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Marketing Dissertation Topics 2020 | Engaging Ideas for Top Grades

03 Jul 2020 2402
Best Marketing Dissertation Topics

Is your marketing dissertation taking a toll on you? If yes, then here is a way to come out of all those struggles. Wondering what it is? Go through this blog to know more about it! 

An MBA for marketing is a course that most students pursue to build a strong career. This study not only helps the student strengthen his subject knowledge but also helps him develop skills like decision-making, analyzing, conducting surveys, preparing case studies, and many more. Another important part of this course is the dissertation. 

The dissertation is the final task assigned to a student pursuing this course. In this task, he has to go through what he was taught and what he learned throughout the course and then prepare a document on this. For the same, he needs to conduct in-depth research, surveys, studies, etc. But, this is also one of the complicated tasks to complete. And the toughest part of this is choosing a topic for the dissertation.

If you are also one of those students who is struggling with making a decision on which topic to write a dissertation about, then here are some topic suggestions to help you.

65+ Latest Marketing Dissertation Topics & Ideas for 2020 

1. Finance

  1. What is the concept and outcome of a management audit?
  2. Study the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth.
  3. What are the advantages and risks linked with portfolio maximum policy?
  4. Explain the impact of innovation-related investment and management performance.
  5. What are the financial risks faced by a business in today’s modern business environment? 

2. Leadership

  1. How leadership impacts management in any IT sector?
  2. What is the impact of management on organizational efficiency?
  3. Conduct a systematic analysis of transformational leadership.
  4. Perform an in-depth study on charismatic leadership.
  5. Explain the importance of leadership style in contextualizing the goal clarity of an organization.

3. Fashion

  1. How have fashion gradually evolved over the years?
  2. Explain the fashion sense in the youth of the 20th century.
  3. Explain if clothes can represent the personality traits of a person?
  4. Explain the evolution of bows and ties into the male fashion industry.
  5. What is the role of women in society regarding changing fashion trends?

4. Music

  1. List a few talented singers of 60s.
  2. How does the music industry work on today’s date?
  3. What does one need to become a successful singer?
  4. What are some tricks to get the best out of a music player?
  5. Howcan people with a hearing problem listen to the music?

5. Strategic Management

  1. Explain strategic management in the public sector.
  2. A study on strategic management of middle management.
  3. Perform a study on strategic management in the social media era.
  4. Analysis of conflict resolution in a strategic management team.
  5. Comparative analysis between stakeholder and strategic management.

6. Project Management

  1. Explain the similarities and differences in project management practices.
  2. Conduct a detailed review of current literature and project management.
  3. What is the impact of project length on management control and quality?
  4. How do organizations justify their software development methodology choices?
  5. How important is it to explore leadership qualities for successful project management?

7. Business Management

  1. What are the effects of using managed print services?
  2. Conduct a social media analysis on advances in advertising.
  3. How to use six sigma for increasing the operating efficiency?
  4. How to go green, cutting off the office expenses in big businesses?
  5. How is customer engagement management affecting technological advances?

8. Corporate Governance

  1. Detailed analysis of the corporate governance policies.
  2. An in-depth analysis of corporate governance practices.
  3. Conduct a systematic review of good corporate governance policies.
  4. Explain the impact of block holders on corporate governance policies.
  5. Explain the effect of corporate governance policies and practices on developing economies.

9. Operations Management

  1. Evaluate the supply chain function in operations management.
  2. Explain the role of company employees in effective strategy implementation.
  3. Conduct an analysis of the tools and methods used in operations management.
  4. Conduct a comparative analysis of operations management for products and services.
  5. What are the factors based on which management decides whether to manufacture in the house or outsource?

10. Branding

  1. From Failure to Success: The power of Branding for small businesses.
  2. Discuss the Influence of branding over customer psychology.
  3. Can Brand Marketing limit the business scope?
  4. Risk involvement in the creation of brand image.
  5. How quality works in the sustaining of brand?
  6. Social responsibilities of a company’s brand manager: Societal expectations.
  7. How separation and merging of leading brands affect the growth?

11. Consumer Behaviour

  1. How purchasing power of target audience affects the marketing development of a company?
  2. How do numbers affect customers psychology, and how to get maximum benefit from it?
  3. Does creation of need still work with predisposed customers?
  4. How does branding affects consumer behavior?
  5. Flea-market strategy for building strong customer base.
  6. Does marketing research for ascertaining consumer behavior, before product prototyping, help in minimizing the potential risks?
  7. How to take benefit from word-of-mouth publicizing, Customer motivation.

