Impact of Climate Change on the Plants


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Question :

This assessment will have some questions which are like:

  • 1. What are the presentation skills undertaken in academics.
  • 2. What are the characteristics through which academic writing and good work can be managed?
Answer :


Academic skills entail training pupil mostly in a higher instruction setting or to use voice communication properly for skills and it is one of the fewest communal forms of English for the particular purpose (EAP). It is a course which is used for providing the communication instruction manual for academician study in American universities. Language accomplishment address and include various skills such as hearing, understanding and smoothness, oral, reading, grammar, and knowledge development. Academic skills address and consider test taking, note fetching skills, captious reading and authorship ceremonial mixture and improvement including investigation document (Ding and Bruce, 2017). Students build skills through practising with pronunciation text and materials which is used as an reliable academician content-based address and texts. This report is based on an essay which is about climate change which is a fascinating multidisciplinary topic which continues the generate debate among the scholars and professionals. This essay reflects the reading and comprehension skills based on the climate change. Moreover, it critically critiques the pros and cons of the impact of climate change on the plant.


Pros and cons of the impact of climate change

In modern time the temperature of the earth is getting fluctuate and it has increased approximately 1.8 degree Fahrenheit since early 20th century. It is the impact of atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane which is notable increased. By considering both the sides of the debate the surrounding of the Global climate has changed. The researchers of the climate provide information about the blue print of the earth from overheating incorporate the removal of carbon which liquid negative emission into their plans (Lim, 2017). The climate change requires negative emission on the current positive innovations which helps in reaching the goal well before the end of the century. Proponents of the negative emission counter the biggest risk relies on the mitigation. The researchers of the climate agree that to keep the earth safe is important as it will require a combination of massive deployment of the renewable energy production which include solar, wind power and white spread adoption of energy conservation which is more efficient for home heating and transportation system. The major negative emission is replanting the degraded forest is already in use and pleases converts carbon dioxide into wood. Furthermore, the carbon stored could be released at any time by the change in forest protection policies or if the drought strikes. The temperature of Earth closely tracks The concentration of carbon dioxide budgeted boat its editions have outpaced the subtraction for more than 150 years. The rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases are the result of human actions which include fossil fuels and increasing the severe climate changes such as global warming laws of sea ice sea level rise stronger Storms and more droughts. Moreover, it impacts the natural processes such as fluctuations in Sun’s heat and ocean currents. Various pros and cons are mentioned as under:


By considering the current climate conditions it is analysed that the minimum amount of climate change as it look likes the destruction and destruction of the climate (Kim and Kim, 2017). Is the climate change is beneficial for the earth? The answer is no, but by considering the Global Warming trends advantages of the climate change include few scenarios which are discussed as under:

  • The upcoming ice age could be ventilated possibly.
  • The Northwest Transition by the once icy Arctic Archipelago could probably opened up to transportation system.
  • Less deaths and injury could arise because of the arctic situations.
  • Season’s wood stay for the longer period of time could mean increasing the agricultural production in some areas.


There are many changes of the climate change which are propounded and discussed as under:

  • Land desertification: As the weather form are getting escalate in continuance and frequents Leeds to hit the agriculture sectors very hard. Crops and Fields cannot thrive because of the lack of water and by getting the crops unavailable in the market the lives of many people getting difficult which includes human being, cattle, Sheep and other stock you do not get fed and die. Fringe lands are not utile for the farmers as they cannot work on those lands because they are not very useful for the crops and Fields or in terms of harvesting (Basturkmen and Wette, 2016). In addition to this decreasing the agricultural production leads to the shortage of food and increasing the starvation, malnutrition and deaths. Desserts are becoming drier which leads to increase the desertification and results in increasing the conflicts about the water scare areas.
  • Health, social and economic impact: Environmental condition change affects the upwind conditions and nutrient manufacture which needs to negatively impact the forthcoming of manlike as well as the earth is it hurt the pocket of people which impacts the economic system of the area on a very large scale and grievances their health in general such as the rates of allergy and asthma go high because of the pollution which emitted by the earliest and mortal blossom of plants. People who belong from the poor and hotter countries try to migrate from their area and seek better place or condition in order to get survive. As the overall climate is getting warmer people use more energy resources including cooling needs which leads to raise in air pollution and making the weather conditions hotter. In addition to this, the cultural and heritage sites are getting damaged because of the increasing in acid rain.
  • Nature is getting out of balance: Apart from the food and livelihood conditions the environment is also affected from the climate change. There are many components of the environment which need to be maintained and balanced and after analysing the climate condition is throwing the nature is out of whack its effects consider addition in the various species of the animals and flora header towards deftness (LI and WANG, 2016). Loss of the life of animals and plants induces them to move from other territories disrupting the ecosystem it is already established. Many pesticides including viruses, fungi and parasites perishes at a definite low fundamental quantity and no prolonged die of which leads to addition in diseases among the plants, animals and humans. The number of rainfall converted into acid rain and the seasonal drawing of the forest leads to increase the fire frequency in the forest which tends to failure of plant life and trees which leads to increase probability of place harm and loss of life. Melting of glaciers and ice leads to increase in flood in greatly release the CO2 and methane into the ambiance which negatively impacts the environmental conditions and change.
  • Ocean warming and extreme weather: Changes in weather condition takes place the changes in Ocean circulation which results to disturb the normal weather patterns and bring out more utmost atmospheric condition and increase the relative frequency of terrible violent storms such as hurricanes and typhoons which are mostly arises at the coastal areas a nearby them. The increment of the serious storms leads to damage the habitats, property and loss of the human life (Nunan, 2015). Highest level leads to increase the chances of flood of lowlands as the islands and coastal areas are engulfed my water which leads to increase the death and disease because of flood. Moreover, warming ocean water increases the the melting of glaciers and ice sheets which has destructive consequence on the environment of cold conditions animals and its militia of freshwater and impacts the drinking water because the 99% of the earth’s ice is barred in Ice and Ice mass. The natural action of heating oceans tends to the loss of chromatic reefs as it defend the Shore lines from dense waves and floods and only covering about 1% of the ocean flooring. Reef provide environment for 25% of the body of water variety which leads to increase the eroding and shore belongings damage. Less sea ice, heater water and increasing acid rain are the sign of ruinous which helps in forming the basal of ocean's nutrient object for the whales, seals, fishes and many more.

In order to overcome the negative impact of the climate change people need to power their home with renewable energy, spread awareness among people about the climate changing conditions, invest in energy efficient appliances, eliminate the wastage of water and many more (Brown, 2016). Moreover, use smart gas cars instead of fuel such as hybrid and electric vehicles which helps in saving fuels and money.

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From the preceding information it is concluded that academic skills are important in order to understand things in a better way and helps in developing the imagination power which is useful in order to enhance the practical knowledge and skills. Moreover, this report is the reflective essay which includes the understanding of climate and its pros and cons and also describes the few measures which can be taken in order to overcome those issues or challenges.

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