Marketing Concepts And Strategies

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate the role of marketing strategy and programmes in achieving organisational objectives in British Airways.
  • British Airways is the airline company operated in UK. Explain the marketing concept and terminology in the organisation.
  • Explain and elaborate concepts and principle which is used in daily business functions and operations.
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Airways


Airline industry is high competitive market, in past 2 period the sector have expanded and continuously expanding their routes, they earn profit and growth. Like the any other service sector, UK airline industry cater services for the set price, the basic function of this sector is to transport passengers as well as their luggages from one destination to another. They call for renewed partnership with local and national authority to fund new sustainable fuels and aviation technology. The Airline sector highly invest in carbon reduction and clean aviation technology, they are considered to be the quickest mode of transport. The current report is based on British Airways, it was founded in 1924, and considered as the biggest airline of UK after East Jet, they flies to 183 destinations, but together with their partners they fly up to 600 locations. It is established by British government to well managed two nationalized airline corporations, British European airways & British Overseas airways corporation.

The importance of marketing in airline sector is growing more and more, it helps to generate awareness, increase productivity and profitability. The importance of marketing is growing in this sector, because of challenges that faced by airline companies due to low market presence. This study justifies the marketing terminology and concepts suitable to company, marketing programs as well as strategies that helped British Airways to achieve their objectives and explain the two principles and concepts of marketing used in organization daily operations. Furthermore, this report clarifies the cross functional relationship of marketing and other departments in firm. It defines the recommendations for business improvement.


Marketing Concepts And Terminology Suitable to British Airways

Marketing concept is philosophy that companies in Airline sector will analyse the requirements of consumers and after that they can makHomburg, C., Jozić, D. and Kuehnl, C., 2017e decision in order to satisfy those requirements or needs much better than business competitors. In recent time, most organizations adopt marketing concept that help in growth and success of firms within sector. According to Homburg, Jozić and Kuehnl, (2017) marketing concept is the action taken to grab the attention of target market and also to bring attention to British Airways offerings, it can be services offered and physical products for sales. Different kinds of marketing concepts available for company that they can use in order to make their business more profitable in Airline sector for longer period. Marketing terminology and concepts applicable to British Airways mentioned below-

Product Strategy-

It is bare bone preparation of stages to assure the goods reaches desired level or space, suitable and appropriate product strategy helps organization in setting the correct direction for their goods, it helps in deciding the basic components of products. British Airways is known for full service international airline, they offer low fare with extensive worldwide route network flying to located airports. Differentiation strategy is the best and suitable for firm, with the help of using this strategy, they can be able to offer different as well as unique services or products to consumers from their competitors (Widuri and Sutanto, 2019). British Airways offer better pricing, quality services, appearance, quantity and after sales services as compare to its rivals. It may add some more facilities and features in their products which they can offer to target customers. Differentiation strategy is flexible while dealing with people, it can be changes according to the demand of potential clients, it helps to offer better and quick delivery of goods. In simple term, when firm used this strategy they are capable to remain different from other airlines within sector.


It is the procedure included in creating or developing the unique image for goods or service in mind of consumers, mostly through advertising campaigns and programs with consistent theme. The aim of branding is to established differentiated and important presence in market that help to attract as well as retain loyal consumers for longer (Moon and Sprott, 2016). In context of British Airways, emotional connections is the best way for setting the image of Brand in consumers mind effectively. People are emotional in their purchasing choicer than company think, emotion is the element that makes better branding strategies. With the help of finding good way to connect with target customers on heavy level, British Airways can enhance involvement and develop suitable relationship with consumers for long term. Company is focusing on future and invest in development of their services, they enhance the performance of staff and make them able to feel satisfied. In order to make the image of brand stronger within marketplace, they can adopt different types of branding strategies that is suitable for them. They can redesign the airline clients experience, that lead to 27% point growth in consumers satisfaction scores.

