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Organisational Behaviour


Organizational behaviour is used to study the mechanism through which people interact with each other. Behaviours of employees may change from one to another on the basis of structure, policies and procedure that are adapted by firm. By using all these thing organisation can inspire employees to work harder in order to achieve high productivity and competitive. Motivation is the major factor which determines the profit of any business. For any business to run successfully, all the workers working in the business and for the business should be first motivated to carry on their respective duties and responsibilities according to the demand and nature of their job (Ainsworth, 2014). Therefore, By understanding the motivational factors of the workers, the working efficiency of our workers have increased, their interest to work has shown significant increment and their commitment towards the job have been high. Moreover the factors like work time flexibility, high hourly wages, good commission structure, rewards and bonuses for good customer feedback, no boss , no fixed time frame and no fixed job location has made the workers very interested in the job and which ultimately has proven to take the business to the new level of success. The present report is based on the involvement of organizational behaviours into Fast Delivery, which is a doorstep food provider. They are having effective workforce who can manage delivery of services at different part of city at right time. The organization is trying to provide motivation to their employees in order to maintain quality of service in order to bring their organization at high level. Along with this they are trying to create positive impact on customers who are using their services and who are still not aware about this service. This report contain about roles and challenges that are related to organizational behaviour and how they can creat

Main Body

The related concept for our mythical business is Motivation. Our mythical business is "Fast Delivery" in which we are delivering food all across the city at any time and anywhere with our effective workforce ready to serve you at your door step at any time. it is very important for any business firm to understand what actually motivates their workers and work towards generating those motivational factors in the business (Awadh, and Alyahya, 2013). It is that drive force which makes all the workers working for an organization to work efficiently every single day. Direction, persistence and intensity are the factors which plays an important role which helps an organization to attain its long term goals and mission. But for this understanding the employee motivation and reducing the projection error is very necessary.In our business as well, by understanding what motivates our workers to generate the desired outcome in the business we are able to successfully maintain our business profit and also customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is considered as a major factor which influence business because if customer is not satisfied by services that are provided to them. In that case they will not prefer their services in future which may cause negative impact on business. As they are providing services at doorsteps in that case people prefer their services because they do not need to go anywhere which help firm in order to attract more number of customers (Benn, Dunphy, and Griffiths, 2014). The size these organization starts with small idea but latter converted into successful business group. They grow their business on the basis of services offered to customer along with how punctually they are providing their services. In order to grow business organization should be focused on the services that they are providing to their customers. Because services quality plays a important role in order to create and maintain reputation into market. Along with this location of the services provider or organization matters a lot in these services. Usually, they are situated at the centre of city so that they can cover all the area at equal time. And they should be easily reachable so that customers can easily approach them to place order. If they are reachable for customer belonging to any part of city in that case business of that organization grow more fast and can attract more number of customer. Along with this they should always perform work in planned order so that they can bit their competitors. These doorstep service providers are usually face competition from hotels and restaurant. Because they are considered as a symbol of food services provider. As it is the era of digitalization due to which people become dependent of digital such as they can search for anything on internet and as a result they are provided with lots of options along with different features (Chun, and et. al., 2013). Due to this individuals can compare different services on the basis of that they can hoose services. Due to this most of service providers are launching their app through which people can place their respective order. As any organization is a composition of different elements such as organisational head, employees working and much more they all are working together in order to achieve success. On the basis of organizational behaviour with respect to “Fast Delivery” services provider, motivation and communication can be considered because they play an important role in order to convey message and objective to audience. They should have strong network through which they can communicate with customers. Trust building is another important factor on which growth of organizations depend upon. Because if they are able to win customers trust in that case they can have a positive image in to society. Due to which they will become most preferred service provider of any city (Crane, and Matten, 2016). By using the concept of organizational behaviour into any business, organisation can achieve new heights of business because through this they are able to understand various approaches by implementing them into their work they can more effectively present their view in front of customers. And will be able to handle competition pressure that is increasing everyday. All successful business organization implement this system in order to understand behaviour of customer effectively and also help to make changes on the basis of different factors.

