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A lawyer is often judged by his argumentative skills, a soccer player is judged by his balance and coordination skills. Similarly, as per the essay writing services experts, the analytical and critical skills of a student are often judged by the professor through the essay. No matter, if you are in high school, college, or doing the Masters, the 5-letter word (ESSAY) is sure to give you sleepless night.

Moreover, just sitting down with the topic of an essay won’t solve the problem either. To fix the it, students should have at par skills, be it for the research, writing, proofreading, or editing. Also, the strict deadline further adds fuel to the fire. Students lacking adequate skills often land on Google to search for the world-class essay writing service.

If you have successfully landed on our website after several searches, then the time has come to kick out your essay-related problems. Assignment Desk, the oldest and the most trusted essay writing help provider is ready to lend you a helping hand. We are the home to some of the best essay writers having proficient writing skills, and their vast experience in the writing industry just adds a cherry on the cake. Before we move on to our services, let us have a glimpse of different types of essays.

Major Types of Essays Covered by Our Essay Writing Service Professionals?

The writing skills of our academic writers can be realized by the fact that they are capable of drafting any type of essay. In general, essays can be categorized in 4 major types depending upon the goal of the writer, does he want to narrate an experience, describe an object, explain about an issue, or want to convince the reader about his opinion? Our essay help professionals shed light on the different types of essays below.

4 Types of Major essay

1.Narrative Essay:

Remember how your grandmother used to narrate a story in your childhood? If yes, then you will realize that it consisted of a plot, character set-up, an ending with a climax. All these attributes are also to be included in the narrative essay. It is a form of writing in which you have to narrate a story in such a way that the reader could connect with it emotionally. Does your professor want you to write a narrative essay? If yes, then reach out to our essay writing helpers.
Some of the Narrative Essay Topics for you:

  • The First Day of Your School/University.
  • A Memorable Trip to Your Favourite Destination.
  • The Most Exciting Day of Your Life.

2.Descriptive Essay:

Every child loves coloring and you must have also done it in your childhood. Now, the time has come to paint the canvas with words. Yes, you read that right. In this type of essay, a student has to create a vivid image in the mind of the reader through words. Furthermore, it is a type of essay which requires good writing skills, as you would have to provide sensory details about the topic chosen. Our custom essay writing providers shortlist an interesting topic that describes an object, place, or a memory.
Some of the Descriptive Essay Writing Topics:

  • My Favourite Novel.
  • My Dream Home.
  • My First Musical Concert.

3.Expository Essay:

Sharp research skill is a compulsory attribute required to write an expository essay. This type of essay is centered around explaining a topic using several facts and figures. But you don’t need to worry as our highly-experienced essay writing service UK experts will do the handful task for you. Having at par writing skills, they can easily craft an academic paper on any expository essay, such as comparison & contract essay, process essay, or cause & effect essay, etc.
Some of the Descriptive Essay Topics:

  • Development in Science & Technology.
  • Influence of Social Media on Human Beings.
  • Problems Related to Environment.

4.Persuasive Essay:

Convincing your friend to agree on your point is difficult, isn't it? But, how about convincing your professor? Well, it's way more difficult than you can imagine. A persuasive essay is a type of essay in which the writer chooses a topic and supports a position (for or against) by providing enough convincing key points. For writing such a piece of writing, our essay help experts perform extensive research to gather relevant evidence to support the argument.

You can consider the following Persuasive Essay topics:

  • Should Mobile Phones Be Allowed in Schools?
  • Influence of Brexit on the UK Economy?
  • Should Government Legalize Prostitution?

Scrolling so far, you must have known the difference between different types of essays. Moreover, our academic writers have high expertise in providing writing help in any of the essays. Well, that’s not all. We provide college essay writing help in a wide range of academic disciplines. No matter, how simple or complex the topic of the essay is, our writers will leave no stone unturned in providing top-notch academic paper.

Academic Disciplines Covered by Our Essay Writing Experts

Finance Essay:

Tax issues, new government reforms, business statistics, etc, are some of the qualitative and quantitative data which our experts include in the essay. Such a well-researched document is sure to get you an A+. What are you waiting for? Hire our best essay writing service UK professionals now!

Check out how we Help with Finance Essay Writing.

Law Essay:

The subject comes with a vast syllabus and cannot be covered overnight. Also, the government impose different types of law depending on the wrongdoing, and remembering all the laws is again a tedious task for the students. Our essay writing help law experts draft the essay after referring several sources of information, such as case studies, subject-oriented books, etc.

Get Law Essay Help

HRM Essay:

All the work related to hiring, administration, and training is done by a human resource manager and thus, it is a very important position in an organization. Lack of knowledge regarding innovative strategies for the proper functioning of a firm becomes a major reason why student require help from essay writing service UK experts. If you are also the one facing a similar situation then our wordsmiths can help you with the same.