Promotional Strategy-

It refers to do with finding correct market for services or products and utilizing all aspects of advertisement such as discounts and promotion used to promote goods to specific market. Promotion of product is one of the marketing concept among range of system in promotional plan that help to generate awareness in market. Promotional strategy which is suitable for British Airways that is providing loyalty programs for consumers. By creating the loyalty system, company will encourage potential flyers to become repeat consumers, booking additional flights with them (Skowronek and, 2018). Most firms in airline sector charge same fare for identical trips, by letting people become eligible for perks by earning points, organization can garb the benefits over competition. By being creative, company find that loyalty program individuals book exclusively with business to increase their profit margin. Firm can add range from seat upgrades, discounted parking spaces and perks airport lounge passes. Moreover, British Airways can think outside their box for advertising that help to work or perform way into their consumers daily lives. They can make the best airline advertising campaigns combined with non-traditional as well as traditional methods so in addition to print and online marketing, that makes organization presence stronger and known in community.

Marketing Programs And Strategies That Help British Airways to Achieve Their Objectives

British Airways is flag carrier airline of UK, they fly across the world for more than 90 years. Provides the top quality services to consumers on all routes and classes of travel, improve online services, to continue to build strong connection with consumers and increase market share are the four objectives of company, that they can achieve by using suitable marketing strategies & programs within ethical manner.

Marketing strategy is all business marketing objectives or goals combined into one comprehensive plan.

Provide domestic flight coupon is the best marketing strategy for British Airways that they can use to improve its online services rather than before (Chiu, Liu and Tu, 2016). By focusing on their consumers who are able to provide benefits to business, company can improve their online services. They can offer some discounts' coupon to passengers that help to retain people with them for longer. Coupons on next flights bring British Airways more sales than any other marketing strategies. When organization offer discounts, coupons and special, they can draw more consumers to its business, it helps to increased traffic that usually leads to increase in sales. With the help of this marketing strategy, people not only buy British Airways flight tickets but also repeat and probably purchase it.

In recent time, people spend most of their daily time on social media sites where they can get a lot of information in which they are interested to obtain. When company start stunning social media campaigns they can build strong relations or connection of its consumers effectively, it is one of their business objective which they can achieve throughout this strategy (Garczynski, 2017). YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the major social media platforms that British Airways will use to reach their target people, it is quite beneficial for business growth. Company will start paid advertising on above social media platforms, with paid ads they can target people in particular areas, through these platforms firm can obtain targeted clients effectively. The value that firm offer to its consumers is directly proportional to profit business make, so they can begin giving real value to people via these social media sites. In practices, company can create content on specific topic like what are the things that British Airways will take care during its first fight. It is very helpful for all those who are travelling in flights for first time. The article read by passengers will help in increasing profit, consumer read article post on social media sites, and they definitely go to book ticket through company.

In addition to this, British Airways marketing team also create videos and post them on social media platforms that help to create brand awareness rather than before. By posting videos and proper guides about air travel, brand value of this company is going to skyrocket which is beneficial for them. Firm have to make assure that they are reaching consumers on social media to deepen humanize and relationship their brand. They have to find out which sites their target market frequent and build page there. Organization can use those pages used by their consumers to promotional updates and offer products, cater consumers services and give them fun behind scenes look at their business. People love to hear about community initiatives airlines contributing in and stories of workers going out of their way to satisfy their potential passengers.

Flight perks is the another marketing strategy, that British Airways can used to achieved their objectives within airline industry (The 4 Best Marketing Strategies for Airlines, 2018). Creating entertaining in flight experience with some attractive features like in seat systems that play recent music shows, TV programs, Games and film, will give company consumers benefits. For example, British Airways can offer their consumers iPads and tablets with different entertainment options, that retain people for longer and increase profit margin. By incorporating perks into marketing strategy, organization entice more passengers to business the next time they are seeking for flight.

