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1. Main features of successful system of IPRP.

The IPRP stand for the individual performance Related Pay, even though according to the CIPD, Performance related pay is such which generally help in handling and managing measuring of performance with the pre-agreed objective in better manner. PRP is considered as the reward linked with achievement of objectives in right contrast too.

            Hence, various indicators are there for assessing the amount of the individual performance related pay and thus on the basis of their work and performing criteria the reward is settled (Allen and et. al., 2011). Moreover, the performance Indicator is measurable values which demonstrates in effective manner a company does achieve business objectives in right context too. Generally there are some implications on the company and some of those are as:

            Increase in profit: PRP is that concept which usually leads to develop the performance of organization and it is be like which help to attain the firm goals and objectives in better manner and thus increase in profit is also noticed in right context too.

            Needs to manage the Conflict: Even the PRP is that concept which create an chances of conflict and thus it is required to manage such as because this can also develop hurdle for the company in earning profit and not be able to achieve their target in right context too.

            Increase employee competition: Having PRP in conflict is such which help also increases the competition in business which somewhere also make them to earn higher income and profit as well.

2. Benefits and Drawbacks of host country with culture shock.

Host country nationals to resources are such which has to be ascertained by them in better manner and thus it has to be maintained in effective way too (Armstrong and Taylor,  2014). Moreover there are various benefits and drawbacks of host country resources are as follows:


  • When a company expand their business then there is a benefit that employees can be hired at lower packages.
  • Expanding business to other country also bring employment opportunity for people.
  • Company can earn higher income and profit as well because the people of their country how to sell the product and services and how to treat with the population too.
  • Moreover, young blood can be hired and proper working can also be there in organization.
  • If positive response is found in another country then they can also think to expand their business in various other countries too in right format.
  • Before going across the boundaries they do conduct research which help in collecting useful information in right context as well.
  • This can also help in having a exchange of money.


  • Various country is having different political and legal structure which need to be followed by organization.
  • Cross-Culture is such which affect the company performance in great manner.
  • They will follow their own structure of working and not be following real one in right context too.

Culture shock:

            Culture Shock is such which refer to the feeling of confusion and uncertainty which is experienced when people come and meet out with new culture and this is somewhere vastly different from the own culture too (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Generally this can be noticed in the people of immigrants and foreign students too.

            Some of the thing which help to minimise culture shock:

  • Do not think about home or something.
  • Get active and stay in touch.
  • Travel and don't be shy.

3. Training and development.

Training and development is that which help to learn new skills, knowledge and abilities to perform the working in better manner and it also directly make organization to have increase in their productivity too.

            Even though they make an proper strategies and decision related to human resource management and provide them training and development so that they can perform even in better way what earlier they were performing too (Carter and Liane Easton, 2011). HRM is considered as the pillar of any industry, hence the company do choose the accurate technique and tools which can help them to provide training and development. Some of tho