In an organization, various kinds of people are there who have various cultures and they do have different kinds of working styles thus it creates hurdles for them and becomes a complex situation to bring equality in the team.

Moreover, there are various solutions to such problems but the best prevention measure is to create a team of different people which will make them perform as one and will perform for the organizational context even though they will also be able to complete their work before time. This is such which can reduce the chances of not having a better working. Equality can also be brought into the organization and thus they can be brought with the team allotment even though the work in the team also help in completing the task and activity on time and even in a perfect way (Halbesleben, 2010). Ethics are those which need to be followed by the employees of the company which help the organization to attain higher profit and the accomplishment of goals and objectives is also there.

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6. Employee absence and Attendance management.

It is required by the company to have less employee turnover and needs to find out why there is more turnover of employees and after identification of reason, a proper solution is required to be provided to them so that effective working can also be seen as well. A proper structure of attendance and absence management helps the company to identify what actually happening in the industry and to provide the right format.

Employee absence creates hurdles in the working of the company and also brings various company ethics which the company also follow and completes their work in a better manner. Even though it is required to make a proper policy and procedure which has to be followed by the employees in a great manner it is like which does help in having a great working too (Hobfoll, 2011). Various methods are there which can help them to gather information related to the attendance of employees and can know how much human resource is absent and how much work has been affected. Normally every company in this world also work hard to bring effectiveness to the organization. Retention of employees can be done by motivating them to understand their requirements in the right context and also by providing them with performance appraisal in the right manner. These all things are those which do help in having a great working in the organization even though they are able to attain their goals and objectives too.


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