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E-commerce is a growing trend in today's world or business environment that helps an organisation to promote its business as well as deliver high quality services and products to its customers. The present report is in context to E-commerce strategies used by Lion cricket ground to increase its productivity and profitability. The assignment will identify how e-commerce technology support a business or company in enhancing efficiency in organisational functions or activities. This report will also identify expectations of internet customers along with the impact of common application on cited organisation (Valarezo Unda,  2017). There are various security measures which needs to be considered when planning and implementing e-commerce solutions, these measures will be determined in this report. Furthermore, the assignment will identify and plan an effective e-commerce strategy in order to improve its services such as ticket booking and developing  website. Moreover,  web designer to understand what are products and services delivered by the organization in order to build an effective website. 


1.1 Expatiation of internet customer

Online customer retention has attracted considerable attraction in recent years, because it serves a means of gaining a number of customers in the market place. In addition, the customer is satisfied with the help of particular internet source. The internet is fulfil needs of each and every customer in the market place. The cyberspace serves its consumer various intentions thus the assorted client expectations. There are some common desire for particular consumer are as follows :-

  • Security :- In this context, every customer need to have some security at the time when they are to be using the internet form them to be fully comfortable. It is one of the most important parts to provide complete security related to private data, protract form social networking sites(Turban, 2018). On the other hand, the consumer is needed a framework that is helping to keep them for any kind of harmful factor like internet scamming. This is the only factor, which is the most important part for a customer to protect them.
  • Protraction :- It has helped to protract form clobber in internet sources. This is helping to improve customer expectation and increase awareness about each and every factor. They are bonded and insurable that customer personal information is not for publicly out. It is most important part for improve protraction level for every consumer. The organisation is focus for each customer and personal data is secured in organisation.
  • Safe online booking :- Nowadays, each consumer is purchasing ticket through online services for an example cricket tickets etc. In this way, security will help to protect data form internet sources (Gu, 2017). It is easy to find, what is needed for booking process in order to make process faster in a recent time period. On the other hand, providing account number and other details is important to book any ticket from internet sources. At this time, providing complete safety and protracting data is useful as well as important. This will guide them for losing the site information and increase number of customer. They anticipate to find sites which will give them the correct sufficient message as possible. They also evaluate to find sites that will not to information or hacker them. In the same way, proper safety is helpful for every consumer in internet zone.

All such factor is help and protract number a number of consumer form internet. It will help for long period and improve knowledge about each and every aspect to be used in security services. In today's world internet source is most important part or social media is give big impact on each and every customer (Collins, 2018). In the area of e-commerce, the expatiation level of consumer is not only the higher the technology aspect but also security services for protract them. There is all about the expectation level of client for internet source. Organisation is to be focus on level of different kind start a new service with the help of internet.

1.2 Potential impact of common applications on an e-commerce business

            Planning is one of the most important parts for new services are to be introduced in market share. There is proper strategy is used to change some privacy system. There are many elements are used to expand the plan, which is helping to improve future carrying into action. The level of communication with the customer is helping to implementation of the internet business website (Turban,  2018). To be insure the success for the business and increase the level of competition. With the help of a business website is improved number of customers and improve online traffic. There are proper research and other techniques is to be used to improve level of client and increase and research work will help to solve any problem. Some other factor was used at the time of application for an e-commerce business used in the organisation.

  • Search a new market :- In this context, organisation is to be focus on new market with a particular goal and some techniques as well. New market is based on number of customer and how many consumer used it. This is most important part is without the implementation of market no use of business. The strategies are set as per the location or market. Strategies is used in market, so market has been selected for short period.
  • Physical presence :- Equal though many mercantile establishment will buy belongings online, most of them prefer to know there is a physical locating they can get together in case of any difficulty. Therefore, it is very important to ensure there is a physical location where the client can visit physically (Gregory, 2017). This will assistance in accelerative the faithfulness of the consumer of Lions Cricket ground There are something will be change for the long period and improve productivity and profit will be based on it. To be create some database for record each and every customer transaction and improve productivity and profit will be managed. This is give some extra benefit for overall organisation and improve current market level.
  • Design a good buying process ;- In this stage, buying process is help to encourage buyer to purchase it. In same way, easy process is help to every consumer for collect new cricket ticket. This is make in appealing for purchase online and improve new technology in market. This kind of process system is help for quick link to be ensure for speed and efficiency. This is the only way to improve more and more number of customer and increase different market sector for short time period. With the help of market research is find that use good software who are easy to learn for every consumer (Escobar-Rodríguez, 2017). A lot of software is running in market, so there is no problem to select the best one and change the ratio level of user. To do the big research on the price, stock management, security system and return polices. Price is the only factor which has helped to increase and decrease of the number of customers in the current market. The best price is given negative impact on competitive market position and ensure success of business position.

