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Every student who studies in an institution aims at getting placed in an organisation which is reputed and having a great work culture, working in those companies will ensure that right guidance and shape to future is achieved in an effective as well as efficient manner. Some of the benefits of placements through colleges and academic institutions are discussed in this report. The report will also give a reflection from the point of view of student as how placements helps them in giving growth to their career and achieving success. The report will discuss about  work based learning in detail and also throw some light on the various achievements that student can make by following proper procedure of placements through universities. Land worth Electrics Ltd. Is a company engage in the sector of providing electrical solutions to companies as well as business. The company is UK based and is considering to grow outside UK In the near future. It was incorporated in the year 2007 and is growing rapidly.



Self Evaluation

It refers to an assessment of various achievements made by an individual in his life time up till now and how necessary improvements can be made for further enhancing the career and achieving growth.

Abilities and achievements till date  

  • I have been a student of science and technology and therefore I do have certain scientific knowledge, and through this I can achieve various kind of tasks that are being allotted to me with efficiency. I can use my these skills in making plans and setting goals for myself which would help me gaining growth and development in career.
  • I did my High school from Romania and them moved to London for getting a degree in Science and technology, My degree program is still in progress and is on the verge of completion. These has been a very good experience for me and has increased my knowledge in the field of science and also gave me an opportunity to communicate and represent myself well.
  • I am a punctual person having abilities to manage a busy schedule both in personal as well as professional life, Having a good working experience and can effectively deal with customers on a professional basis.


  • I have worked as a Bartender in a Bar of Romania, where I have got experience of dealing with customers and people. I have also gained experience by working in a cafe as a waitress, where I have worked and has came to know about various aspects of managing customers in peak periods and dealing with them.
  • Have delivered certain exceptional services to customers and have received rewards and recognition for the same as well.
  • I do have the knowledge of maintaining cash register of a Bar. This kind of experience might help me in getting placed to a firm where the work would be related to maintenance of registers and accounts.
  • Because of the fact I have worked in a Bar, I have been able to acquire certain skills for managing F&B operations, cost control, Regulatory as well as safety.

Discipline and Work Preference

  • When it comes to professional life I prefer to live a disciplined life in most of my workings. Be it reaching to my workplace on time or to make sure that the tasks that are being allotted to me are executed in the given time and there is no delay or inefficiency.
  • As I do have the knowledge to work in the sector of hospitality where I will have to serve and treat various customers as well as people. This sector has been an interesting experience where I got to improve my customer skills, however I would like to work in a different field and have a business of my own in the future..

Special Support Requirement

  • As of now I am not a perfect person who can handle all the situations of the business or organisation. Therefore I would need a support of a mentor and a guiding manager who will help me to perform well in my professional life.


  • I am an Extrovert person, with good communication skills, which allow me to deal with customers efficiently as well as effectively. This ability allows me to handle various kinds of situations and also makes me the face of the firm in which I worked. I am an independent women and is working to full fill my dreams.


  1. Placement Institution

Nature of Company

            The company in which I was placed as an intern is Landworth Electrics Limited. The company is having business of Installation of various electric works in almost all the industries, including office developments, commercial as well as Public Building etc. The company is growing fast in UK , It is having a good amount of market share in the business and is one of the most important competitor within market (Parmelee, 2012).

Land Worth Electrics is having experience in the market of providing electricity to consumers as well as corporates on a macro level.

Vision of the company

            Company have a vision to provide best quality services to its customers in a manner that they will turn back to company and stick with it. To be the most successful company in the industry by introducing state of the art technology.

Mission of the company

            The company aims at creating a healthy atmosphere in the company for its employees along with providing best possible services to consumers. Its mission is to be profitable company along with  creating value for society and individuals in general.

Scope of Business

            The company is in a unique industry and is growing rapidly, therefore the scope of business is quite high. It shall implement necessary strategies to capture market of small SME'S where the requirement for Electricity installation is quite high.

