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Elements of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing can be termed as marketing and advertising efforts by using web and direct sales through e-commerce. It is also considered as electronic marketing in which the company uses various methods along with traditional methods such as newspapers, television and radio (Albarran, 2013). In the present report, the concept of internet marketing is discussed in context of Small Restorations Limited that is small enterprise engaged in buying and selling of office furniture systems. This report covers the various elements of internet marketing which are used by the stated business. Further, it also covers the use of internet for the purpose of promotion through digital marketing communication. In addition to this, it also produces the market research for customer relationship management. At last, an internet marketing plan is designed in order to evaluate all the aspects such as market segmentation and competitor analysis (Andreasen and Kotler, 2008). It covers all the analysis on internet marketing which is beneficial for the company and it is man


1.1 Elements of internet marketing

Internet marketing is a considered as a mixes of different elements which is used by Smart Restorations Ltd in order to increase the sales. It can be used by them whether they are running business online or offline (Chaston, 2015). In modern era, all of the businesses are using internet marketing which is easy for them and understand the concept.  There are various elements of internet marketing which are used by Smart Restorations Ltd are as follow:

Creation- Creation can be termed as a process where a website is created for developing to carry out online marketing. In this process, it covers the determination of content and designing of website. It is important that a person to be effective at the time of developing website so that it identify the success and failure of that plan. It is needed by the business to provide relevant and accurate information to the people (Chen and Yang, 2014).

Optimization- In this process a appropriate key word is developed by the stated business in which the content is related to that specific key word. The process of optimization can be done in an effective way by creating an attractive tag-line.

Promotion- This is another element of internet marketing and potential of internet marketing is based on the promotion of company on internet (Feng, Bhargava and Pennock, 2007). Along with this, there is one of the best way to carry out activities of promotion as it can be done through social media sites including Facebook.

Analysing- This can be termed as a process where business analyse the different aspects of the marketing plan. In this context, all the elements are observed which helps to find out the loop holes and appropriate outcomes can be achieved (Fritz, 2013).

1.2 Internet marketing mix

Internet marketing mic can be defined as the combination of various elements of marketing. This is a set of different actions that helps the sated company in order to carry out the activities of promotion and branding in an appropriate manner. All the businesses have to make sure that the marketing mix can be developed in a effective manner for attracting the customers and earn high profits (Gay, R., Charlesworth and Esen, 2007). The internet marketing mix is described below-

E-product-This is one of the most essential element of internet marketing mix in which an organisation required to be appropriate at the time of selecting the goods and service which are going to be promoted online. They also have to make sure the detail information of the products are available for the customers so that they can purchase it with proper specification (Hanson and Kalyanam, 2007).

E-Price- It is another most important factor which helps to determine the demand of products in the market. Through online promotion of goods and services as it decreases the cost of products.  For the purpose of increasing sales lowering the prices of products so that customers can easily purchase it. Thus, it helps to enhance in the customer loyalty. Prices of products and services are based on the preferences of customers and they can manage the prices according to the preferences of them.  

E-Place-Place can be refers to the place from where the products are  purchased and deliver to the different customers. It is important aspect for Smart Restorations Ltd to make sure that all of the products are delivered to the customers on specific time (Holland, Diehl and Herrmann, 2013). Thus, the company have to be ensure at the time of selecting the place.

E-Promotion- In the process of promotion is needed to be carry out in effective manner. The company faces different issues and challenges at the time of promotion of products on internet and that are required to be overcome. The company promoted products and services using various platform such as social media marketing and using different tools and techniques of promotion so that they can provide appropriate information related to the products (Ivy, 2008). Further, this tools and techniques plays an important role in order to make effectiveness of promotional strategies on the customers.

