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Customer experience plays an essential role in the growth of every industry. It is considered as important tool by which hospitality industry can improve their sustainability at market place. Present report is based on Burger King which is an American fast food restaurant which is providing its services at global level. It includes description about importance of needs and wants of targeted customers. It further elaborates about customer experience map and customers touch point which helps in improving business opportunities. Along with this, the report declares about customer service strategies in hospitality industry. It also explains that how these described customer service strategies helps organisation in developing better customers experience in order to meet needs and wants of customers.


P1 Value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups

Customer are considered as the most important part of every organization which contributes in its growth. It is important for the organisation to firstly analyse needs and demand of customer so that they can be fulfilled properly in effective manner (Yang, Liu and Li, 2015). An improved customer experience will be helpful for organisation in developing its brand image at market place along with this it also contributes in retaining customers for long duration of time. Burger KING is a fast food restaurant who is mainly targeting children and youngsters as its customers. Therefore, the company is mainly focusing on influencing its targeted customer by fulfilling their need and demand. For this, manager of the company have conducted an analysis in order to identify its special customer and their needs and demand which are described as below:


Needs and Wants

Primary School Children

  • Fun Food
  • Quality Food
  • Crayons and Colouring

College Students

  • WIFI
  • Grab and go coffee and FoodFood that makes the remember


· Milkshakes and soda

· Loud pop music

· Quality Food

According to the above mentioned chart it has been observed that among the all above mentioned targeted customer zone every stated customer has its one specific need which is needed by them in every condition. Here, first customer type which is targeted by the Burger King is Primary school children. This targeted customers segment requires fun food at its first need because of their age group. They mainly give preference to those restaurants where they can enjoy at eating time too (Torres, Fu and Lehto, 2014). For this, Burger King has adopted different strategy of giving free gifts with food in order to grab school children. On the other hand, college students needed WIFI as it is first need because they prefers to roam outside with their friends. So, if they prefer restaurant where WIFI facility is available. If they gets WIFI in the fooding area that is food, they feels satisfy as the can check their email, videos and other work with internet only at time of their external visit. Another selected group of Burger King is Teenagers, this targeted group give preference to milk shake and Soda in the restaurant facility as they visit restaurant for less period of time. The main reason identified for this need is that teenager group is basically indulged in the studies more. This does not avail them vacant time for enjoyment so whenever they gets time to go out then they go in the restaurant and prefers for milkshakes and soda as it available to them in less period of time.

P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups

  1. Primary school children
  1. College Students
  1. Teenagers


P3 Customer experience map

Customer experience mapping refers to the process of identifying that how many customers of the company feels connected to the products and services which are offered by organisation. Growth is considered as an ultimate goal of every organisation (Spiess and et. al., 2014). This can be done effectively by understanding actual status of customers that whether they are satisfied or not. In context to hospitality sector, it can be said that customer experience mapping will be beneficial for the overall industry as through this organisation can connect to customers. In relation to Burger King, its manager is working on mapping customer experience at regular basis in order to identify that at which extent they they feels connected (Shah, Kumar and Kim, 2014). For customer experience mapping, manager of Burger have finalised certain tools and techniques with helps them in conveying message of company to the customer. Some of the best suitable tools which are used by burger King are described

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