Nature of Placement Work

            I have been appointed as a administrator officer in the payroll department of the company and I will be handling as well as administering the payroll which will be disbursed to employees and workers of the company (Russell and Norvig, 2016). My job would demand that I shall continuously deal with people and their issues regarding Salary and Payroll.

Role and Status while on placement

            While working in the company I will be responsible for managing the payroll of employees. This includes problem solving: answering wage/hours worked query and invoices; making sure totals match monthly statement. I’m also working on excel skills: creating spreadsheet, formulas, admin skills, invoicing, filling invoices into monthly folders and updating data validation forms.

Support for learning

            It is also necessary that the student who have got the placement in the organisation is provided right kind of support to complete her academic profile and there should not be any such delay in it. The support services can take various forms like:

Teaching: Under this, The student will be provided with Teaching facilities while on the job so that he can carry out his activities and at the same time prepare for the exams which are left and needs to be completed (Karpicke, Lehman and Aue, 2014).

Library or Computing Facilities: There are various benefits that an organisation usually offers to its interns, these benefits are library facilities as well as computers which are being provided to students to make sure that their studies are not affected while they are at work. If Landworth electrics is providing such kinds of facilities to its Students whom It has hired, then I will be Joining the firm at the earliest and would not like to miss out on such opportunity. The company is having various facilities inbuilt under the company for students and employees. They can learn and work together within the company.

Culture of Landworth Electrics

Corporate culture alludes to the convictions and practices that decide how an organization's representatives and administration cooperate and handle outside business exchanges. Regularly, corporate culture is inferred, not explicitly characterized, and grows naturally after some time from the combined characteristics of the general population the organization contracts. An organization's way of life will be reflected in its clothing regulation, business hours, office setup, worker benefits, turnover, employing choices, treatment of customers, customer fulfilment and every other part of activities (Kolb and Kolb, 2012).

The culture of Landworth Electrics is quite impressive, The company is having employees from different regions of UK, It is also having a very good and hygienic working environment in place which makes it an attractive company to work for. The company knows how to treat its employees in an effective way and that is the primary reason for its success in the recent past. The company offers various training and development programmes to its employees which makes it easier for employees and trainees who join the firm to gain necessary skills and abilities, which will be very helpful for them in future (Gallagher and Gallagher, 2013).

  1. Evaluation of Organisational Structure

            There are different structures of the organisation which are ascertain by the organisation in order to perform different types of production of the organisation, the structure of the workplace depend upon the manufacturing of different goods and products. By the help of defined structure employee working in organisation provide guide different work in order to ascertain the goals and objectives of organisation in effective manner. There are different types of structures of organisation like functional, Divisional, Matrix structure and many other which helps to accomplish different types of task in effective  manner (bdi, 2014).

Functional organisation structure: This structure is based on the  different types of functions which are performed in the organisation in order to accomplish different types of functions in the organisation. This is most common structure which are ascertain by the organisation in effective manner. It determine specialisation, productivity management  issues unit coordination and many others which are ascertain in this structure of organisation.

Advantages and disadvantages of functional organisational structures are described as under:



It ensures an effective division of labours and enable the concern to take benefits of specialisation of functions.

In this type of structure the operations of functional organisations is complex. In this different bosses are commanding employees which may create overlapping of authority and create confusion within work place. 

In this the efficiency employees working are increased as workers are able to perform limited number of operations.

In this employees are categorised among parts and sub-parts. It cause issues and difficulties within establishing coordination among employees.

Divisional organisation structure:  In this types of structure organisation is divided into various division in the organisation according to their functions which are related to the production packaging and many other functions.



Divisional organisational structure is effective in allowing a team to keep their focus on  specified product or services through leadership structure which helps in supporting its strategic objectives. 

The major weakness of this structure is that in this an organisation comprised of competing division which allows offices and different departments politics at the place of sound strategic thinking to influence its view on such matters as proper implementation of organisational resources.


Matrix structure of organisation: This types of organisation structure is  a blend of the projectile and functional organisation. In order it has been assumed that different department of organisation are interrelated to each other (Dolmans and Gijbels, 2013).



In this sharing of data and information is easy as in this organisations are concern on implementing effective communication channel within work place.

