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Multiculturalism In Canada Assignment Sample

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Multiculturalism In Canada

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Multiculturalism In Canada


Canada is known as being diverse, very progressive and multicultural. Although the Canadian, until the year of 1940s were just considered in terms of French and English language, cultural and political identities as well as to some extent also aboriginal. Ukrainian and German Canadians ethnicity were suspects at the time of First World War, as they were initially enemy states citizens. There was an issue about Anti-semitism in Quebec, Jewish Canadian were believe that Quebec Catholic Church connected Jews with liberalism, radicalism and several other objectionable values on their according (PALMER, 2012).  While the United States black ex-slave refugees were tolerated, Asian or African racial minorities were usually believed beyond the pastel by missing a morality sense.

The mood started shifting dramatically at the duration of Second World War. Nonetheless, the Japanese Canadians were jailed in war as well as their properties were also confiscated. Earlier to the Canadian Multiculturalism advent in Canada, in the context of equal acceptance of religions, races and cultures was accepted as the Canadian government official policy in the 1970s and 1980s, in the prime ministership of Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Canadian Multiculturalism Act, 2012). The government of Canada has been described the multiculturalism instigator as a philosophy, for the reason its public concentrates on social importance of immigration rights in 1960 plus its successor in 1982 the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

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