50+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics to Engage the Audience!

09 Feb 2022 690
50+ Powerful Ideas for Persuasive Speech Topics

Many times students want their voice to be heard and inspire audience with their thoughts and ideas. However, students fail to do so because they can not find out the right words to express themselves. So, this is reason students are said to develop a speech. It helps the students to attract and engage the audience to listen to them. In school or college, the major part of attracting an audience is getting the best persuasive speech topics. However, there are still, many students who do not know about speech and its different types. Due to this, they fail to get the attention of the audience. If you too are facing the same problem, read this blog further and know about the speech in depth. 


What Is Speech and Its Types? 


In school and college, many of you get a chance to express yourself in front of other classmates. Some students di it in a flow and some are still struggling to stand in front of the audience. But do you know what we call when students do this activity? No, then you surely need to read this blog further and know about it.

Th ability to express yourself and your feelings to the audience, that is called speech. Further, when you read about persuasive speech topics, it is vital to use those words that convince, motivate, educate and inform your audience through your saying. In simple terms, you have to influence the listener to accept the way you think. The finest speech is always stimulating, daring, crisp and unique. So, make sure you write a speech that engages the audience and grabs their attention from start to end. Now, that you know what speech is, let’s know about its types. 

The persuasive speech topics has 3 types that help in convincing the audience according to your point of view. Those are; 

Factual Persuasive Speech Topics - The first type is the one for which you get accurate or factual data to include in the speech that will help you to prove whether your speech topic is true or false. 

Value Persuasive Speech Topics - In the value persuasive speech topics, you have to argue whether the topic is morally correct or not. The way you think, you have to convince your audience in that way only. 

Policy Persuasive Speech Topics - The policy persuasive speech type is to advance the policies and laws in a particular country. 

So, these are the types of 3 persuasive speech ideas that will help you to identify under which type you want to share your thoughts and ideas. Now, that you know about persuasive speech and its type, let’s read this blog further to get some interesting and unique speech topics


50+ Latest Speech Topics to Grab Attention of the Audience!


1. Can lyrics in a song impact our lives.

2. Traveling and studying abroad are positive experiences.

3. Journal writing is therapeutic.

4. You should spend time with your grandparents.

5. A laptop is better than a tablet.

6. Religion and science can go hand in hand.

7. School uniforms are good.

8. All-female colleges and all-male colleges are bad.

9. Multiple-choice tests are better than essay tests.

10. We should not spend money on space exploration.

11. Open-book tests are as effective as closed-book tests.

12. Security cameras keep us safer.

13. Parents should have access to students' grades.

14. Small classes are better than big classes.

15. You need to start saving for retirement now.

16. Credit cards are harmful to college students.

17. We should have a royal family.

18. We should protect endangered animals.

19. Texting while driving is dangerous.

20. You can write a novel.

21. Recycling should be required in the U.S.

22. State colleges are better than private colleges.

23. Which colleges are better - Private or state.

24. We should do away with penny coins.

25. Fast food containers hurt the environment.

26. Plastic straws are harmful to the environment.

27. Dogs are better pets than cats.

28. You should own a bird.

29. It's unethical to keep birds in cages.

30. Do video games have a negative effect on children's mental and physical health?

31. Should YouTube and other such platforms have censorship for younger audiences?

32. Should we keep using social networks like Facebook and Instagram despite privacy issues?

33. Is social media damaging people’s self-esteem?

34. Is genetically modified food bad for our health in the long term?

35. Is technological progress moving too fast?

36. Liberal arts degrees prepare graduates to be better workers than other degrees.

37. Hunting animals should be banned or not.

38. Football is a dangerous sport.

39. When did the School days should start?

40. Night school is better than day school.

41. Technical training is better than a college degree.

42. Immigration laws should be more lenient.

43. Students should be able to choose their schools.

44. Everyone should learn to play a musical instrument.

45. Grass lawns should be prohibited.

46. Sharks should be protected or not.

47. Are we too dependent on gadgets and technology?

48. Are cellphones addictive?

49. How can technology further improve the lives of physically challenged individuals all over the world?

50. What is the future of newspapers and other mainstream media in the power of social media?

51. Apple vs Microsoft? Which company has more influence on the world?

52. What is the most influential technological breakthrough of all time?

53. What is the relationship between the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution?

54. Metric vs imperial system: which one should we use?

55. How has food delivery changed our food consumption?

These are some of the topics for speech that will help you in engaging the audience towards your speech. So, make sure you develop a wise choice and deliver the best speech in your school or college. However, if you still did not get the one you are searching for, go to the experts. 


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