All such process because of Lions Cricket ground ticket booking system is improved in current market sector. To book ticket online or traffic must be improved for the long period.  To be create some information for number each and every customer dealing and better productivity and net income will be managed. This is give some excess benefit for overall organisation and improve current marketplace. There is good user relation is give guarantee success in any market.  Therefore, only two important factors is price and software to be used with the help of research work. Once price or software is set, there are no changes is made for anyone in online market. So work is to be decide the overall market and manage work as per the need of current level of business environment. This will assistance to ensure that the best playing of legal document and stock administration are used, the best monetary value are used which intention give the enterprise a competitor advantage against its challenger which will assistance to ensure prosperity of the business organization.


2.1 Planning an e-commerce strategy

In the present world technology is growing with rapidly with increase in internet users, this influence each and every organization to make effective use of online technologies and internet in their business functions such as marketing, promotion, sales etc. The Lions cricket ground also needs to utilize e-commerce tools and technologies for improving their business performance and productivity. In order to promote and grow the business the cricket ground needs customer attraction as well as wider reach to people. Therefore, most e-commerce tool can be used by the organisation known a website. Website is a very effective tool that can assist any business in using online platform for marketing, promoting, presenting and reaching to a wide range of customers in a global market(Awa and, 2015).There are various steps of planning an e-commerce website which can be described as below -

  • Research and strategy – The first step of planing or developing a website is to understand needs of potential customers and organization. Lion cricket ground should identify its products and services which can be offered to the customer and communicate therm to the web development company. It is necessary for the web designer to understand what are products and services delivered by the organization in order to build an effective website. This step also involves analysis of cost related to development of website and its maintenance(Turban and, 2015).
  • Planning – This step focus on identify and deciding the limit of information or details people should have about organization's services or products. For example – Lion cricket ground can provide information about the price of tickets, size of the ground as well as they can hide information such as cost of booking it or price of tickets. Therefore, planning of content, search and landing pages is very important for developing a website. The website should be planned with a major objective of targeting market and potential customer(Galliers and, 2014).
  • Design – It is a visual representation of the company's website, Lion cricket ground also needs to plan a design of their website which can attract maximum number of internet users. The design of a website should be attractive in terms of colors, font style, user interface and should consist useful information related to the services and product of the company. The website must be easy to surf and understandable so that people can get attracted towards it and number of website visitors can enhance. The design of website plays an important role in presenting information related to a business. Its products and services, a good website can help in growing an organisation by attracting people at a global level.
  • Construction – It is a main element behind an effective and reliable e-commerce website, consisting server-side and customer application such as back and front end programming. The construction also includes integration of third party tool, quality assurance testing and other components that can help to make Lion cricket ground's website scalable as it grows continuously(Turban and, 2017).
  • Launch and Migration – The last step includes moving website from a development server towards a live launch. This step consist revision of developed website in order to identify weak areas or areas which can be developed. It is essential to ensure that the brand organization's message is conveyed effectively through the website. Once the website is launched organization needs to develop a team to handle and maintain it as well as perform online operation such as customer services, collecting feedback etc.

Lion cricket club can use website or online portal in various ways, a detailed information related to the ground can be presented to the internet users in an attractive form. The information can include various elements such as size of the cricket ground, pictures of the cricket ground and seating area, prices of tickets, events information etc. All this information can be presented to a wide range of audience effectively and in a short span of time.

Website can also help Lion cricket ground to promote itself by offering discount on tickets is purchased online which can increase online visitors leading to enhanced popularity. A website can also play an important role in generating profitability as various kind of ads can be displayed on a company's websites if its visitors are more. Hence, website development can help Lion cricket ground to expand its customers reach locally and globally with increase in popularity. Nowadays, internet has become an important need for each and every individual due to development on technology such as smart-phones. Internet users are increasing day by day with a high rate developing an opportunity for the organizations and businesses for reaching to potential customers efficiently and effectively(Qin and, 2014). The designing of internet site plays an essential role in existing info related to a business. Its commodity and employ, a good website can assist in growing an organisation by pull people at a worldwide level.  Lion cricket ground should determine its commodity and employ which can be offering to the client and communicate therm to the physical object change of state constitution.


3.1 Risk of linking the business system

Organisation is to be focus on both positive and negative aspect of business in percent time period. This is help to for some future condition to manage work or improve condition of internal as well as external working environment (Goolsbee, 2018). There  are different type of risk is to be link with Lions Cricket ground. There are some modification is to be made some improvement in current market rate. In addition, the consumer is aware of the risk and reduce the level of the usages of the internet.