Let 's write better HRM Essays

Nursing Essay:

The subject of nursing revolves around several technical terms which are inter-related with one another. Thus, if you lack conceptual knowledge about a single topic then there are high chances that you will create a blunder in your essay. Don’t want to compromise with your valuable marks? Take our essay help for a guaranteed A+.

Get help with Nursing Essay


The world keeps changing and so is the economy of the country/individual. In simple terms, it is the subject which deals with the fact that how society uses its limited resources. For writing an essay, a student has to be well-updated with the latest reforms. A student unable to find authentic sources often takes our essay writing help to fill their performance sheet with good grades.

Psychology Essay:

The scientific study of the human brain and cognitive skills is called psychology. The subject involves several experiments, simulations, surveys, etc., and referring to all these sources at once becomes a ‘next-to-impossible' task for the students. We are the best essay writing service provider in the UK that can provide genuine help to you.

History Essay:

Assignment Desk has recruited the best history experts having at par knowledge of the subject and thus, they are the most capable professionals who can save your marks. The college essay writing help provided by us will be an original piece of work with authentic information related to the topic of the essay.

Geography Essay:

Students generally have a common myth that this subject is all about maps until the professor assigns them an essay writing task. In reality, it is the study of the Earth and all the phenomenons related to it. And, just like Earth, the syllabus also seems never-ending. Is your geography essay causing you academic stress? If yes, then the time has come to avail our services.

Tourism Essay:

Whosoever said that being a tourist guide is easy didn’t opt for the tourism course. For becoming a professional guide, a student has to cross an ocean of essays which are to be drafted by providing every minute details about a destination, such as famous places, economy, economical accommodation, etc. But, our experts can prove to be your helping hand in saving you from drowning. Assignment Desk, the oldest and the most trusted essay writing help

Business Essay:

If you have been assigned an essay on the business topic then get ready to trawl through several case studies of organizations to understand the functioning. Practically, good research skills are required to get a writing job done. For the student who lacks adequate skills, we provide essay help with striking features.

Marketing Essay:

‘Innovation & Creativity' is an important attribute which every organization expects in a marketing professional. In a similar way, a professor is always in search of innovating and creative strategies in the marketing essay. Thus, it becomes important for the student to present him with the same. However, if Assignment Desk, the oldest and the most trusted essay writing helpyou are unable to do the same then our essay writing experts do it for you.

English Essay:

Students having poor command in the English Assignment Desk, the oldest and the most trusted essay writing helplanguage are the ones who face the most difficulty in writing the essay. Moreover, the task of proofreading and editing also becomes a tiresome task for such kind of students. Such students often seek help from our experts to submit a flawless document.

These were some of the academic disciplines on which we provide essay help. Over the passage of time, we have achieved the milestone of becoming the No.1 academic writing help provider. The reason behind the success goes to the exciting features that we offer to our clients.

Why Ours Is the Best Essay Writing Service?

100% Authentic Work:

Unlike other fraudulent websites, we do not support plagiarism and thus, make sure to provide an authentic piece of work to the students.

Money Refund Policy:

If our expert fails to meet your expectations then we will refund the amount. Also, the refund process will be quick.

Timely Delivery:

Your essay will reach to you before the deadline and this is one promise that we never fail to meet. No matter, how strict the deadline is, we will never fail to deliver your essay on time.

Cheapest Price:

With regard to the economic constraints of the students, we have therefore priced our essay writing service low, so that a college student does not have to pay through his nose to get assistance.

Strict Privacy Policy:

We have a strict policy to safeguard the private information of all our customers. Rest ensured that you will never have to deal with us on any event of cyber theft and privacy violations.

100% Ownership:

We never resell our written information and so you get full possession of your document when you take our essay writing assistance.

Free Unlimited Revisions:

If your document is not satisfied, please request revisions without paying an additional penny. You can also request reimbursement by citing a legitimate reason.

24*7 Customer Support:

At any moment of the day, our customer support team can assist. Whatever the matter, call us and get your queries answered.
You can call, email, live chat, and can contact us directly. So, what do you expect now? Just sign up through a trouble-free process and grab some interesting deals.

So, now you know why we stand tall among all our competitors. What are you waiting for? Avail the best essay writing service at the most competitive price. Furthermore, we guarantee that there is no other writing help provider in the UK that can provide such amazing features.

Assignment Desk, the leading academic writing service provider is the home to the best essay writers, proofreaders, editors, and quality analysts, who work as a team to provide the most genuine academic assistance to the students. Apart from essay, we offer assistance in many academic papers, such as assignments, research paper, dissertations, thesis, etc.

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