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Marketing is a crucial tool in a business which promotes is business through understand the market trends that includes the customer demands which aid to build profit relationships, profit driven through the making marketing strategies and quality to the customers(Baker and Saren, 2016). A successful business have to realize the customer significance which makes a business prosperous, to lead in the market it is necessary for an organization to put some efforts to make a business strategies that pull the buyers to increase the selling power of a business, but marketing lies on some elements that are core of marketing, which assist a  business to achieve triumphant. In this report, ALDI is a chosen organization which deals in retail sector, it is a private firm founded in the year, 1993 by Karl Albrecht, Theo Albrecht. Now it is operated in almost 10, 366 locations and in countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

Task 1

P 1  Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing function has an important role in business organization which helps to identify  the products that have the potential to success in marketplace, through promotional activities. There are some fundamental functions in that are common in every business organization, it includes marketing research, product plan, development process, promotion, sales, finance, customer service, etc. These functions has several responsibilities that raise the organisation, that  consist of management strategies, marketing research, sales support system, product development, finance team, distribution systems, human resource department, among all these functions promotion is the heart of marketing. Along with the responsibilities marketing has some key roles that establishes a bond with other departments that results in increased business(Brady, 2014).

Marketing plays an prudent role in ALDI, it promoting products is its core function, it prepares the strategies that pull the customer at the door, of the supermarket. Marketing department draws an outline of powerful strategies that needed to implement with a concentration so that can  appeal to the buyers, encourage them to increase the purchasing. To promote it products it uses to advertisement, in newspapers, television, and other print media sources, although in current time internet is also a wide media of for advertisement. There are many techniques that builds a promotion coercive that brings increase sales. Along with the advertisements there are some other roles and strategies that enhances the buyer power to improve the profit of a business organization, for that it needed to determine the firms objectives and goals to achieve(Chamorro-Mera, Mirandaand and Rubio, 2014).

ALDI is one of the biggest supermarket retailer which has the most common strategy that  is discount, it influences the customers easily to purchase a wide variety of products. A business organization revolves around the goods and services which they provides to the public, with a  most interest that make them to purchase that intended product that have a quality.  There are several marketing function on which ALDI performs its activities and that bring the benefits to the company, they are as follows-

Distribution – Distribution refers to distribute the task to each department which involves in  the business, what kind of techniques or methods can be adopt to accomplish the goal and objective, which was predetermined. For an instance, ALDI has distinct sections which implies marketing with fair effects and in a good manner that can be provides the things in proper manner.

Finance – Finance is the most essential in every stage of an organization because every state  requires a amount to begin and end up the task, marketing department needs some budget to start its campaign that influences the customers. Marketing also has different activities for that it needed to gather some funds, that carry out strategies through a procedures to make an impression.

Marketing Information  - In marketing information, ALDI finds the facts where they needed to improve from customers perceptions, the gathered market data will  make them able to know the demands of customers, and there accessibility to see whether the campaigns are going on the right way. The previously determined demands will help them to gain profit, in precise manner, because they know what kind of stuff customer demand for(Fazlollahtabar, Aghasi and Forte, 2012).

Pricing – Establishing a price for the products that is offering by the firm, ALDI is providing the goods and services with better quality, but labelling price accordingly is a big task. It is necessary to attain the flexible price, so that customers can afford that, in competitive advantage. Because price has an important role in purchasing habits to influences the customers.

Promotion – Advertisement is a well – known element of promotions, ALDI utilizes the advertisements in a specific manner that can lead a products features. Although, there are various paid approaches to promote the goods and services, there are one of that is social media and online campaigns that making the things popular(Fırat, 2013).

Selling – Marketing is a base to increase the sales, because making aware the people about a product is important , until and unless the people does not know that they do not have any information the product. So, after the information of products, marketing leads to selling that means the products are display to outlets and customers make their decisions, to purchase.

P2 How roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

Marketing plays a vital role in organization, but along with that location and is also has importance, cause the selecting a particular geographical region where it is the marketing team putting up its efforts improves the profitability of business organization,marketing team provides the information that help to boost up the selling through the collection the information about the potential products which are desired by the population and that aid to attain goal of a business. Besides the roles of marketing, it has some responsibilities to communicate with other department within an organization, which is necessary because the interrelation in sections provides the information that impacts on one another. ALDI comprises marketing techniques which relates with the other sections of the firm, to extend the business and it also monitor the requirements and execution of the activities that are needed to accomplish a task through out the procedures. Monitoring and management is an example of a good management that is associated with marketing department, its unity with other sections aid to provide the continue supply in to market, and because of that it can fulfil all desires in the marketplace. Below are the necessity that tells why a marketing team needs to collaborate with other departments(Forshier, 2012).

Human resource - Marketing section of ALDI requires to communicate with human resources department, that needed to recruit the new employees, that works under sales force, so that there is no hurdle to assist customer when they are looking for some specific product or paying the bills at the time of checkout, and there is also some other sections which needs human staff like finance to maintain the accounts. There are some other requirements of the staff such as management of a supermarket, suppliers, and so on, who provides the services to the