            Some changes are based on the research work or manage employees as well as work. There is whatever modification will be made for some future improvement and reduce the level of risk or increase profitability day by day. There is different kind of risk are directly link with  Lions Cricket ground organisation are as follows :-

  • Hackers :- In this context, to be focus on some person who is hack anyone personal account and leak information very easily. This is to be give negative impact of customer and image will be down in online market (Fatima, 2017). There are give unsupportive impinging well be reduce with the help of cyber security. The people to cut down the overall computer system collect some information or use in the wrong way. Lions Cricket ground organisation is to be focus on each and every step before use any new step and software will be changed for booking ticket and all. 
  • Cracker :- In this type of person is collect all such type of data with bad intension in market. This is more harmful than, Hackers in online market. To be give some negative impact on current securities' industry (). The people who are belonged to the internet. They do work in unlawful manner. All such kind of activity is help to reduce the level of unethical work. There are some community is support for such kind of activity in corporate world. In the same way, unequal hackers whose motivating may be professed or community improvement, the psychological feature of crackers is in general to cause mischief, make harm or to pursue banned action, such as information larceny through online. On the other hand, only way to remove the level of customer in To stop such kind of activity is use some legal facts and law to promote and improvement in changes. This is main aspect of each and every factor for organisation in future development and growth rate.
  • Script kiddies :- In this context, all such time is try to provide access and damage the overall system. With the help of research work and find that other organisation is try to reduce the level of competitor organisation (Turban, 2015). They have no knowledge about the any hacking system and all., but they downloader the software and damage other organisation customer link. On the other side, legal document social control government because they are by and large unskilled single with a lot of instances on their hands who wreak havoc, usually in order to impressment their individual.

All such kind of factor is to be inculcated in risk factor or improve the condition of online market. Online market is depended on number of customer is used and protect form Hackers, Cracker, Script kiddies etc. In this context is to be focus on legal factor is help to remove such kind of barrier in online business. This is to be decrease the performance of business and remove any mistake form assertion to sell any corking but they are non and may can group.

3.2 Importance of intellectual properties

This is one of the most important parts to protract the any such kind of factor, which is useful for long periods. There are different techniques must be used to protract such kind of activity and indefinite quantity number of customers in the market place (Awa, 2015). In this way, lack of protraction is give the negative consequence and damage data and other activity. To be change or do something new is focal point on increase profitability and business activity in regular business social group. The organisation is to be protract the data of each customer form different sources are as follows :-

  • Theft ;- In this way, protract form the intellectual property and improve the current securities' industry share. This is to be focus on some changes is made as per the need of general market and change share volume of organisation. There are many another ways which the geographical area of the institution can be taken and may also be retroflex and thus the need for activity of the belongings. The customer is not safe with data and loss there data form the internet source.
  • Loss of customer :- There are loss of customer is big negative impact on overall business organisation. In this way, lack of proaction is direct impact on each and every consumer in assorted market or reduce the profit rate of overall market. Research work is find out that protract the business growth (Galliers, 2014). Misplace marketplace share early on in a drudging improvement can be devastating and time intense if trying to chase up the at fault party without any judicial protective cover. It’s crucial to retrieve that no one other will check to see if your intelligence geographical area has been periphery; it’s obligation to guarantee that no one else is exploitation plus. There are some changes will be made to improve current market level if the law is to be used in regular activity.
  • Loss of income :-In this context, income level if reduce and give the negative impact on overall business of the organisation (Turban, 2017). This is give major loss form customer side, because of reduce the level of goodwill in market is direct impact on profits and securities industry share. All such factor will be depend on loss of income and reduce net income rate or activity share. Almost all commercial enterprise have without doubt public presentation from the cyberspace, where commodity, employment and commerce discipline can reach vast audiences at comparatively low costs - but this has also increased the chances of intellectual property theft. Institution of all sizes are at risk of rich person their unequalised ideas, commodity or services periphery upon, even if they are on the different side of the global, making intelligence property protective covering more essential than of all time (Qin,  2014). Research work is find that income level is increase is good for organisation, but decrease in income level is reduced the productivity and profit of the arrangement.
  • Different law in different countries :- In this context, different law must be used in different countries and impact on profit or productive as per the need of profitability and customer. With the help of law is find out that better to just protract each and every item and improve the current market share. This is assistance to manage work or remove any competition in activity. This is the assets the establishment will be experience loss and better profit rate. The Concern & IP Centre has a definite quantity of business organisation psychological feature and services that can assistance you find out which country of your enterprise you demand to defend, and how to go active it. This is the only way to protract them in good way.

3.3 Securities measure to protract e-commerce

There are some factor is help to protract the number of e-commerce system and improve productivity or for future betterment in governance (Shen,  2017). The main aim is increase market share or productiveness and profit will be change for long period. There are some different kinds of factor is help to protract them in overall working environment.