This structure is effective in developing professional growth of employees as in this leaders are concern towards the task and duty which are performed by employees at work place.

The major demerit of this structure is that it is cost consuming in nature.

Increases firms complexity.


  1. Analysis of the environment of Workplace

            There are different types of factors which termed as the internal and external factor which are ascertain by the organisation in order to determine the impact of internal and external factors by performing PESTLE analysis the brief of different element of the PESTLE  analysis are describe below:

External Environment

Political: this is the factor which is related to the stability of the political condition of nation. If the political environment within country would be not good enough for business then there is going to be difficulties for business and its employees going forward (Merchant and, 2014). The political decisions regarding SME sector have a direct impact on the working of company. Therefore, The company shall implement strategies to overcome the adverse impact of these policies on company.

Environmental : this factor is related to the different types of environment of organisation in effective manner. There are various factors which are related to the external internal environment of organisation. The natural environment and its protection is also the job of company, and it shall make sure that there is no illegal acts which are being done by business and no harm is done to the overall Environment in general (Perfetti, Britt and Georgi, 2012).

Social: this factor deals with the view of employee working in the organisation in effective manner. There are different aspects of the organisation aids to perform various functions of  which are perform by the organisation. Electric installation is a important factor in most of the households and therefore various social issues can affect the business in various ways.

Technological factor: this factor is deals with the implementation of different types of technology in order to maintain the effectiveness of organisation. The company aims to bring state of the art technological tools within the industry for providing effective services. It is making sure that right kind of technology is implemented that will give company a competitive edge.

Economical factor: this is most essential factor which helps to perform different activities of organisation in stipulated  time period.

Legal factor : this factor is concerned with the fulfil the different rules and regulation made by the government. It is highly essential that Land worth Electrics Ltd. takes care of  various legal aspects of operating in the industry of infrastructure.

Industry Environment

Porter five forces : it is the tools for analysing competition of the business it draws the industrial organisation to drive the five forces which determine the competitive intensity in the marketplace.

Threats of new entrants: this force determine how easy it is to enter a particular industrial. If an industrial is probability of the organisation. It refers to threat of new entrant that the company might be having on itself. If there will be a new entry of a player in the market it will going to have an effect on workings of company as well as the policies and strategies framed by the management (Laursen., and, 2014). Electrical infrastructure industry is a very unique industry and is growing rapidly, therefore there is scope of new entrants coming into the industry.

Bargaining power of suppliers: Strong bargaining power allows suppliers to sell higher priced  or low quality raw materials to their buyer. The suppliers in the industry is very limited and company has to depend on these suppliers, for the purpose of making necessary purchases.

Bargaining power of buyers: buyers have the power to demand lower price or higher products quality from industry producers when their bargaining power is strong. The buyers of the products and services of company would be having  a bargaining power, they can decide to pay less for the products and this will going to have an impact on the business of company and overall market positioning (Kaye ed., 2012).

Threats of substitute: this force is especially threatening when buyer can easily find the substitute products. Industry is growing, But as of now the competition is restricted to only few and substitute are not easily available to clients.

Rivalry among the competitor: this force is the main determinant on how competitive  and profitability  an industry in competitive industry have to compete aggressively for a market.

Internal environment (Use Resource Audit)

            As the company is new and is having a good business growth from past few years, it is having a good working environment within the company. The existing culture within company is more influenced from the Modern culture that prevails in the United Kingdom. It has various schemes for retention of employees within the company. These schemes are related to promotions, appraisals, training and developments of employees etc.

  1. Various theories of management Practices

            There are various types of theories which ascertain by the manager of the Land worth Electric limited in order to motivate their employee to perform different types of functions of the organisation in effective manner. These management theories aids to perform different types of task in the organisation aids to perform various functions (Louca and Zacharia, 2012). The management of then organisation needs to accomplish goals and objective of organisation in effective manner,. There are different types of theories like  Classical theories, Behaviour able theories, Contingency theories and many other:

Classical theory

            Traditional administration hypothesis depends on the conviction that labourers just have physical and financial necessities. It doesn't consider social needs or occupation fulfilment, yet rather advocates a specialization of work, unified initiative and basic leadership, and benefit augmentation. The absolutist authority display is the focal piece of established administration hypothesis. In this framework, there is no compelling reason to counsel substantial gatherings of individuals for choices to be made. A solitary pioneer settles on a ultimate choice and it is conveyed descending for all to take after. This authority approach can be gainful when choices should be made rapidly by one pioneer, as opposed to a gathering of organization authorities.        

