Development of Skills and Knowledge to Make Effective


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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Examine the variety of tools and methods to identify and enhance interpersonal and transferable skills.
  • Critically analyse own personal and professional development plan and its role in the personal growth of the individual.
  • Examine and organise ownership of own learning and development for work.
Answer :


A continuous development program can be explained as a process or method of tracking, monitoring, and documenting skills that are based on knowledge and experience which are gained through different formal and informal processes. Development of skills and knowledge is important to make effective in future. There are different things are learned by people in education institutes that are important for them to develop an efficient carrier. Some of these skills are based on the education program and some of them are based on personal experience (McConnell, Delate and Newlon, 2015). The skills that are learned by the person in the education program are important for the core and technical development of the person but the skills that are learned by individual person by personal experience are long-lasting and more effective. This report is providing a brief introduction of the skills that are developed in student in the education and how different professional skills that are important for professional and carrier growth will be studied in the report. Continuous professional development plan will be developed in the report which can help the individual to achieve those skills which are required for Future growth. This report is also explaining the personal experience of individual person through the learning program in form of reflection. The importance of personal and professional skills will be mentioned in report.

Aim and Objectives


To analysis the personal skills of individual person in order to develop continuous professional development plan.


  • To analyse the importance of personal experience in the skill development process.
  • To conduct personal Analysis in order to find different weaknesses and opportunities to develop effective continuous development plan to meet carrier requirements.

There are different things are need to learn which are important in evaluating the importance of personal learning and experience. Some of the things are need to be considered in the process to evaluate personal skills which are required in the professional carrier. By evaluating personal experiences in effective way the process of personal evaluation can be improved (Hope, 2018). There are different areas of individual’s personality and knowledge need to be evaluated in process to reduce the complexities in the personal development process. There are different things need be considered in the process which are related to the personal and professional skills of student. This process can provide better opportunities to individual person to develop effective plan for personal development. For example communication skills, learning skills, analysing skills, and some other technical skills need to be analysed in personal development process. To implement these personal analysis individual can use personal evaluation tools like SWOT analysis. This is how a outline of personal development process can be made for carrier development stages.

Learning Experiences in University Program

In a university perform different activities are performed by individual person. These activities are consists of various kind of experiences which are important for the professional development of individual person. There are some professional skills should have in person to get proper growth and development in the professional carrier (Perry, 2017). These professional skills can be classified in two different categories that are personal skills and other are core technical skills. These both type of skills can be gained by individual person in the student life. The university education program are developed in such a way that can provide proper opportunities to individual person to gain all those skills that are required in future life. There are different ways can be used to learn and implement personal experience in personal life. Some of main things that are required for personal and professional development process are-

Using Proactive Behaviour

This is one of the most important thing that is important to gain different type of new experiences in the educational program in university. There are different advantages of these process. Main advantages of proactive behaviour are related to enhanced chances to learn new things. This is not possible for individual person to create certain possibilities and opportunities which are important to learn from different experiences (Bates, Phalen and Moran, 2016). Proactive behaviour of person is crucial to learn new skills, knowledge and information form the certain activity. This thing develop a tendency in individual person to gain something new from each experience. By this proactive behaviour person can develop critical skill efficiently.

Engagement in Activities

This is important for the student in order to involve in all different practices that tends to development of new and innovative skills that can differentiate a person different form other people. This differentiation is important for the carrier professional growth of person. The meaning of engagement is to get involved in different practices that can enable a person to learn new experiences which are good for professional and personal development. The involvement of person extra curriculum activities provide them opportunity to develop effective communication skills and people management skills that can be helpful for individual person in professional carrier. The business organization can consider this capabilities in order to get better employee. It can create opportunity for individual person in future corporate carrier. It also help them to develop condition handling capacity (Varlejs, 2017). This is how engagement in different activities can help person in personal and professional development.

Focusing on Learning

This is not possible for individual person to learn different skills without personal efforts. This is responsibility of student to maintain their focus on the learning program to reduce the complexities of different procedures which are attempted in the education and learning process with in the university program. By focusing on the learning process student can get better opportunities to understand the experiences that are associated with the learning and education process. To full fill these purpose of better learning person can implement various changes in learning program (Ostaficzuk and Gagnon, 2017). Vast learning and educational criteria can be used to develop better understanding process for university learning. These is how by considering vast and global knowledge efficient development can be plan for international scope.