All the objectives of British Airways are achieved in ethical manner without making harm to anyone. The content created by marketing department of company to promote their products or services it to simple and easy to understand by every one, they target market based on all segmentation without making differences based on age, gender and educational level.

Two Marketing Concepts & Principles Used in Company

7Ps of marketing mix and STP are the two types of marketing concepts and principles used in British Airways everyday organizational operations.

7Ps of marketing mix-


British airways provide high quality products or services to its passengers, they offer transport of consumers from one place to another by flights as part of their marketing mix service and product strategy. It consists of Boeing 777s, 747s and 787s that give array of in-flight services. They offer airline services of premium segment, abundance of choice and broad level of service customization is one of the biggest advantages of firm competitive benefits. The services of offered by company is highly integrated with the latest technologies, the tickets is available for different classes namely, business, first, economy and premium economy. British airways provide entertainment service to its passengers. Beds, extra space, cabins and main meal courses are provided by firm, offered service become luxurious and sophisticated with betterment of travel class.


The core aim of British Airways is that everybody must be able to afford flight ticket prices, the policy of pricing that give reasonable value to passengers. Pricing strategy of company is described as differentiation. Airline charges high prices for their services compared to budget airlines, the services of firm is perceived to be associated with greater quality. Organization used geographical and promotional pricing strategy in its daily operations in effective or occasional manner. The pricing strategy of firm is integrated to discount structure, where executive club members provided reward flights on chosen destinations.


British Airways serves their services to more than 400 locations with fleet of 273 aircraft that include Boeing 787s and others. They had the greatest presence in Gatwick, London city airports and Heathrow, it utilized online sales channels to sell their tickets. Range of sales support method offered by company include possibility to hold flights and price for up to 72 hours after flights booking. The services of its business is distributed through phone applications and websites.


Airline sector of UK is hyper competitive, hence firms need to assure that they had to follow appropriate strategy for promotion. British Airways promote the products or services of their business through Billboards, TV advertisements and newspapers. The promotions of firm are classy and sophisticated as content which highlights them. Since most passengers find it convenient to book flight tickets online they have their mobile app and websites. Company promote and marketing their services or goods through Olympic games as they are airline partners for London Paralympic.


British airways have sum of 40000 workers which includes 15000 cabin crew, 5500 engineers and 3600 pilots, they undergo tough simulations and tests for induction and selection into firm. The cabin crew is hired from top hospitality organizations and undergo various training once inducted into British Airways.


The company launched new ticketing service called e-ticketing because of which time will take to book flight tickets become only one minute. It launched British Airway holiday that offer nine kinds of holiday packages.

Physical evidence-

it is all about experience that British airways have to offer to its target consumers and the best way passengers perceive brand. Physical evidence is the way service and product is being offered, in context of company, the way lounges is designed, design of cabin, ambience of flight and interior of flights is symbol of firm, the colour used in it all form physical proof.



Market segmentation of British airways is divided into four categories, that is geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural as the have number of passengers belong to different segmentation areas.


Organization targets those people in market who are able to pay extra for some special attention company delivers because passengers want that particular services or care they willing to pay premium for that (Efthymiou and, 2019). Firm targets several consumers segments for their four level of services such as premium economy, first classes, economy and executive.


It refers to selection of marketing mix the suitable for target passengers segments, British Airways follows multi segment focusing marketing strategy by providing four different service packages to range of consumers segments.

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  • In order to improve the effectiveness in application of marketing strategies, British airways must used current technologies for promoting their brand within target marketplace.
  • British airways should create their websites and online program including all information available for passengers, that they peoWiduri, R. and Sutanto, J.E., 2019Moon, H. and Sprott, D.E., 2016ple to book tickets.


From above, it has been summarized that by using different types of marketing concepts and strategies, British airways can achieve their objectives effectively, which is quite beneficial and helpful for its overall business growth. Furthermore, company segment, target and positioning marketing by considering all the essential aspects that bring opportunity to grab the competitive advantages.

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