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Travel and tourism industry is the major contributor to the economy of the nation. It enhances employment opportunities on the location and help to improve life standard of the local people. Current study will discuss overlap of visitor’s attraction in relation to type of attraction. Furthermore, it will explain importance of attracting visitors. Study will evaluate needs of different visitors and impact of tourism on visitor attraction. In addition, assignment will describe various potential issues related with the same.


1.1 Overlap of visitor attraction in relation to types of attraction

Visitor attraction is the most essential and required process for the tour and travelled on order to gain the profit revenue (Wang and et,al., 2016). Moreover, another important aspects of the organisation is that to attain the organisation goals in order to identify the best essential things such provides them the best potential offers. Visitors take offer for travelling for main purpose to visit worlds best places and get enjoyment. Moreover, for that company needs to adopt the best potential things to do. There are different types of attraction which is required to make good presence for the buyers. Company offers different places and innovative things which is required to understand the things which they want. Accordingly, company provides them best offering for their potential customers. Every individual and customer wants their own needs and wants. Like everyone needs to visit different places according to their attraction. Moreover, along with that, another essential target market to attract the customer attraction. Visitor attraction can be defined as place where people come to visit the environment and culture. Government and country needs to adopt essential planning process through which number of attraction has been done (Ram, Björk and Weidenfeld, 2016). It helps to enhance the essential goodwill and effective process of country. It depends upon the economic, social, political, environment condition of the location. Besides, authorities must be ensure and potential and safe the needs of effective market. Safe environment of the company will protect the country environment through which they like to introduce new things. Through this process visitors also feel safe and secure and free from troubled. Tourist influence economic development of nation. This facility or earning of the nation provides attractive travelling and transportation and growth opportunities for the travellers. Moreover, it gi9ves positive impact on the behaviour of country citizens which attract customer needs and wants. Moreiover, travelling business is the most expansing and fruitful culture which laws brings new opportunity for the country citizens. Moreover, another essential things which needs to focus on the behaviour is that to require attractive needs and wants (Connell, Page and Meyer, 2015). Another essential required things which has to be considered by the tourism company is that to take care of nation monuments, heritage places which is more important for the country development.

1.2 Importance of different visitor attractions

Visitors plays a very essential and important role in terms of getting the best possible task and needs. Besides, travellers main aim is to get relaxed, leisure and for enjoyment. They need best facilities and services for which they invest high amount of money. Moreover, nowadays people has no time to go for holiday due to workload or pressure. They need to get some effective services and enjoyment through which they reduce their stress. For that, they adopt tour and travellers packages for enjoyment. It is very essential for the company to adopt essential things which provides best services to travellers (Connell, Page and Meyer, 2015). Moreover, another essential thing which is required to identify the best possible action plan through which number of visitors attract towards the services. There are different types of visitors attraction such as cultural infarction, natural attraction, heritage, events, religious, education attraction etc. this makes visitors happy and satisfied. It also provides huge services to the nation in terms of growth of economic development.

            Attracting new business to royal botanic garden: London is the most beautiful and attractive place where number of visitors wants to come and visit and get happy. Due to high growth of tourist businesses. They automatically attract towards the new business in that particular location. Moreover, it is very essential to hold the services in more effective manner.

            Employment opportunities: In royal botanic garden there are many visitors who attract towards the beauty such as glasshouse, arboretum over 14000 trees, historical buildings, art, galleries etc.  this process helps to provide employment opportunities to local people to invent new business services (Connell, Page and Meyer, 2015). This helps to enhance the income status for the people through which they get more development opportunities for their families.

            High Revenue: there are many travellers who come here to know about the cultural aspects and historical points of the place.  Many educational institution organize tour to visit this place just to get knowledge about the historical background of the London city. Tour and travellers adopts attractive plans and services for the visitors such as attractive places, transportation, accommodation facilities etc. That assist in increasing number of visitors in the location that helps in enhancing revenues of the country (Connell, Page, and Meyer, 2015).



2.1 Needs and Motivations of different visitors types

There are various people those who travel because of various purpose to different locations. Their demographic, economic, psychological features are different from other visitors. Thus, it is essential for the Visit Britain that to arrange travel for the tourist as per their needs so that they feel motivated and enjoy the entire tour (Xiang, Magnini and Fesenmaier, 2015).  In order to evaluate the needs of the person market segmentation is the best approach. London is considered as one of the most attractive place from the tourist point of view. There are many attractive places such as Royal garden, tower of London etc.

Students come to London in order to gain information regarding historical places and their culture. These details supports learners in developing their understanding and conducting their studies in effective manner (Yoo and Gretzel, 2016). London is the place where many historical buildings are exist. All these have amazing historical background that attract students towards the location. On other hand there are many families those who like to go to different geographical locations where they feel refresh and can enjoy weather. Many families come to this location to spend quality time with their families. Demographic is another major segmentation that helps in evaluating need and motivation of the visitors. There are many old age people and young people those who can come to London to visit the attractive point of the place. They feel happy by looking at restaurants and hotel of the London (Navickas and Malakauskaite 2015). Royal garden is the attractive place that motivate families because there are amazing botanical art, formal planning process etc.

Many researchers come to London to conduct research on history of London. Their needs can get fulfilled by coming to this location because they get more research material that help them in preparing a good thesis.

2.2 Impact of tourism on visitor attraction

Visitor attractions plays significant role in the economic development of the nation. Impact of visitor attraction in London are as following:

Increase employment opportunities

Wherever more visitors come to the location and they spend high amount in the nation. That helps the government in raising foreign currency and increasing employment opportunity in the country. Increasing tourism activities give boost to hospitality, transportation etc. businesses where people get income sources and they become able to live a healthy life (Ritchie, Chien and Sharifpour,2017).


