Concept of Health and Well-Being

Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Analyze the concept of health and well-being and its significance in health sector.
  • Examine the impact of social determinants of health on the effectiveness of intervention.
  • What are the importance of adopting a holistic approach?
  • Identify the factors influencing the health and well- being of the target population.



Answer :


Public health England re-launches a campaign which is termed as “ACT FAST”. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about signs and symptoms of stroke. It includes encouraging people so that can recognize any one of the symptoms of stroke in them or in other individuals (Park, Reber and Chon, 2016). This campaign has main objective is that anyone who witnessed somebody of getting stroke, they can contact to 999. The main target of this group is of age 50 including south Asian, African, black African and Caribbean communities where number of prevalence of stroke is high. This campaign uses qualitative methods in examine number of stroke symptoms that are available. In this assignment, different concepts of health and well-being are covered. In addition to this, the effectiveness of intervention that are used in promoting health also includes in this.


1) Describe a minimum of three different concepts of health and wellbeing.

Health and well-being is two important concept and necessary in an individual life. it includes the essential needs of a person which is need to be achieve. The concept of health and well-being is supposed to complete state of mental, physical and social well-being. It is vital to maintain high rate of this concept in all sectors or department of an individual from which we can maintain their health and life (Lupton, 2017). The human can achieve many benefits in in their personal law professional level when they achieve better health and wellbeing. It also includes the ability of an person to overcome from their difficulties or issues that affecting their physical social and mental wellbeing. There are three types of concept of health and wellbeing such as physical, mental and social.

Physical health and wellbeing refers to the balancing of body which has capability to overcome from any disease or any issue. It is necessary to be occur accurately as it can enhance the health of an individual by reducing the risk of several health issues that come up due to disease. in context of given scenario the public health England promote health and wellbeing of an individual by providing awareness of stroke that can be occur through various diseases. As various people suffer from different types of disease from which chances of stroke can occur.

There are a number of factors that can affect physical health and wellbeing of an individual switches increased risk of issues, not having proper awareness about conditions, etc. Those people who experience good physical health have low level of disease and various other symptoms. The physical well-being refers to healthy life which is maintained by adopting some protection and prevention which strength body. It is necessary to be aware as it is in reducing the issue that come up from any disease.

Social well-being refers to belonging of an individual in which lifestyle values believes and quality of life which impact on their health and wellbeing (Dahl, Hales and Turner-McGrievy, 2016). This is important to be occur fully as this concept help people in reducing stress and depression from which they can attain good health and well-being. In this, social cognitive theory can be used which help in observing people in context of their experiences, media influences and interaction in social. This can help in analyzing behavior of individuals that helps in identifying behavior through media. With this, media can influence their action towards people.

Mental well-being refers to identification of potentiality by individual from their own. With proper mental health, people can work and act normal without any stress or anxiety in life. It includes emotion, feeling, etc. that affect mental state. It is necessary to be occur as it implements contribution to good health. This enables people to overcome from difficulties that are occurring in their life. The various traumas can be reduced with proper occurrence of health and well-being of individuals. ;;;;;;;

2) Examine the concepts of health and well-being used within the intervention

Stroke is an effective impact on the human body which leads to sometime death. So it is necessary to provide awareness about it to people that Deccan take effective steps in taking prevention immediately. The public health of England, promote act FAST which have main aim to promote individuals about stroke that occur anywhere (Jha, Lin and Savoia, 2016). It is necessary to provide awareness about it as arise only early prevention can prevent individual from there stroke. The association of England uses mass media intervention in their campaign to provide awareness about issues.

With this, they can influence people to observe change behavior in themselves and others as symptoms of stroke can be seen in this. Their campaign includes different mass media interventions suggest TV, radio and advertising from which big and more and more support or promote their services to people. As there are various people connected with media through various social media. With this intervention the concept or necessity of health and well being can be removed by providing appropriate interventions that are necessary to be taken immediately at the time of stroke. With this they can effectively provide knowledge about stroke. With use of such intervention can properly target to stroke from which it can impact positively on knowledge (Wallerstein and et. al, 2017). As it provides awareness of urgency that are needed immediately response by an individual in case of stroke. With the help of mass media intervention, health department race awareness about stroke mainly about the symptoms suggests weakness in facial, arm.

