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Managing customer Experience on Burger King


Customer experience plays an essential role in the growth of every industry. It is considered as important tool by which hospitality industry can improve their sustainability at market place. Present report is based on Burger King which is an American fast food restaurant which is providing its services at global level. It includes description about importance of needs and wants of targeted customers. It further elaborates about customer experience map and customers touch point which helps in improving business opportunities. Along with this, the report declares about customer service strategies in hospitality industry. It also explains that how these described customer service strategies helps organisation in developing better customers experience in order to meet need


P1 Value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups

Customer are considered as the most important part of every organization which contributes in its growth. It is important for the organisation to firstly analyse needs and demand of customer so that they can be fulfilled properly in effective manner (Yang, Liu and Li, 2015). An improved customer experience will be helpful for organisation in developing its brand image at market place along with this it also contributes in retaining customers for long duration of time. Burger KING is a fast food restaurant who is mainly targeting children and youngsters as its customers. Therefore, the company is mainly focusing on influencing its targeted customer by fulfilling their need and demand. For this, manager of the company have conducted an analysis in order to identify its special customer and their needs and demand which are described as below:


Needs and Wants

Primary School Children

  • Fun Food
  • Quality Food
  • Crayons and Colouring

College Students

  • WIFI
  • Grab and go coffee and FoodFood that makes the remember


· Milkshakes and soda

· Loud pop music

· Quality Food

According to the above mentioned chart it has been observed that among the all above mentioned targeted customer zone every stated customer has its one specific need which is needed by them in every condition. Here, first customer type which is targeted by the Burger King is Primary school children. This targeted customers segment requires fun food at its first need because of their age group. They mainly give preference to those restaurants where they can enjoy at eating time too (Torres, Fu and Lehto, 2014). For this, Burger King has adopted different strategy of giving free gifts with food in order to grab school children. On the other hand, college students needed WIFI as it is first need because they prefers to roam outside with their friends. So, if they prefer restaurant where WIFI facility is available. If they gets WIFI in the fooding area that is food, they feels satisfy as the can check their email, videos and other work with internet only at time of their external visit. Another selected group of Burger King is Teenagers, this targeted group give preference to milk shake and Soda in the restaurant facility as they visit restaurant for less period of time. The main reason identified for this need is that teenager group is basically indulged in the studies more. This does not avail them vacant time for enjoyment so whenever they gets time to go out then they go in the restaurant and prefers for milkshakes and soda as it available to them in less period of time.

P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups

  1. Primary school children
  1. College Students
  1. Teenagers


P3 Customer experience map

Customer experience mapping refers to the process of identifying that how many customers of the company feels connected to the products and services which are offered by organisation. Growth is considered as an ultimate goal of every organisation (Spiess and et. al., 2014). This can be done effectively by understanding actual status of customers that whether they are satisfied or not. In context to hospitality sector, it can be said that customer experience mapping will be beneficial for the overall industry as through this organisation can connect to customers. In relation to Burger King, its manager is working on mapping customer experience at regular basis in order to identify that at which extent they they feels connected (Shah, Kumar and Kim, 2014). For customer experience mapping, manager of Burger have finalised certain tools and techniques with helps them in conveying message of company to the customer. Some of the best suitable tools which are used by burger King are described as below:

Website:  Website is the best suitable way through which organisation shares pictures of products and services of company. It also shares past experiences of the visitors who have been connected to the company at regular basis. In relation to Burger King, the company avails its all necessary information on its websites which helps its customer to get aware about the product and services which are offered by the organisation. It can be said that it is mandatory for organisation to post only true information on its website as many of the customers trust the at most.

Telephone: It is the medium of communication with which organisation prefers to communicate with its customers. In relation to Burger King, the restaurant also connects with its customers through telephone. Because, many of customers prefers to firstly call to the visiting place before going out for eating. For improving customer experience, Burger king should appoint good communicator who can communicate to its customer in effective manner with polite speaking skill.

Restaurant management: It is important for an organisation to give appropriate training to staff so that they perform their job responsibility in effective manner. For this, management team of Burger King hires well qualified employees who are capable of performing their job responsibilities properly. These hired employees also gets further training from their line manager. As a result, it helps in improving their working pattern which contributes in providing effective services to the customer. This also helps in enhancing customer experiences.

Restaurant environment: Environment of restaurant is required to pleasant and soothing which gives better working experience to the customers (Komunda and Osarenkhoe, 2012). For this, management team of Burger King is especially focuses on creating warm environment for the customer where customer feels comfortable and can also enjoy their visit at restaurant. Effective restaurant environment contributes in enhancing customer experiences.

Review sites: It refers to the comments and rating which are given by customer for sharing experience after using the services of the company. With the changing time, maximum of the customer prefers to initially check review of place where they are planning to go for outing. In relation to Burger King, the company owns good rating and effective comments which reflects effectiveness of the products and services offered by the company (Gyung Kim and S. Mattila,  2013). It also influences other customers to its services when they checks rating on the sites.

Restaurant staff: Effective pattern of treating customer also contributes in enhancing customer experience. In relation to Burger King, the company train its staff effectively which helps in modifying the behaviour of workers while dealing with customers. This enhances footfall of the restaurant as its prefers to use the services of the same restaurant again and again. Email: Emails are used by organisation in order to communicate with its customers effectively. Now a days, organisation collects information of the customer at the visit to the restaurant. This information includes different mobile number, email id etc. In context to Burger King, management team of restaurant uses Email for sharing latest offers, discounts and other essential information to the customers.