The process of continuous professional development starts from the personal analysis process which includes different steps which are important for find own capabilities in order to make effective plan that is good to develop better learning and understanding skills in student. This continuous professional development program will be focused on those skills and practices which are effective for the personality development (Grant, 2017). Some of skills can not be developed in with in such time period, these skills need a continuous process that can efficiently improve the professional skills of individual person for effective carrier in corporate culture. The process of the professional and experience based skill development starts with the SWOT analysis that can help individual person to find their limitations and scope of learning new skills.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a self analysis tool that is used by different organization and individual to perform individual assessment process for certain purpose (Elliott and Walden, 2015). This is very important process for people to find areas for development for professional and personal growth. In this analysis process various areas of individual personalities are considered in the vast perspectives for effective assessment.


There are some personality traits of individual person can be considered as the strengths. Some of the main strengths that are evaluated in the own assessment process are- well education background and it is important to learn new concept of education program. These is one of best strength that can provide competitive advantage to a person on other people. There is a basic educational knowledge is required to learn the concept of learning and develop different skills (Nasr, Mirshahjafari and Liaghatdar, 2016). As per the assessment process communication skills are also efficient to effectively learn different concept of the university learning program. Effective communication skill is also consider as one of most important skill that is required in the corporate culture. Better and effective communication process also increase the learning and understanding capability of person. Quick learning skill is also good for university earning program. As there are different experiences are faced by person with in the educational organization and quick learning skill can help to solve the complex issues with in short time. Some other important skills are team worker, Careful Behaviour.


This is important to assess personal skills in order to find areas in individual person to develop the professional development plan. Main weakness that were evaluated in assessment process are- Less experience of professional business activities which are mostly used in corporate culture. The tendency of easily get distracted is big issue in learning process (Torres-Guzman, 2015). Less organized behaviour is big trouble in the learning program because it need to be a specific process that is effective for individual person. Without better organised work it is not possible to execute different activities effectively. Less creative nature also a big issue in learning process form personal experiences. This all weakness need to be consider in the continuous development program to improve the future the future possibilities.


Different practical platforms can be used in order to develop better learning opportunities which are related to the professional development. Some international languages can be learned in order to create internal scope for education (Oleson, 2016). Different university level clubs can be joined to get better knowledge of educational program that is used in educational institute. This is how these possibilities can be considered to over all development of person.


Some of main threats in educational organisation for a student are- student who are scholar in in different activities can reduce the opportunities for individual person to learn new things. Other students are main threat in university learning program less effective team leader is also big challenge and threat for individual person (Drude, Maheu and Hilty, 2019). Less number of learning options is also threat in learning process. This thing can create different barriers in the learning process.

These are some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a student in the educational institute. For the continuous professional development program these all measures need to be considered.

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As per the process that is used for the continuous professional development process I have learned and developed different skills that are important for the professional carrier. This is really difficult to develop some professional and personal skills which are required must in corporate carrier. In my opinion this skills are also important to complete the educational program with higher grades. I have faced different experiences in the university education program. By making some small changes in learning process, professional skills can be easily developed in individual person. As I have implemented this continuous professional plan to develop some basic skills in my personality in order to be efficient in the learning process. I have found that in the initial stages of the development program, there are different problems are faced by the individual person. The initial part of development plan is difficult for all people to perform self analysis to make effective plan for personal development. There are different advantages of the continuous professional development plan which are- this process allows a person to earn different skills which are important for personal growth of person in professional carrier. The basic differences between different people can cause major difference in the end for professional carrier. The main objective of the professional development plan is to help the individual person to develop some skills and abilities which can improve their capabilities. This improved capabilities can be used to make major difference in the level for efficiency in work. There are different challenges are faced by individual person or student in university education and some basic skills can improve their level of experience and learning by creating some extra opportunities. For example skills like communication are effective for all conditions. Communication skills can be used to effectively communicate with in different form of work. It can also improve the academic performance of student in university and it also can create some extra opportunities for person in the professional life. As I have analysed this continuous professional development plan (CPD), it is one of the best way to improve some targeted skills of individual person. This targeted approach of personal development provide better opportunity to meet the pre planned goals within the time. I have learned that it is a specific process that is based on strategic method that allows the person to achieve goals with higher efficiency. The measures that are used to evaluate the completion of goals also help individual to check progress of which development plan, by this process student can effectively development some that might be useful in professional carrier. This is how continuous professional development plan has been used to improve the personal and professional efficiency of individual person.

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