It also include disturbance in speech which is a symptom of stroke. The benefit of this intervention is that the health department can promote stroke symptoms with their specific message that help people to understand more about it. As a language and message of media also affect people from which they can understand effectiveness of this behavior that is needed to be applied. With this intervention various policymakers researches and clinical can also be influenced in taking action of stroke in their role. With this intervention general practice can applied various theories from which they can effectively make understand of their campaign to people. This help individual to be aware about the environment from which they can take prevention to symptoms of strokes.

This is an effective way of promoting health and wellbeing among individuals as it can present at any time which provide appropriate content to users. It also provide people to monitor change in their behavior. With this people can monitor their physical, social and mental activity which motivates them to improve their health. With such information it can influence about health and will be true target people which can highly influenced by key message of campaign.

3) Analyse the effectiveness on the intervention on health and wellbeing

There are various effectiveness occur on implementing this campaign on people. As it is an effective method of providing awareness about stroke that result in adverse condition of individual. There are some social determinants of health which help in developing effectiveness of FAST campaign among people.; The concept of health and well-being that are used in the intervention is to provide aware about stroke that is suddenly occurring in people. The symptoms of stroke can be seen through changing in face, arms and speech (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016). The positive impact of intervention is at more people aware about symptoms of stroke that suddenly develop in people. More people are now aware about strokes which is necessary to be cure as soon as possible unless it cause adverse condition for that of an individual. The main concept of mass media intervention is to promote health and well-being among people so that they can take steps in promoting health of individual. When this intervention the services can easily promote among people so that can take proper use of services.;;

The mass media intervention is an effective method to promoting awareness about stroke symptoms in between people. As it develops awareness about changing behavior of people and motivate them to use proper services of their health issues. The effect of social determinant occurs as positively as it provides emergency response to people according to their changed behavior in their health issues. There is various numbers of people who are associated with socially so with the help of these mass media intervention the awareness about stroke can be successfully implemented.

The media intervention target people who have stroke symptoms by providing awareness through media by key messages. The impact of social determinants can be seen on public behavior as more people are arrived for their care and treatment by contacting their general practitioners. From this people can aware about their first response of stroke from which they can treat their health issues with the help of evidence-based practice or treatments. Search social determinants drives a positive impact on people as their knowledge and awareness increase which are needed to response in case of emergency. This is an effective approach from which people can recognize symptoms of stroke which encourage them to take action and bring individual in an emergency department. This helps in lowering the risk of disability.

The holistic approach is occurs to providing treatment in order to prevent disease by maintaining health and welfare in all perspectives of life. It knows consideration of patients in which care professionals consider spiritual, social, psychological and physical of an individual. This is necessary to implement in care and treatment as it provides nurses to treat their patients effectively. It provides a strengthand positive environment which assist patients to receive an effective approach in their care. With this approach, professionals can treat each individual according to their needs or values (Hubley and Copeman, 2018). It is a necessary and effective approach of this campaign as with this people who are working with healthcare can provide treatment according to patient thoughts emotions and expression which is the main objective of FAST campaign. The use of holistic approach can also provide knowledge two patients so that they can perform their daily activities with the help of practitioner. As early symptoms of stroke occur in older age people but with the help of holistic approach nurses can provide appropriate services by providing treatment according to their knowledge and values.

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From the above essay, it has been concluded that health and well-being of an individual is necessary to be effectively attained. As there are various concepts of health occur which is needed to be fulfil so that good health can be promoted. It can be occur with the help of FAST campaign, and awareness about stroke can be provide to all people.To get more details about the online assignment help you can ask our experts.

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