Challenges and Difficulties Faced by Students

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Question :

Topic- Individual report

Word limit: 1500

Assessment 2- Individual report

  • to study at university can be very challenging due to many reasons. Students often find difficult in managing time due to other activities like work, family and many more. You are required to assess and measure certain challenges that students face when they start studying at university.
  • Give recommendation that could assist students to overcome these challenges.

Provide at least 10 sources of published references.

Learning Outcome:

  • Get knowledge of learning strategies and techniques to enhance memory retention and interpret how individual learn.
  • Use Information of library and services of media.
  • Quality of references
  • adopt academic writing and present conclusion.
  • Structure of report
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Analysis and discussion of all questionnaire  
  • Recommendation]
  • Conclusion

List of references

Answer :


Starting University is mostly like initiating a new life. Situation of every student in a University is different and there are some of the problems which are experienced by almost all University students by dealing with certain circumstances. Most of the students are really not prepared for such challenges and thus results in being overwhelmed and it made them to take extra time for adjusting in new life (Mulryan-Kyne, 2010). It is difficult for students to manage time due to their family and other various commitments which often results in difficulties to gain knowledge at University. Students are required to give their time to parents and other family members along with several different responsibilities which are proved to be a hurdle for them to mange time for the University. Such problems for students can sometimes pose to arise major challenges to learn, socializing and learning skills at University. For many students, University courses needs much more efforts rather than normal school classes. Students often feel disconnected and struggle to develop some habits like priotization, time management as well as staying healthy. Time management is the most common problem for students who has just started to go to University as they are more bounded to their families and does not have any experience to prioritize things in their daily routine. Many of the students often face problems in balancing University, work and family. Many adults even hold down their academic learning for taking care of their families (Petty, 2014). All such commitments are often lead to an overpower student. Thus, managing commitment is one of the major challenge. In this research study, difficulties faced by students studying at University is gong to be discuss. Furthermore, evaluation of major challenges experienced by a student at beginning of University is going to cover. At last, examination of ways of managing time due to commitments of family and work is going to evidenced.

Aim: To analyse the difficulties faced by a student to manage their time due to family and work.


  • To identify the difficulties faced by student studying at university.
  • To evaluate the main challenges experienced by a student at beginning of University.
  • To examine ways of managing time due to commitments of family and work.


  • What are the difficulties faced by student studying at university?
  • How to evaluate the main challenges experienced by a student at beginning of University?
  • What are the ways of managing time due to commitments of family and work?

Literature Review

As per the perspectives of Hochanadel and Finamore (2015), Students begin their college with dreams and hopes of earning a degree and enhancing situation at home, at work and in University. However, there are some of the difficulties and challenges that seem insurmountable for students. For some of the students such challenges could slow them down and could even stop them for acquiring such hopes and dreams. According to the perspective of Hew and Cheung (2014), time management is also a major challenge for the students who are going to work also and taking care of their family along with going to University.

The Difficulties Faced by Student Studying at University.

There are range of problems that are faced by students when they start University. One of the most common problem is to adjust in new life. There is a period of adjustments for the students of University when they begin their journey. Lee (2010), stated that First year of University is mostly extra hard for the individuals as they experience a totally different culture. The another difficulty faced by students are homesickness when they leave their home for studying in University. It is hard for them to concentrate on learning at University.

The Main Challenges Experienced by a Student at Beginning of University.

There are many challenges faced by students in University that can be a potential hurdle for them to learn knowledge and skills. The major challenge for students who join University is managing time as students join part time jobs to manage financial issues. As tuition costs in University is raising at higher rate. In addition to this, cost of transportation, food and other resources made the conditions worse. Doiz and, (2012), stated that family responsibility is a major hurdle for the students who have join college as they have to take care of their parents and due to which they get failed to manage time for the University work. Prioritizing things is also a major challenge for the students a University. It is hard to prioritize work when student is facing pool of seemigly-urgent works. It is very important for them to learn how to prioritize things in an effective way as it will also help in to mange time.

The Ways of Managing Time Due to Commitments of Family and Work.

According to the views of Kumar, Johnson and Hardemon (2013), It is not easy for students to balance home and work together with University. Thus, it is very important to develop some strategies in order to manage time to perform better in their academics. It is important for students to clear out the cluster of unnecessary activities and need to make space for important tasks. As per the views of Jain and Li (2011), Evaluation of commitments, discussion of realistic gaols with family and learn to make use of other people is also an effective strategy to balance between University and family. As there are certainly tasks in daily life of students that could be easily perform by others.

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Analysis and Discussion

From the above mentioned literature review, it can be analysed that there are number of challenges and difficulties that are faced by students who recently join University. Discussion and analysis of the questions being formed are discussed here.

Theme 1: The Difficulties Faced by Student Studying at University

There are a wide range of difficulties that are faced by students when they join a University. Courses at University requires more efforts rather than any high school classes (Goldrick-Rab, 2010). Difficulties like adapting in new environment is most common for students as they find it hard to adjust in the culture of University. Another major difficulty is homesickness as they are away from parents and often suffer signs of anxiety which make it difficult for them to learn effectively in their university.

Theme 2: The Main Challenges Experienced by a Student at Beginning of University

Tuition fees of college students are rising at higher rates. In order to afford such higher prices for college tuition fee, many of the students often join a part time job. Thus, it is difficult for them to mange time for the University as well as work. Along with that another major hurdle is family responsibilities as they have to perform various duties at their home also so they do not get time for University. Prioritizing things is also a major challenge for the students a University due to lack of experience for managing work at time.

Theme 3: The Ways of Managing Time Due to Commitments of Family and Work.

It is important for University students to mange their time. Thus, it is important to reduce unnecessary tasks from their work and free some space for University work. It is important for a student to decide what is important for them. Students can ask other individuals to perform some of the duties of home which they could so that time for the University could be manage in an easy way and evaluation of commitments along with prioritizing work is also beneficial for students who have to balance between work and University.


It has been recommanded that University students should set some boundaries for themselves and make a plan of action that could be easily perform by them on a daily basis. It will help students to find a true blend between work, University and family. It has been suggested that students need to use a planning tool for managing time for their work and University activities and must carry it with themselves. Getting organized is also being recommand for students who find it difficult to manage time between different life aspects. It has been suggested that students must ask for help with others so that they can eliminate the burden of their responsibilities and can give time to their academic learning.


From the above research study, it has been concluded that students need to face number of challenges and difficulties in their academic learning. Adapting to culture of University, management of time between family, university and work along with prioritizing things are the most common challenges experience by a student.

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