1.3 Comparision of internet marketing tools

Internet marketing tools are those by which the company carry out the plan of marketing. Further, there are different tools that are used by the company according to needs and requirement and some of the tools are described below as :

Social media- It is considered as an important tool which helps to carry out the the process of marketing using social media (Kotler and, 2015). Further, this method id cost effective and outcomes are appropriate which helps the business so that they can market their goods and services in proper way. The company can uses social media such as Facebook and other common sites which are accessed by people. Through social media company can promote their products and services to the wide range of people which is beneficial for them and can engage a large number of customers so that it increases the level of profit in business.  

Search engine optimizer- This tool is used to maximisation in the traffic which leads to increase in the people who are visiting website. This tool is helpful in order to increase in the visibility of website and sales of goods and services (Laffey, 2007). It can be stated that this technique helps to manage the sales of the products and services which is based on the visitors of the website. It is required to be appropriate use of the search engine so that customers can effectively manage the visibility of the customers.

Web content- With the help of web content the the internet marketing can be carried out in an effective manner. This tool is helpful in order to attract customer by giving appropriate content on website so that customers get attracted towards it. This is helpful in order to attract large number of customers  by providing appropriate content to them with specifications.

PPC advertising- Pay per click is one of the important tool of online marketing. In this tool the publisher of advertisement receives money on each click of the add which is posted by them (Schibrowsky, Peltier and Nill, 2007). This tool is different in which it creates fast and proper outcomes in a short period of time.

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1.4 Examination of interactive order processing

The process of interactive order can be termed as a proper activity which is carried out with the help of internet. There are different e-commerce businesses which implemented this kind of system of order processing. In this system, it starts with the stage in which customers place an order considering a specific product (Simmons, 2016). After the process of ordering the seller confirm the order and buyer gets a message of confirmation and details regarding the product. In the information related to the delivery of product and it also contains the code and date on which the goods are delivered to customers. Further, the buyer and seller both of them are access the information of products through track the order. So that they can get knowledge regarding the product. Every business required to make sure all information related to the products and implement this type of process. Therefore, if it can not be done in an appropriate manner so that they an encourage the customers so that they can prefer the products of other company (Singh, 2015).


2.2 E-mail marketing newsletter



Greetings of the day!!

There is a big sale and different types of discount are available on the office furniture equipment:

The date and time of sale is given below

Date- 25th January

Time- 7 am. To  10 pm. 

For more information please visit the official website of company.


3.1 Secondary market research

Smart Restorations Limited is small business enterprise that is engaged in buying and selling of systems of office furniture. The company have large number of customers as they sell their products in the different locations. There are various types of tools and techniques are used by them in order to attract customers for their products and services. The company decided to make a partnership with Blue search for the purpose of improvement in conversation rate. There is increase in the profit and sales of business by using different changes are made by the marketing team by creating brochure of the company (Strauss, 2016). It has been identified that there is large scope for the company as the customers are interested in buying the products of Smart Restorations Limited. The stated company also make improvement in the market size due to the changes in its products in a particular time frame. This will leads to increase in the volume of sales and increase in the profit of the company. The expectation of the customers are high so that the cited business make goods and services as per the needs and requirement of them. Smart Restorations Limited adopted different tools and techniques of promotion such as direct selling. Social media marketing and print media. This tools are helpful in order to promote the products in the different areas that is beneficial for the business (Thrassou and Vrontis, 2008). Thus, it can be stated that this techniques can help the business so that it increases the sales and revenue of the cited organisation.

3.2 Primary research



  • Below 20
  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • Above 50
  1. How frequently do you buy the products of Smart Restorations Limited?
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Once in a year
  • Other than this
  1. What attracts you the most at the time of purchasing?
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality of Products
  • Effective services
  • Goodwill
  • Other than this
  1. Do you agree with the customer relationship management of company is appropriate?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. How would you rate the pricing strategy of Smart Restorations Limited?
  • Excellent
  • Average
  • Good
  • Bad
  1. Have you ever contact to the customer services?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. How often company take reviews and feedbacks?
  • Once in a month
  • Once in 6 months
  • Once in a year
  • Other than this