  • Keep the data safe ;- In this stage, Data that flows betwixt a company’s vane waiter and the custom-made website should have encoding to avoid listen in or a phishing attack. A barred SSL site seal on a internet site is a sign of an authenticated computing machine. Presently many corporates and search centrifugal have started to follow an certificate on their data processor for their custom-made insecurity. It assists to lessen unsound purchases and support financial message secure over the site.
  • Do not to be store the confidential data :- In this stage is to be focus on do not to be store the confidential data in personal or office computer. It is help to improve productivity and data will be safe for long period (Fung, 2017). There are official documentation or future planning is safe form the site and reduce the different level must be used for increase profit. This is full cyber security is handle such kind of data is reinforced new technology and other factor must be better in current market.
  • System alert :- In this context, system alert is help for any misuse or damage in future time period in overall market (Wang, 2017). This is to be help at the time of online transaction is to be run for improve current as well as some changes in antithetical time period. This is useful at the time a customer is book ticket and give there all general details in work place. Therefore, always check the each and every elements must be used in organisation. This is help to protract something new method is to be used in organisation.
  • Launching of firewalls: Driving force should be used if one usage the computer network often since the net poses galore risks. Firewalls will aid to sieve the message and thence assistance to defend the database of a company (Wang, 2017). It faculty assist to defend the company against worms and representation, removed command carrying out, Route thwarter exposure, probes, outlook servers, SQL solution etc. It is software and improve the current market share to provide some safety as well as the external market of overall capital factor.
  • Digital signature :- It is kind of technology is to be sued in overall market share. Innovation is always helped top provide some safety and insecurity is remove overall work place. This is help to define the each and other factor is clear base or improve customer relationship management.

3.4 Evolute the e-commerces

There to be focus on the increase in demand of online marketing or business. To be use all such kind of activity is to be used in internal as well external working environment. There are some improvement in overall market activity is help to provide or improve customer relationship management (Valarezo Unda,  2017). On the other hand, to be focus on link with other project department and increase productivity and profit will be change for some future time.

            To make sure that a site is very attractive and prospering, there is exaggerated links with third party e commerce site providers whose character is to guarantee the well being of the e-commerce site (Turban,  2018). This has helped to ensure that the situation is more successful and has more made-to-order and thus the implementation of the e-commerce strategy of Company. There are some changes is to be made for the long period. Some changes will be made for improve the current as well as future market problem and decrease the productivity and profit will be manage for it.

            Connexion with other web based business webpage suppliers: To ensure that a website is exceptionally appealing and effective, there is distended connections with foreigner web based business concern webpage provider whose part is to warrant the financial condition of the internet concern internet site. This has bonded that the site is more fruitful and has more clients and in this manner the execution of the online business enterprise methodological analysis of Lions cricket ground Fellowship. The evolution of 'mother and pop' impact has been the alteration of pop and mother impact since it has distended potency and performance of the web based commercial enterprise locales (Gu, 2017). It has been fused with the internet business procedure since it has helped in the accomplishment of the network based business enterprise method designate of expanding activity and assurance client chariness.

            Nowadays there is more angle to utilize the cell phones since there has been an ascent in the quantity of advanced mobile linguistic unit clients. Web based business enterprise has in this way been accumulation such that versatile clients can get to it with their telecommunication. This has experiential the utilization of use and property of the sort. This has aid in the achievement of the net business method since it has dilated the act of web based business clients and this has assistance the commercial enterprise to develop. There are other background methodological analysis that have been utilized today separated from the basic advertising approaches to get the feeling of purchasers.

             This incorporates courses, for illustration, following up a client who has point feeling for an item or pop ups in the Document of related items to boost the item. This has been utilized as a part of the use of the web based business competence since it has prompted more happening since more clients will be occupied with the item as it is a fewer effective advertising plan of action (Collins,  2018). This is to be focus on some promoting activity is to be used in future development and increase the current. To be provide the training of each and every employees about the securities to be used in internal as well as external work place. This is to be help for improving the current market of the organisation. In this report use different methods, privacy solution and other factor  to be used for some culture alteration in help to improve organisation new online market.


Form the above report is focus on E-commerce strategies used by Lion cricket ground to increase its productivity and profitability. The assignment will identify how e-commerce technology support a business or company in enhancing efficiency in organisational functions or activities. This report will also identify expectations of internet customers along with the impact of common application on cited organisation. As per the above report is focus on Lions cricket ground also needs to utilize e-commerce tools and technologies for improving their business performance and productivity. In order to promote and grow the business the cricket ground needs customer attraction as well as wider reach to people. Therefore, most e-commerce tool can be used by the organisation known a website. As per the above report is focus on Research work is find out that protract the business growth. Misplace marketplace share early on in a drudging improvement can be devastating and time intense if trying to chase up the at fault party without any judicial protective cover. Form the above report is focus on hack anyone personal account and leak information very easily.  This is to be give negative impact of customer and image will be down in online market. There are give unsupportive impinging well be reduce with the help of cyber security.



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