Doane and Flusser Reflect on Cinematic Time as a Subversion of Linear or Continuous Time

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Examine the smallest unit of cinematic duration.
  • Analyse the significance of cinematic film in the modern world.
  • What is the films relationship to history?
Answer :

Doane and Flusser Reflect on Cinematic time as Subversion of Linear or Continuous Time- The Chosen film- 2001 A Space Odyssey.

The emergence of cinematic time in the present scenario can be considered a significant and original contribution to the field of film studies (Karakostas, Mademlis and Pitas, 2020). The main aim is to advance scholarly arguments about representative cinematic time in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Therefore, Mary Ann Doane represents that how the cinema shows the singular instant of chance and ephemeral in the face of enhancing rationalisation and effectiveness of the present scenario.

Doane has viewed her cinematic views as the process of making a film in the sense of the films that are intended for extensive theatrical exhibition. The main aim of Doane is to be based on principles of film theorists and she performs the work to undertake cross-disciplinary arguments about motion pictures temporarily. This is all set within her discussions of statistics psychoanalysis thermodynamics and physiology (Stanley Kubrick's Iconic '2001: A Space Odyssey Sci-Fi Film Explained, 2013). On the other hand, Flusser has focused on a new way of thinking about photography. As per the cinematic shot the moment that camera starts rolling until the moment it stops. As the film editing, the shot can be stated as the continuous footage or sequence between the two edits or cuts. Thus, the main aim of Doan is the art or technique of motion picture photography.

The chosen film, 2001 'A Space Odyssey', is a science fiction film that shows the NASA race to the moon. This film was noted for its scientifically high-fidelity depiction of space flight, the forked imagery and pioneering special effects. In the film, it was found out that the director Stanley Kubrick controlled all components of film making including the music (Hanjian, Huanying and Jun, 2020). In this film, the effect of science has been showed on human evolution (Furkó, 2020). The film's climatic sequence has been explained as the visualisation of the ultimate transcendence. Henceforth, the cinematic view of this film has become the reality of 1968, the influence pervasive within the conceptualisation, design and application of the various technologies has made this film epic. The main aim of this film was to show human evolution with the use of adventure and thrill. This is a movie that belongs to the late 19th and 20th century but still, this has been made with the great use of techniques and Artificial intelligence tools. This film was realised in the 21st century with the use of framing, editing and moves of the camera. It is considered one of the greatest tools that assists the accentuate the action and also amplifies the storyline. Thus, film maintains the illusion of continuous time and this has been a great advancement that has made this film outstanding in the current scenario (Asarkar and Phatak, 2020).

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Doane and Flusser argued that film not only anticipated many advancements and challenges in robotics but also hand an impact on public perception of artificial intelligence. Therefore, one of the greatest advancements of that film was Artificial intelligence and the use of robotic scenes (D’Antonio, 2020). In addition to this, Fusser reflects cinematic time as an analysis of the medium and this relates to philosophy, science and politics provided him and and this also defined the innovative ways that understand both the cultural crises of the past and the new social forms. The photography view of film 2001 'A Space Odyssey' was outstanding and this has blown out the varied individuals. Thus, set design, camera work, philosophical questions on the existence of human life and the special effects and phenomenal cinematography. In order to be effective and attractive cinematography the facial expression of the actors plays a great and influential role in making the film more attractive (Spadoni, 2020).

At the beginning of the film, the things that have been shown in the film are outstanding as bunches of the apps, the living of humans in the desert, working hard to survive and procure food, and barely staying alive and caring for children. Therefore, this film is also called one of the most boring films of all time due to its extremely slow songs and long nature. There was no dialogue in the movie until 30 minutes into the film. In the recent cinematographic, editing is the recognition of the art of the forward movement of the film stripe and this is one of the artistic tools that enhance the importance of a movie.

Thus, ideologies of instantaneity and creators develop the scene of the film. As per the present cinematography reference, this is crucial to develop the illusionary vision to gather the focus of the audience. Al techniques that are based on simulating human thought processes are mainly used to manipulate the minds of humans (Habowski and Conte, 2020).

In the present scenario, this is crucial to hold up an appearance of continuous time. This is the only way that adopts and sets off the shot’s advantages in relation to occurrence and a temporarily liberalized from of the logical process.” Thus, Doane stated that the historical significance of the cut is one of the primary artistic tools in which the cinema can be developed into an art form.

Cinematic time is a combination of all those things which are being considered and happened while recording momentarily. The cinema came out at the main turn of the 19th century as a new way of capturing time (Huh, 2018). Mary Ann Doane defines the ways that how cinema, represents a singular instant of chance in the standardization of the day. In the context of A Space Odyssey film which is being directed by Stanley Kubrick in the year of 1968. It is an effective film as it is an epic science fiction film. In regard to this film, it can be said that this film is mainly famous for its songs and it has also inspired all modern sci-fi films including star Wars and The Matrix. Other features of the cinematic time of this film which blew away many people who watched this film include its set design, the camera work, special effects and some philosophical questions which were based on human existence and phenomenal cinematography. There were several interesting scenes that attracted many of the people who watched this film. One of the main factors of cinematic time that attracted and bound people to watch this full film is the facial expressions of the actors. The main feature is it was made on the existence or origins of human life.

Cut 2 Meaningful Instances and Making One

In addition, Mary Ann Doane states about the subversion of classical cinematic techniques in which cutting shots of several scenes and making them a single scene by using effective scenes that show the actual meaning of the film plays an important role. The same feature of cut shots and scenes is being used in A Space Odyssey film. From this, it can be said that the views of this author or Mary Ann Doane are effective which is being used in attractive films (Cutting in Cinematic Time, 2005). It happened only because of the device of the edit. So, it can be said that deceptively, it keeps an appearance of continuous time. In this way, a film activates several effective shots' privileged relation to contingency.

User Interfaces For The Future

The other main feature of the film which is also stated by Mary Ann Doane about the cinematic time as a subversion of linear is that the future looks from 1968. It was about 50 years ago when people had smartphones, the internet and other technologies (Rothe and, 2019). Checking into the international space station for immigration was one of the attractive scenes which shows several reasons for immigration such as the beautiful colour palette, the requirement of immigration while being in space etc.

Cinematic Landmark

In the film A Space Odyssey film, it is the fact that one will definitely like this film for that it is a cinematic landmark. Even if someone does not like this film then also he/she will love it only because of this feature. This feature offers and allows digital projection for the brightest and most vivid image on the screen (A Cinematic Landmark, 2018). When people watch this film again then they say and interpret their feelings that it makes them feel like they are opening a time capsule because it is believed that the future is limitless.

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Attractive Images

One of the most important features of the film as well as cinematic time viewed or stated by Mary Ann Doane is using of relevant images with scenes at a great time. Some images that are carried by in this film are the space station, the monolith, the stargate, and the blue Danube which features a hurricane of lights and images. The effects of this film were all amazing because they were pulled off without CGI. It gives a feeling to viewers that all scenes are real and connected with a history and a realistic particular story. So, it shows that not only the themes and message of the film but also used images with scenes also play an important role in cinematic time.

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So, it can be said that not relying only on traditional techniques of narrative cinema makes a film attractive and that is why, A Space Odyssey film is primarily a non-verbal experience in which music plays an important role which showing particular moods. Using music in a classical way can make a film more innovative which is also stated by Mary Ann Doane. Costume set design and cut shots are key for the success of a film. Lighting, set up by chairs and their colour, background, motion of the film, designs of the chair, interior, and custom-made furnishing are some key factors in cinematic time.

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