The main objective behind this research is to know the perception of customer regarding the products and services of Smart Restorations Limited. The sample is carried out and questionnaire designed online and sent it to the 100 customers which was randomly selected. For carry out proper analysis the data is taken from the website of Smart Restorations Limited. After  investigation, it has been concluded that customers are satisfied with the products and services which are provided by the company. This analysis is important to know the preferences of customers and provide accordingly that services.  Thus, it can be stated that with the help of this analysis the company make changes as per the needs and requirements of customers. It will be helpful for them to manage the customers and create a large customer base.

3.3 Use of electronic customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is a concept that helps the company so that they can develop their relationship with customers in an appropriate manner. Use of practises of CRM through the internet which is increased to a greater extent. There are various tools and techniques which are adopted by businesses in order to maintain a healthy relationship with customers. There are different types of elements which are used in Customer relationship management for the purpose of developing the ECRM (Albarran, 2013). Several components are internet, intranet and extranet that helps in managing the activities at workplace. It can be said that ECRM all of the traditional methods to manage the relationship are used and that are connected with e-mail, internet technologies and wireless. It is also considered as a provider of back end service which uses the ERP system for interacting through back end processes. ECRM users are required to download any type of application and they are using through browser. Further, it is based on the requirement of the commuter and its system design is created. There are some of the main elements of strategy of ECRM that is implemented by the company. The elements are operational, analytical and collaborative. The element of analytical helps to develop a healthy and long term relationship with customer. Further, operational element helps to fulfil the needs and demand of the customers (Andreasen and Kotler, 2008). Apart from this, in collaborative element guides for sharing of information among the various department in an appropriate manner.


4.1 Internet marketing plan

There is increase in the use of internet day after day that forced the companies to use the various tools and use internet as a platform for carry out different activities. There are various types of websites are developed by Smart Restorations Limited for promoting the products and services in a cost effective manner. The internet marketing plan is described below as:

Situational analysis-  The internet marketing plan starts with the situational analysis by which company determines their own existing position. It is based on some of the internal and external factors that affects the activities of business directly or indirectly (Chen and Yang, 2014).

Setting up objectives- Further, in second step includes to set up the objectives considering the internet marketing. The objectives of plan can be profitability and increase in the sales and to create brand awareness for attracting large number of customers. Objectives are considered as one of the most important aspect so that it defines the reason behind the plan is developed.  

Develop the strategy- Smart Restorations Limited also required to determine the strategy and techniques which is to be selected by them for carry out the internet marketing. In addition to this, the business needs to evaluate the various alternatives which are available for them (Feng, Bhargava and Pennock, 2007).  This strategy helps  to manage various aspects for the purpose of creating a proper strategy which is to be important for the business.

Action- It involves the implementation of the strategy and various activities which are framed in order to achieve the goals. It is important to consider all of the factors before the implementation of strategy at workplace.

Control- After implementation, company also have to monitor and take appropriate actions according to the plan. Thus, it will helps them to accomplish the goals framed in best effective manner (Holland, Diehl and Herrmann, 2013).

4.2 Pay per click

Covered in poster


From the above carried out study it can be concluded that internet marketing is one of the most important and tool which result oriented in the present scenario. Further, there is increase in the usage of internet and it is used by the company for the purpose of promoting their products and services. It can be summarized that there are different elements of internet marketing used by smart Restorations limited. Internet marketing mix is also described for the purpose of identify various elements for the company. It can also be stated that there are various types of tools and techniques of marketing including social media marketing, banner advertisement, pay per click are used by the cited business. Therefore, it can be inferred that the company is required to develop appropriate plan of internet marketing for promoting their products and services online. Thus, internet marketing helps in providing a huge platform to the business so that they can expand and promote their business to the large number of audience. It can be stated that internet marketing plays an significant role in the business and provide different alternatives to the business for managing various aspects of the businesses.

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