Analysis and Application of Organizational Behaviour

Organisational behaviour is use to study the behaviours through which people interact with each other. Through this any organisation is able to understand needs of customers and able to implement them effectively into business. The objective behind using this approach is to improve management of workers in firm. This theories are usually preferred to maximize output from group of member working for the organisation. The organisational behaviour module is consist of different modules such as:

Autocratic Model

Under this model power and managing orientation of authority in an organization. This provides security and safety benefits to employees. This model is dependent on discipline and obedience of employees. Through this model employees are able to meet subsistence. Usually, this model is implemented by firms having high resources. This model is dependent on boss of firm. There are lots of drawbacks are considered with this model one of them is employees are frustrated, insecurity, dependency on the basis ,of performance because of low wages (De Vasconcelos, Gouveia, and Kimble, 2016).

Custodial Model

Under this model power and managing orientation of money in an organization. This provides security and safety benefits to employees. This model is dependent on organization. Through this model employees are able to meet security requirement from organisation. Usually, this model is implemented by firms having high resources. This model is dependent on economical conditions of any firm. They provide passive support satisfaction not strong encouragement (Ferraro, and Briody, 2017).

Supportive Model

Under this model leadership and managing orientation of support is considered in an organization. Through this model employees are doing work in order to improve performance and increase participation into work. Through this employees met to achieve status of firms. This is dependent on leadership. Under this performance is considered and sense of participation is provided to employees.

Collegial Model

Under this model partnership and managing orientation of teamwork is considered in an organization. Through this model employees are oriented towards responsibilities and duties towards organisation. Through this model performance of employees are considered for growth of firm. Through this employees needs met to self-actualization. Through this approach moderate result is always considered. Under this model team work of employees are always are considered. This also help to maintain self-discipline into the organisation (Ganter, and Hecker, 2014).

Through this firm is provided with four functions such as planning, organising, leading and controlling. By using all the four function any firm is able to improve behaviour among client and organisation. By using planning, firm can define goals, develop strategies in order to achieve overall set of plan for an organisation. By using the organising function, they are able to create designs and structures through which they can implement solutions of questions that are present in the form of who, what, how and whom, etc. by using leading organisation is able top motivate employees as well as customers, directing to get solution ad also helping to solve conflict among the workers. By using controlling they monitor, compare their goals and if they get any deviation in order to achieve goal in that case necessary corrections should be considered. In my business, motivation has been playing a vital role. There are two theories of motivation mainly content theory and process theory. With content theory in was able to actually realize what the specific needs which motivated the employees were and what interests them towards work. And because of this content theory of motivation we tried to satisfy our workers needs which as a result proved to be a factor which brought about a good positive change in the business. The other theory which we are applying to our business is the process theory. By using process theory and setting up certain benefits of bonuses and extra income we were able to see the difference in the behaviour of different employees and the fact they would get the reward for their work actually help them enhance their performance as the rewards was directly proportional to their cognitive processes. In this way the motivational theory has been very helpful to increase the business and the efficiency of the workers have also increased tremendously (Ganter, and Hecker, 2014).

Impact of Organisational Behaviour in Business

There are various ways through which organizational behaviours can create huge impact on firm such as culture, motivation, decision making and change management. The description is mentioned below:


When new employees join organisation, organizational culture plays an important role in order to influence their behaviour. If the organization behaviour encourages employees to perform good work in that case they would be able to implement new ideas in order to achieve new growth into business. In case if they are facing any kind of problem during work, they can easily discuss with their seniors.


This is another important segment that create huge impact on organization. Through which employees are inspired to improve their perform. This can be done by providing awards on the basis of their performance. All the rewards that are provided to employees are should be fair and equally distributed among employees who have performed well. This helps to motivate other employees in order to perform well. Due to this employees as well as organisation both will grow.

Decision Making

This is considered as very important step at organisational or individual level. Decision making can be influenced by behaviours of firm. In order to make informed decision on the basis of cost, communication and managing. The risk management skill of an organisation can be handled by managers and employees of firm. Under this factor innovation and creativity of employees are emphasised most because due to which development of organization depends.

Change Management

All organisation are considering change management in their organization in the form of technologies, customers demands in order to meet requirement. Due to this employees take difficult changes. Due to this organizational behaviours are considered more important for this part. Along with this it is also considered as risk factor for organization.