12. Cross Cultural Marketing

  1. How to deal with the language barrier for effective marketing?
  2. The influence of family culture in the building of loyal customer foundation.
  3. How does national culture affect the sales of exported goods?
  4. What role does social status play in the pricing strategy?
  5. Overcoming the cultural differences to market nation-oriented services: Japanese cuisine exposure.
  6. Influence of quality products while dealing with predominance of local marketers.
  7. Promotive marketing for vogues: Launching of new series of products.

13. Dissertation Topics on 4P’s of Marketing Mix

  1. How does Pricing affect the sales in E-commerce sites?
  2. Why do online brands promote their business on seasonal basis?
  3. How geographical plates affect the needs and demands of denizens?
  4. Does the quality of product overcome the lack of promotional activities?
  5. Influence of branding on promotional activities for the launch of new products.
  6. Can market risks be overcome by conducting research in between the product life cycle?
  7. Developing a pricing strategy based on the location of target audience.

These are some amazing topics compiled from the most popular categories of marketing dissertation. However, if you have decided a topic and are wondering, ‘how to write a dissertation title?,’ seek help from our experts!

Why Do Students Struggle to Choose a Dissertation Topic?

Choosing a dissertation topic is not less than fighting a war for students. There are many reasons behind this, but here are a few common ones:

1. Incomplete Information About the Requirements

The first thing that a student should look for is requirement. It is based on these requirements that a student can choose a theme and then the topic for the dissertation. But, when he doesn’t have a clue about either, things get a bit messy and tough. 

2. Lack of Decision-Making Skills

The next thing that plays a vital role in a student’s ability to choose a topic is decision-making capability. This is a skill that not just a student but everyone should develop. When there are numerous topic ideas, then it is these skills that become a savior for the student.

3. Improper Knowledge of the Subject

For a student, gaining enough knowledge of the subject is important so that he can divert and direct the dissertation accordingly. If a student lacks the subject knowledge, he cannot get an idea about the probable topics on which he can write a dissertation. 

So, these are the three main reasons why a student faces a struggle while choosing a topic for his dissertation.

How to Choose an Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topic?

Feeling anxious or helpless while choosing marketing dissertation topics? Not anymore! He is a step-by-step guide to help you choose an interesting marketing topic for your dissertation.

1. Understand the Requirements

The first step to take while choosing a dissertation topic is to understand the requirements of the task. When you get a clear idea of the requirements, you know the boundary and limit for the research of your topic. This, thus, helps in determining a relevant topic easily.

2. Choose a Subject with a Broad Scope

The next step is to check for the scope of the chosen subject. A dissertation is a lengthy and detailed document, unlike assignments. So, you should be able to gather enough information on this subject to to make it informative. Thus, choose a topic with a good scope.

3. Research for More Knowledge

Research on the subject from different perspectives to gain more information on it. You can try the 4Ws & 1H approach to look into ‘what, why, where, when, and how’ of the subject. This helps in seeking an out-of-the-box idea for the topic.

4. Find a Topic of Your Interest

You can try sitting in a calm place and brainstorm for your interest. Put down all the ideas you feel interested in related to the subject in a notebook. And once you are done with all your mind dumping, you can take a break and relax before moving to the next step. 

5. Check for the Topic Relevance

Out of all the topics you took note of, strike off the ones that are not or least relevant to your subject. Then shortlist the ones that are highly relatable to your subject. Now finally choose one topic from the list you have noted down.

Follow this simple 5-step process and choose an impeccable topic for your marketing dissertation. Now this seems easy, right? But wait! You are not yet done! Out of this excitement and sometimes due to overconfidence, you end up making silly mistakes in your dissertation. Read the below section to know more.

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Dissertation Topic

“If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re out there doing something.” – Neil Gaiman

Making mistakes is acceptable, but not learning from them and repeating them all the time without realization is not!

In every work, there is a probability that you may make a mistake in it. Similarly, you also make mistakes while choosing dissertation topics for marketing. Want to know what are they? Here are a few listed below:

1. Not Communicating with the Mentor

The very first mistake that many students do during their dissertation topic selection is not communicating with their mentor. Yes! May it be committee mentor, your professor or a senior, you should always talk to them and take their advice into consideration so that you do not have to face any troubles in the later stage.

2. Not Using the Resources Properly

There are various resources available for a student that can help him in gaining ample knowledge on any subject. But, not making the best use of them can lead you into a do or die situation. You can go through books, journals, and articles available in the library or go through the blogs available on the internet for this purpose.

3. Not looking into the big picture

Students often make this mistake when they do not look into the bigger picture. Yes! They just find an interesting section for their dissertation and go for that topic without learning if it has enough scope for writing an entire dissertation. Often this mistake leads them to lack of information or too much information for a document like a dissertation. Thus, make sure to calculate well and research well, keeping the dissertation length in mind for better results.

Make sure not to repeat these mistakes while writing your dissertation on marketing, or else you may end up losing valuable grades in your work. 

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