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            Development of health is very much indispensable for every human beings in order to live their life more comfortably without facing any success barriers (Hevener  and Febbraio, 2010). Thus, it is essential for individual to pay attention on their body growth by following suitable measures such as; follow proper diet, avoid junk foods, eat healthy items and so on. Therefore, assignment is going to highlight the major health issue which is faced by entire community or nation is “obesity”. Along with this, various interventions are also outlining in this assignment in order to assist common people “how to overcome their obese problem”.

Main Body

            Obesity is a major health problem that is encountered by an individual in their young age, early stage of life as well as sometime it also incurred at last phase of life due to improper care of body. In fact, it is a state of excessive fat which might occurred because of high caloric, intake of sugar and carbohydrate materials that is highly common in diets of western people. Beside this, it affects the person in various manner as well as create problem for them while performing various job role like; professional task, household work and so on. According to survey report it has been analysed that numerous of people are going through this problem because of advanced facilities such as; online services, home delivery, earning high level of income, advanced techniques of connecting with people, indoor games preferred by kids hence forth. As a result, an individual get affected by obesity which may hamper their life cycle in several ways. For example; obese person get failed in participating sports activities, not available to accomplish their job role in a fastest way, circulated with various health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. It means, this issue has been identified as a most sparking one at international marketplace because it is hampering a common people in distinct way (Kopelman, 2010).

            According to analysis report it is identified that various authors are expressing their viewpoints on this most sparking issue that is “obesity”. In fact some are opposing that being a fat person is not a big deal and it is not a problem. For instance; According to Harriet Brown book one of most different thing that is determined is “don't try to lose weight” which means that overweight is not a bad gesture. At the same time it has been identified that some other authors are expressing that obesity is seen as success barriers which may hamper the life style of an individual in various aspects. Thus, it is mandatory to take measures steps for reducing this problem from societal place. Additionally, various interventions are conducting which helps an individual as well as entire populations to overcome obese problem in a minimum time period. Moreover, get succeeded in maintaining their body fit which may attract others. Therefore, four major interventions of obesity is discussed as follows:-

            As per the viewpoints of various scholars it has been identified that obesity may resolve at every stage of a person either he\she are child, young, enjoying mid of their life cycle or last stage. But needs to follow some specific rules and regulations in order to control their overweight processing because potentiality of every individual are distinct from others. Consequently, interventions for reducing this problem is differ from phase of human beings that is described as underneath:-

            Preventing obesity in early childhood:- Initial phase of human body are very flexible in nature because kids are having full capacity to do anything as everything is new for them ( World Health Organization, 2016). In fact, intervention of controlling overweight of children's needs to follow specific daily routine which is expressed below:-

  • Motivate them to get involved in a outdoor games for building their inner capacities.
  • Eat healthy foods for maintaining their body and free from health issues.
  • Need to follow their routine in effective manner as per their parents guidance.

            Methods used by youngsters:- In today's scenario number of young age group people are becoming lazy due to availability of standardized facilities. For example; online services, android phone and so on. Thus, they need to follow an appropriate routine to reduce their weight which is describ