            It is negative impact of visitor attraction because if many people are coming to the city then it will enhance crow in the pale. By this way local people will feel troubled ion living a normal life.

Increase pollution and issues of accidents

            Due to increasing visitor attraction in London, city may face the issue of increasing air and noise pollution. By this way individual may get suffer from various issues. By this natural beauty of the place get affected negatively (Salazar and Squire, 2015). Apart from this, it enhances risk of accidents as well.

Impact on economy

            London is the place where people are having adequate job opportunities. But increasing visitor attraction can help the location in raising economic position of the city. Foreigner travellers can spend more amount in the location and this money can be utilized by the authorities sin the development of the places (Blanke and Chiesa, 2013). That encourage other visitors to come to the location.

Environmental impact

            Due to increasing attraction of visitors in the London environment of the destination can get affected. This may increase risk of erosion, harm to natural resources.

2.3 Effects of different theories of tourism motivation

Tourism activities can be encouraged if tour operators fulfil needs of visitors and make them feel happy.  Thee are several theories that support tour operators in meeting with their needs so that visitor attraction can be encouraged (Huang and, 2013).

Responsible tourism is considered as one of the most effective theory. This is related with green tourism and eco-tourism. This theory explains that tour operators have to behave more responsible towards the environment. They have to take care the environmental aspect whenever they plan any travel for the consumers. Their main attention need to be on minimization of social and environmental impacts (Yoo and Gretzel, 2016). This can help in improving life of people and can help in encouraging cultural values as well. Responsible tourism is the theory that always try to develop healthy environment for the people so that visitors take moire interest in coming to this destination. Authorities of London follow the responsible tourism concept to great extent. They encourage local population that to understand their responsibility and behave with the visitors well. Whenever travellers ask with them any question then they have to give proper response to them so that they feel happy in the location. This concept assist in preserving cultural values of the destination and spreading its image across the world so that more visitors take interest to come to this location (Xiang, Magnini and Fesenmaier, 2015).

Smart consumer theory is the type of model, it helps in increasing reliance of tourism destination. London authorities are introducing ICT technologies in order to attract more consumers towards the destination. Government has developed travel website where people can search about the location and can gain all detail related to the tour. ICT technologies support the visitors in knowing environmental, social, political condition of the place. This supports them in making their decision to go to particular location.


3.1 Potential issues in development of visitor attractions

Attracting more visitors towards the London is the main agenda of the concern authorities. In order to meet with this objective they have to go through from the process. It is explained as below:

Feasible study about visitors and current trends

Involve local communities

Set construction period


Hiring skilled people those who can deal with the visitors well

Development of customer care department

Management of crowd

Reservation system,

Managing internal and external communication

Potential issues related with development of visitor attraction are as following:

Public private partnership

Government organization give funds to the local government so that development can be held in the destination (Navickas and Malakauskaite, 2015). But private organization work for the monitory benefits. This partnership some times create difficulty in the development of infrastructure because agenda of public and private firms are different form each other. Government makes partnership with private firms so that development can take place but due to strict laws these firms fail to complete the development effective manner which create conflict situation in the nation.

Attraction management

            It is another potential issue in the development of visitor attraction in the London. In order to attract more travellers towards the destination government of the nation has to develop more attractive points and have to manage these places well so that people take interest (Ritchie,  Chien and Sharifpour, 2017). But in this development more funds are required that sometimes create issue for the management.


4.1 Visitor management strategies

There are two types of methods or strategies for visitor management direct and indirect methods in indirect method when they track and wear and tear on vegetables and terrain, guest books in cabins, information from other agencies or companies. Besides, direct method of visitor management strategies are observation by staff at ground level, observation from air. It will require for management to adopt the best technical skills or management technological for giving the best productive services. Moreover, tour and travellers also needs to adopt the best possible action plan in terms to adopting attraction and sales for employees. Along with that, it is very necessary to make essential roles for the development of technical skills.

4.2 Management techniques in relation to sustainability

There are many industries which sell their product and services in the market which influence organisation productive management (Dewhurst and Thwaites, 2014). Tour and travel industry is the only industry which influences customer experience and satisfaction. It is very necessary for the organisation to adopt necessary changes and make changes according to the customer needs and preferences. Tour and travellers needs to analyse effective and trending demands of visitors, strong understanding of the market place is very necessary for the organisational goals (Leask, 2016). There are four faces due to which they adopt impactful strategies or techniques to grab the effective management skills. Moreover, there are some techniques and which helps to management for sustainability.

Managing and synthesizing Data: company needs to manage the proper data of visitors and must track their potential customers for their marketing and profit revenue. Managing data needs to adopt essential effects in terms to adopt effective management skills.

Filing information gaps: A management skill needs to make effective management skills. Management needs to coordinate their employees and objectives in effective manner. Moreover, the next process to coordinate employees in perfect manner.

Trained employees: it is another technique though customer will attract towards the organisations. Moreover, employees or tourist guides are the first person who interacts with employees in the organisations (Mason, 2015). Management cannot run without the best contribution of employees. Besides, it will also very much impactful and creative’s to give them best services to visitors.

Adopt management approaches and styles: tour and travellers must require adopting management styles and skills for its productive management task. This management styles and approaches will help to motivate employees for better production (Leask, Fyall and Barron, 2014).


As seen through the discussion in the above pages, it can be concluded that. Tour and traveller tourism is the highly economic growth factor. Through economy get productive national income. Present report discussed about visitor attraction and importance of different visitors types. It also explained the impacts of tourism on visitor attractions. It also discussed about the various theories of management and motivation of visitors attraction. It will more focus on the behaviour of visitors on several topics. Moreover, tourism needs to adopt frequent changes for the customers and for their best possible returns. It also explained some management techniques through which company makes more profit revenue for its organisation.


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