As per the above stated tools and technology

P4 Customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities

Customer touchpoints refers to the business jargon which are used by organisation to exchange its information with the customers. This interaction influences customer and also enhances level of opportunity for organisation too. In context to Burger King, it can be said that this restaurant is using better customer touch point in order to improve its relation with the customer. As a result, with the help of this burger king is now eligible of using best suitable customer touchpoint which helps in enhancing their relationship with the customers (Garg, Rahman and Qureshi, 2014). As per the given case scenario, it has been observed that “Waiter makes an eye contact with the customer” states that eye count can be also consider as the customer touch point as it helps company in building a positive relationship with customer. It has been observed that it is the responsibility of the company to train its staff effectively so that they can provide better service to the customers in order to enhance their experience. Staff of Burger is effectively trained in communication field. This training not only teaches them to use soft speaking skill but it also includes teaching of using appropriate gestures including eye contact. Below mentioned is the script which reflects conversation between employee and customer of Burger King.

Employee: Good afternoon, sir.

Customer: Good afternoon.

Employee: Sir, Do you need anything?

Customer: I want Chicken Burger and a Coke.

Employee: Wait a moment, sir. I am serving your order.

Customer: How much pound I have to pay

Employee: Only £10, Sir

Customer: Here is your amount.

Employee: Thank you, Sir

Customer: Thank you


P6 Customer Service Strategies

Customer services strategy refers to the plan or policy which is used by every organisation to achieve their targeted goals and objective. The main objective of this strategy is not only on making the business successful aims to makes its customer happy which contributes in making them loyal for long duration of time. It also influences customer to not shift to competitor company for using products and services (Cetin and Dincer, 2014). In relation to the Burger King, the restaurant is using various strategies which helps them in influencing its customers to remain loyal with them. These strategies are described as below:

Empower staff to make customers happy: This strategy gives priority or liberty to one specific person of the company to communicate with the customers who visit restaurant. This selected person only works on pleasing customer in order to make them comfortable with the restaurants and its services. In relation to Burger King, the restaurant can adopt this strategy as it helps in attracting huge number of customer. As a result, it enhances customers experience in positive manner.

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Resolve customer issue in initial phase: In this strategy, organisation focuses on resolving problem of the customer on instant basis. It helps organisation in placing an positive impression over customers which directly contributes in the growth of the company. In relation to burger, management team of this restaurant is focusing on evaluating internal communication among the customers and staff. This makes team realise about actual condition or problem which might took place in the restaurant. It can be said that if customers response from restaurant at the same time only then they feel special and gets emotionally attached to the place. This influences them to remain loyal with same service provider for long period of time.

Train employee in customer empathy:Relation between customers and employees are considered as an exchange of emotions thus, it is crucial that firm provides appropriate training to their workers so that they can provide appropriate solutions for reducing tension of frustrated consumers (C. Harris and Daunt, 2013). This makes customer feels attached to the organisation as well as its staff member. It also improves their experience with the organisation.

P7 Customer Service Strategies Create and Develop the Customer Experience

Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations:

Name of hospitality business visited:

Burger King Restaurant

Date and time of visit:

16 September, 2018

The ambience and First Impressions:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The music and sound system was very effective.

There was limited space as many customers were waiting outside the place.

There should be sufficient space provided so that customers does not wait outside the hall.

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling, etc.:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

There was free exist on the entry and exit way.

There was problem related to tariff in Burger King as customer were not able to know about the prices of the products.

There should be proper availability of tariff so that same problem could not arise in future.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The prices if Burgers which were sold at Burger King was very economical.

The service charges at Burger King was very high and this cannot be compared with the prices paid by the customers.

I would provide value for the money paid by the customers.

Range of Products:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Burger King provides Wi-Fi facility and proper sitting arrangement for customers.

There can be conditions when high number of customers entrance makes the restaurant place dirty.

I should mainly focus on cleaning restaurant by employing high staff so that operations can be completed on time.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The behaviour of all staff members is good with the customers.

The are untrained and unskilled staff who are not able to deliver effective services to the potential customers.

There should be skilled staff hired who can provide quality services to customers and training should be provided to unskilled staff members.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The services should be delivered in desired time frame in order to retain loyal customer's.

As there is self service at Burger King which is not good.

The self service of Mc Donald is not effective.

This can be improves if more number of staff members can be hired so that self service can be improved.

Supplementary Items:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The staff members of Burger King are providing quick and easy services to customers so that their needs and wants can be easily fulfilled. 

Burger King does not provide complimentary services to visitors.

I will develop plan in order to provide welcome drink and sweets to customers.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Burger King accept payment both in cash and card mode.

Burger King does not accept cash for the items delivered in

home delivery.

There can be new invention done by providing facility of home deliver to customers.


According to the above mentioned report it has been concluded that customer experiences plays an essential role in the growth of the hospitality industry. It has been observed that it is important for the management team of the company to identify actual value and needs of customer so that they can be fulfilled in effective manner. This has been analysed that organisation uses email, telephone, restaurant environment, etc. as a customer experience mapping tool. It can be said that customer touch point can be used by organisation in improving customer experience which also arises number of growth opportunities for the company. It has been analysed resolving issues of customer works as an customer service strategies that also contributes in retaining them for long period of time.


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