Role of Organizational Behaviour in order to Manage Business

There are lots of solutions are available that are provided organisational behaviours. Some of the important are considered below:


As globalization is entered in to every field, due to this organization are limited into any particular country (Ganter, and Hecker, 2014). Due to this jobs, cultures and are also changing with expansion of business. Example, BMW builds their car in south Africa, but because of globalization they are supplying their products across the world. By considering international behaviour of customer organization can adopt necessary change in order to make necessary changes into product. Due to this competition among organisation is also increasing, and in order to remain into market and bit competitors they always try to implement new approach. Similarly, Fast Delivery services can apply this approach in order to increase their market at international level and attract more number of customers. Due to this role of organisational behaviours are considered as important because they provide business expansion.

Managing Workforce Diversity

Usually, organization are considered as a heterogeneous collection of users with respect to age, sex, race, region, nationality, etc. therefore managing workforce diversity become important for any organization. In this manager of organization deals with issues that are considered at different part of world by people of different age group. Due to this they need to exercise direct channels in order to advertise. Through ,using organisational behaviours managers are able to promote awareness, increase diversity by managing diversity effectively. Through this managers are able to encourage cultural and sexual diversity. Similarly, Fast Delivery services are also providing services to different groups of people on the basis of age, sex, and races therefore by managing workforce they are trying to promote awareness among people (Lippert, and Govindarajulu, 2015).

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Improve Quality and Productivity

Due to excess supply of goods most of the industries are facing problems because of this competition is also getting increased. Managers of different organizations are going through the same problems of productivity and quality related to services that they are providing to their customers. In order to improve this various programs are organised by firm such as re-engineering and re-designing of products. So that quality of products can be improved because products are considered as representative into market. A good quality product use to improve reputation of firm into market. Where bad quality may cause adverse impact on organization. Similarly, Fast Delivery Service should also provide quality services so that more number of customers are attracted towards service. Quality and productivity depends on following factors:


This is considered as a primary attribute for determining quality or productivity of any item. Which depends on the working of various features that are provided with product. Features: This is considered as secondary attribute for determining quality or productivity of any item. Such as mobile phone is provided for conversation but alarm, calculator, games and musics are considered as feature that are provided with device.


Under this developed product is compared with the pre established standards of that product if comparison is considerable then only product will be launched into marked otherwise it will be rejected.


Under this probability of failure of product is considered under certain specific condition. This is also considered as important attribute In order to measure quality of any product (Miner, 2015).


Under this both economical as well as technical dimensions of any products are considered. For which how long a product can survive under standard conditions.
Services: Under this solution related to issues such as resolution of device, complains in order to repair problems related to device.


Under this interface is considered between human and machine.


Under this on the basis of past performance of various products ranking is provided to organization.

Improving Customer Service

Under this services that are provided to customers should be of good quality so that more number of customers would prefer to use this service. This is considered as demanding role of organisational behaviours. In this continuous interaction is required between client and service provider. In this manager also actively participate I order to ensure the quality of services that they are providing to customers, along with this he wants to ensure about employees that they are taking all necessary process in order to meet customers requirement. Along with this behaviour of employees also affect satisfaction level of client. Therefore, employees should well-behave with customer and also improve quality of service that they are providing to customer. In the same way Fast Delivery Services should also met clients requirements.

Improving People Skill

For a business to be successful better skills are required in order to effectively fulfil clients need. Organizational behaviours helps organization in order to improve employees skill so that they can perform more affectively and help the organisation by increasing productivity. Through this approach employees will be able to manage work more effectively and manage it by involving new designing approaches in order to re-create existing product. In the same way Fast Delivery services can also involve this step into their business in order to maximise productivity. Through this way service provider can innovate new products in order to attract new customers. Which helps organizations in order to attract new costumers on the basis of their requirements by considering their suggestions.

Innovation and Changes

Innovation and changes department is considered as a backbone of organization because through this they can involve and implement changes into their products in order to attract customers. Through this process employees may face different challenges in order to implement. In this creativity of employees are considered. How effectively he can implement new techniques in order to achieve new product. In the same way, Fast Delivery service provider can also introduce different services into their business. Such as they can provide cake or sweets along with their food in case of birthday or occasional booking. Due to this more number of customer prefer this service (Nahavandi, and et. al., 2013).

