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Web application is a client-server program which is stored on the remote server and transmitted over the Internet through a browser interface. It is necessary for organization to manage its web based software which helps to handle its business activities (Harley and, 2013). ABC is Fashion Corporation which sells various types of clothes for men, Women and children in United Kingdom. The present report evaluates advantages and disadvantage of web based applications. It describes of web based security issues and its recommendations for corporation. Further, it designs web based application to meet out the given requirement of ABC organization. In addition to this, it also represents implementation of web programmes into the server. It introduces various type of testing to test web application which helps to validate and verify the website.

Task 1

1.1 Critically evaluating the functions and advantages of web applications

As per Sudhendra, Ranganath and Nandan (2016), Generally, Web based application run through web browser like internet explorer as well as Google chrome etc. In addition to this, main function of web pages is interacting with users through requesting and responding with the help of internet (Sudhendra, Ranganath and Nandan, 2016). According to Hill, Cronk and Wickramasekera (2013), Web based application contribute effective role for organization to reduce its business cost which provide huge reliability to manage its business operations (Hill, Cronk and Wickramasekera, 2013). On the other side, sometimes, web based application create problem to access data due to lack of internet speed and limitations of server (Januszewski and Molenda, 2013). As per Brent (2013), it provides better opportunity to store all data on the centralize server which gives effective data safety to ABC (Brent, 2013). According to Ghimire, and Pimbert (2013), reduced speed of client-server model creates problems to visit website of company and it generate issues to open the web pages. In addition to this, it effects the performance and efficiency of ABC Corporation” (Ghimire, and Pimbert, 2013). As per Wasson (2015), it provides effective compatibility to run application on various type of platform like Windows, Linux and Mac. This process gives effective flexibility to management of firm to manage its online operations (Wasson, 2015). On the contrary note, web based application does not support all web browsers which create problems for many users to access different data.

1.2 Critically comparing different types of server-side and client-side scripting languages

Comparison of client side and server-side script-language is given below in the paragraph

According to Thüm, T. and, (2014), client-side script-language is used to run various type of scripts on the browser. In addition to this, it takes place on the end users and source code of web based applications is transferred from the web server to the users over the internet. Further. Client side scripting language run directly in the browser of service users (Thüm, T. and, 2014). On the other side, web based applications needs to be installed and enabled on the client computer (Ghiani, and, 2016).

Harley and, (2013), server-side environment which runs a scripting language in the web server. Generally, user's request is responded by running a script directly on the web server which help to produces dynamic HTML pages. These codes of HTML are sent to the client browser which provide effective reliability for user to assess its information (Harley and, 2013). According to Sudhendra, Ranganath and Nandan (2016), server-side script-language is utilized to give attractive web sites which provides proper interface to databases (Sudhendra, Ranganath and Nandan, 2016).

1.3 Examine web security concerns and make recommendations for security improvement

There are many Web security concerns such as hacking, cracking as well as phishing which affect ABC very badly. These threats steal data of company which produces huge loss of its monetary funds. Generally viruses are other issue for website security because they hang computers and servers. In addition to this, they affect performance and efficiency of web based application which also create bad impact on the ABC organization (Hill,, Cronk and Wickramasekera, 2013). Further, security updates are main issues which increase threat of inappropriate activities like hacking in the corporation.


These suggestions can help the management of enterprise to improve web based applications. ABC fashion firm can use web security protocols like IPV6 and firewalls which can contribute effectively to stop these illegal activities like hacking and phishing. In addition to this, corporation can use proper anti-virus and effective security application which can help to remove the viruses and malware. Further, organization can use bio-metric security system to stop unauthorized access of unknown people. This process can effectively help ABC organization to reduce its stealing of important data from server.

Task 2

2.1 Designing web application to meet a given requirement

ABC is fashion organization which sells attractive clothes for all type of consumers in the United Kingdom. Generally corporation wants to increase its clothes business in the UK market. So this online website can contribute effective role for firm to enhance its online business in the textile sector. As per company requirement, this web site can help the ABC organization to establish business which can help to increase its sales (Januszewski and Molenda, 2013). It contains various type of web pages like homepage, contact us, about us and product and services. Developers can consider can PHP tool as front end and MY SQL back end to develop website of organization

Home page Home page of ABC helps the online users to navigate all web sites. In addition to this, it also provides some general information and images of products and services and current schemes of company.
Contact us It describes the office address, mail address and contact numbers to give any type of information to firm.Address of company: world trade building, London, UK
Contact No. 0986- 3456474
About us This web page provides brief information about organization which helps the online users to know about the ABC company.
Product and services It shows main product and services of organization. For example, organization can represent different type of clothes for Men, women and children on the web site.

2.2 Explaining client-side and server-side functionality in a web application

Generally, ABC organization can use various types of languages to develop appropriate fashion web site. Firm can use HTML at the client side and PHP at the server side to make fashion web site. Further, PHP provides effective reliability to developers of organization to run the website the on the any platform like windows, Linux and Mac. In addition to this, systems such as Memcache, MongoDB as well as Pusher provide effective integration which reduces many complexities of developers regarding integration of web site. By using PHP sever side; it gives effective reliability to fix the web application related issues (Taei, 2013). In addition to this, by using HTML at client side, it provides huge flexibility for client to assess the data very fast. Further, it produces less load as comparison other web based language which provide effective help to manage server of ABC in an appropriate manner. Most development tools highly support the HTML which gives effective compatibility to run fashion web site of ABC at the client side (Brent, 2013).

2.3 Applying database design for use in a web application

ABC fashion organization can use SQL language to design appropriate database of web application. Further, this process can help the developers to link the front end and back end very easily. In addition to this, it can provide better reliability to access the database of ABC. SQL database design can help the organization to Insert, Update as well as Delete operations on the website (Wasson, 2015). These activities are represented below ..

  • Insert operation can help firm to insert any type of data into database. For example,
  • INSERT INTO Consumer (Consumer Name, Contact Number, Address, City, Country)
  • VALUES ('Cardinal','John Niight','788769756',' 40009','London','United Kingdom');
  • Update operation can help the ABC organization to update any data into database. For example,
  • UPDATE Consumers
  • SET ContactName='Rosamund pike', City='Newyork'
  • WHERE Consumer Name='Rosamund pike';
  • Delete operations can be used to delete any type of information from data base. For example,
  • DELETE FROM Consumers
  • WHERE ConsumerName='Tom Knight' AND City='London';

Task 3


Task 4

Testing of website


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