The fundamental principle of the classical theory is that economy is self regulated. Classical economists maintain that the economy is always capable  of attaining the natural level of working procedure (Collis and Moonen, 2012). The manger of the organisation appoints different employee working in the organisation in effective manner. This theory determine about to guide the different types of information in  effective manner. This leads to maintain effective environment in the organisation. It tends different employee to self adjust as per the requirement made by the organisation in proper manner. The company uses this theory for effectively managing the business. Land Worth electrics have a separate department within the company, which is responsible for making necessary schemes and policies for the purpose of fulfilling needs as well as demands of individuals working within the company. In its mission as well, it has laid down that management of employees effectively is the ultimate aim of company.

Behavioural theory

This theories is related with the social process and event which do not reflect existing social structure but which is emerge in a spontaneous way.  The management of organisation put their effort in order to determine the behaviour of the employee in order to accomplish different types of organisation in effective manner. There are different types of strange which are explains about the performance made by the organisation in effective manner. This theories able to resolve the different issues which are arise during performing different types of activities of organisation (Dong and, 2012). Land Worth Electrics is a company which is engaged in a unique business. It assess the behaviour of individuals within the company and make necessary policies for them based on the behavious adopted by these individuals at the work place.

Contingency theory

This hypothesis states that supervisors settle on choices in light of the current circumstance as opposed to a "one size fits all" technique. An administrator makes fitting move in view of perspectives most essential to the present circumstance. Directors in a college might need to use an administration approach that incorporates investment from specialists, while a pioneer in the armed force might need to utilize a totalitarian approach. A contingency theory is an organisational theory which determine about the different types of strategies which are related to the corporate to lead a company or to  make decisions instead the optimal course of action is contingent which is upon the internal and external situation,. The manager of the company aids to perform different types of activism which are accomplish by the organisation in effective manner (Tambouris and, 2012).  This theories helps to attain the goals and objectives of organisation in order to maintain the effectiveness in the organisation. There are various types of activities which are accomplished by the organisation in stipulated time period. These theories helps to attain effectiveness in performing various types of operation which are ascertain in stipulated time period. The company also makes certain decision based on situation that comes in front of the company, The management of the company uses contingency theory for this purpose as a management style.


Career Path for Work Placement

As a administrator in the payroll department I will be rest with responsibility to manage the payrolls of employees in the company. The company is growing and is having a successful future going ahead. The role of company in this industry of supplying electric services would be very huge and I can gain a lot of posts as well as promotion in the company going forward. I am having a good experience of dealing with customers and this has boosted me with confidence to manage the company and its various customers who are usually big corporates, by getting into these business, I would be able to make sure that overall career growth is there.

I will be getting various lucrative posts in the company if I will stick with it for a period of more than two years. This has been the policy of company from the past and is doing well for it. I have decide to stick with the company for at least two years and then decide about my future path of career.

Various posts that can be offered to me by the company after two years would be manager of the payroll, Zonal Manager of the company for handling various payroll related queries of employees and work of HR department etc.

If however, I do not find the environment within the company suitable, I will try to get out of this field and enter into other industries and fields, which would require the same kinds of skills and abilities as me. There are various business opportunities in the sector of Hospitality, where I have worked and therefore the level of employment generation is also quite high. I will be able to find ways for myself and my ultimate career growth.


Thus it can be concluded from the above report that there has been growth and development in my career from past few years and I have been able to grow steadily. It is quite necessary for me to grow my skills and capabilities which will help me and my career going forward. The placement through college and institution provides a opportunity to learn various things from the employer and this will give a boost to me and my career going forward.


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