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Business environment is comprises of internal and external environmental factors which influence the business activities (Ahmad and, 2010). The internal factors include employees, policies, working condition of an organization and etc. Similarly, external factors include customers, competitors and government which affect the business activities. The focus of this report is on the analysis of business environment of British Airways which is a airline company operating its business internationally. In this report company's vision, mission, short term and long term goals have been discussed. Further the economic environment of the country is discussed in which British Airways operates. Moreover, the study has been done to assess all the global factors which impact the activities of a business.

Purposes of different types of organizationTask 1

Purpose of organization varies according to their nature. Mainly there are three types of organisation. Description of which are as follows:

Commercial Organisation: The organisation comprised of a group of people with a set of skills, strategy and resources which is put into use to generate profit (Dettwiler, Lindelöf and Löfsten, 2006). After deducting the expenses, the leftover is distributed among employees and shareholders or reinvested in the business. The main purpose of this type of organisation is to generate more and more profit.

Not-for-profit Organisation: These organisations are established for the welfare of people and the society. Purpose of the organisation and people associated with them are not to earn desired profit. The revenue is earned through charity and it is non- taxable. Revenue earned does not get distributed among employees rather it is invested for the welfare of the society.

Public Sector Organisation: This type of organisation are owned, operated and controlled by the government. They provide public services such as military, police, public transit, roads, public education, and health care. Their main purpose is to create social and economic benefits for the country rather than generating profits.

Vision and mission of British Airways

Vision: Vision statement of British Airways states that they want to become the world's most responsible airline. They have developed guiding principles which describes what they need to do to achieve the goals (Dickinson, 2013).

Mission: British Airways is dedicated to provide low fares flights to global destination and along with this, it also aim to provide professional maintenance and quality cargo services for a whole year. Through brilliant innovations, they offer the best by setting industry standards.

Short term and long term objectives of British Airways

British Airway's objective is to increase the quality of services they are providing. Long term objective of business is to be the world's leading global premium airline. Their main objective behind this is to enhance the long term profitability of a company.

Key stakeholders and impact on them from various challenges

Any person or organisation whose interest lies in the organisation is known as stakeholder of that company (Kelliher and Henderson, 2006). Key stakeholders of British Airways are as follows:

Customers: They are the people who are looking to avail the services provided by British Airways. They want easy accessibility and good quality service at a competitive price. They are the most essential stakeholder as they would provide money for the business. British Airways has faced many challenges such as high inflation/deflation rate, delay of flights. Impact of high inflation on customer was that they couldn't afford the high priced air tickets and thus they start losing interest in BA. Sometimes in case of emergency delay of flights affected the customers very badly.

Employees: The interest of these people lies in the British Airways because they coordinate together and work for the organisation to make them successful. Challenges faced by British Airways impact the employees in a negative manner. At the time of recession company has to terminate the employment because it becomes difficult for the organisation to remunerate their employees because of heavy losses to the company.

Government: A major stakeholder for every business is government. Success of any company is important for the government. If the company earns the maximum profit, this means they would pay more tax to them. That is why government take more interest in the company. When British Airways earns less profit at the time of inflation, that time it is a biggest loss to government also as they would get very few percent of tax from th

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