Work Life Balance

If organisations are not maintaining their work life balance in that case they will not retain most of the employees. Because of this organizations may lose talented employees . In any organization flexibility of job should be provided to employees so that they can work without taking any stress. Due to this many organizations implement organisational behaviours into their firm due to this work life balance is created among employees in order to provide friendly environment, so that they ca devote maximum time in their work and play active role in organizational growth. Work life balance should be maintained by Fast Delivery service providers also so that employees do not move towards other firms and play active role .in order to bring organization into new heights. Because at some level flexibility is also important so that they ca make necessary changes according to their needs.

Promoting Ethical Behaviour

In some cases organizations are able to handle ethical situations under which they have to take decisions on the basis of social and professional basis. In such cases they have to consider some issues on the basis of which decisions has to be taken. In order to solve this issue organizational behaviours plays an important role. Because through this organization can improve environment by adopting healthy environment. Which helps to increase productivity and work satisfaction, along with this they are going to improve citizenship behaviour of organization. Such as Fast Delivery service provider also adopted ethical dilemma through this they can also consider any situation between social and professional on the basis of their requirement which help the organisation to create citizenship behaviours into an organisation. Which helps the organization in order to increase probability of right decisions (Scherer, Palazzo, and Matten, 2014).

Creative Positive Work Environment

Positive work environment is necessity of every organization in order to maintain peace and stability in organization. Through this employees can face or handle strong pressure and competition that is creating on organization. In order to maintain this into a work place, it is considered as a responsibilities of every senior to create positive environment so that all the new employees of organization scan easily follow rule and handle their work effectively. Due to this an organization can have strong and hard working work force, who can manage any work effectively and help the organization in order to achieve goals. In Fast Delivery services positive work environment is considered as an important factor for the growth of organization. Because of this employees will be able to achieve goals effectively along with this they are able to create effective results. Along with this various impact of organizational behaviours are considered in businesses such as culture, motivation, decision making, change management.

Challenges related to organisational behaviours

There are lots of challenges related to organizational behaviours into organization that are described below:

Work Diversity Challenges

As globalization is one of major factor of organisational behaviour due to this business is extended in to international level due to which diversified culture and requirements are encountered by organizations due to which companies are facing challenges. Along with this they have to spend huge amount on training and development of employees of different places. Due to this competition of an organization changes because everyone have different needs and requirement. Due to which certain changes have to be considered at every place.

Find Motivational Employees

Under this another important challenges is considered is finding motivated employees who can perform their job effectively, easily accept cultural diversity and take decisions between right and wrong on the basis of ethical dilemmas. Because usually employees are not able to maintain quality of product under such pressure (Trevino, and Nelson, 2016).
Work life balance: Under this employees should be able to effectively reduce costing of product. The employee should be able to find the right through which productivity cost get reduced. Along with this various challenges are also considered in order to implement organisational behaviours in to a business organisation because for this firm as to face challenges of diversified work force in which requirements of different places are considered, and in order to fulfil them they have to consider different culture, along with this due to globalization employees of different places come to provide their services due to this organisation may face diversified culture. To maintain positive work culture among employees organization need to put some efforts so that they can achieve peaceful environment into an organization. On the basis of above report it is clear that role of organisational behaviours are very significant in order to grow any business in to because of various modules that are provided by this behaviours are able to manage various factors at the same time due to this overall development of organization takes place. Along with this they become able to face various challenges that may occur in future (Zoogah, Peng, and Woldu, 2015).


On the basis of above report following conclusion can be drawn such as organisational behaviours are considerably important for growth of businesses. Through this organizations can maintain interaction among people and on the basis of various structures, policies and services they can make changes. The organisational behaviour consists of four modules such as autocratic, custodial, supportive and collegial on the basis of their impact on organization and employees ,each model is considered. On the basis of these models role of organizational behaviours are considered in order to manage business such as globalization, managing workforce diversity, improve quality and productivity, improve customer service, improve people skills, innovation and changes, work life balance, and much more through which we are considering their importance to bring any organization at international level and maintaining their quality by ensuring productivity, performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, services and response on the basis of various standard comparison and testing (Varsei, Soosay, Fahimnia, and Sarkis, 2014).


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