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Communication is a tool which guide for the success of a business and it is a very essential part for the success of an organisation. The present report is focusing on the communication process of a business and also the elements which are directly effects on the same(Van Der Riet., 2007.). This is a systematic process to manage this in the whole company, it helps in the making of the collective efforts of the company. An owner or a leader have to manage the communication in between the each level of the organisation to make clear situations in the employees and also it helps in the order flow. The present report is based on the Samsung company, this is having a big structure and dealing in the electronics, chemicals and engineering. The company is using their employees in the decision making process and they are using the internal and external sources of information for the betterment of the company.



The management have to take several decisions for the success of the Samsung, they have to use informations which comes from the internal and external sources. The management have to use this in specific way which helps in the decisions.

Samsung is an international company and they have to use the informations, the management have to take various internal organisational decisions which belongs to the employees and for the management of them(Trevino. and Nelson., 2010.). The higher authority have to use the informations to make the decisions. Information can be used from the strategic, tactical and operational levels of the company, strategic is related to the pre-planned process of decisions which is decided by the management team. Tactical is used for the decisions which makes by the managers for the problems which become in the routine works of the company. Operational level is focusing on the workers and their problems, this is mainly related to the basic work of the company. The management team have to use this informations to make decisions.


The Samsung UK have to use strategic plan for the whole company, sales, product development and other type of particular task have a strategic plan. The plan is makes the easier way for the company to follow a strategy to achieve their desired goals of the company. This is having the time limit for the each part of the plan and company have to follow this. The strategic plan is made by the high authority of the Samsung UK.

The Company have to follow the UK business laws to manage the employees and the environment of the company(Schaper., and et. al., 2010.). These laws have to implement in the whole organisation to attain the goals of the company. The company have to follow the contract law of the UK to make the contracts in between the suppliers, partners, employees and for the marketing companies to make clear situations of the contract. The management is having a specific procedure of the recruitments and after that company gives them a proper training sessions and personnel development program to work without hesitation.  


The Samsung UK is having the various informations to take decisions for the future planning, the company have two types of sources the one is internal and second is external. The assessments of the sources are here:

Internal Sources:

Sales figures are the most authentic source which gives the past sale of the particular time period. Company can make their strategy and decisions using this. Company may have their personal records which have additional sales and expenses of the particular time period so company have to adjust their policies according to this. Samsung can use customer records for the product making decisions, in which seasons company have additional sales. Company can use the financial documents accounts to which tells the real facts of the company( O'Hair., Friedrich. and Dixon., 2007. ).

External Sources:

Samsung is having the external sources they can use this in the sales and marketing of the products. Government website is having high authentic data and company can use this. Trade association journals is having the data of inflations and market analysis so the company can use this in the marketing decisions but Samsung have to use this carefully. Newspapers, magazines and social networking is having not much accuracy so the management have to use this seriously, they have to proper analyse them before the use and this is a last option for them(Krishnamurthy., 2008.).


Evaluation of internal and external sources of information : Internal sources of information are much reliable in nature as compared with the external sources. As they are prepared by the cited entity itself. But there are certain that can relied such as government data and trade association journals. But if we compare other external sources with the internal sources then internal sources has more credibility.  Internal resources are accounts are  huge authentic but it just having a  need to use it appropriately. Newspapers are not authentic if they are not taking data  form an authentic sources so companies have to aware before using data.


The Samsung have to use the information to make strategy for the future, they have to use them after a proper analysis. They have to make sure about the authenticity of the sources of information. Generally internal sources are more authentic form the external. The management company have to use their experience and expertise to make strategies for the sales and marketing of the product. The company have to make proper research for the customers, company have to manage their demands and they have to analyse the demands of the customers and they have to make changes in their products according to their customers(Holm., 2006.). The company have to make a proper strategies for the sales and they have to make short term targets to increase the numbers of the customers. They have to make communication with their consumers and get their feedbacks for the product and service. In create a relationship with them and it helps in to increase of the customers.



The Samsung company is launching a new product for the launch and it is a new smartphone Galaxy S7. This phone is having some advance features and a large space to save files(Gurau., 2008.). The company is making the phone for the business class peoples, this phone is having a unique style in it and this is having the software which helps for the businessman.

The company finalise an occasion to tells about this product to their stake holders  and they are;

Customers; The company is a leading company in the smartphones and they know the demand of the customers, so the company is inviting the old business class users for the event.

Marketing Employees; Company is inviting them also to know about the exceptions of the consumers.

Marketing Companies; The company have to invite them also because they have to show them attitude of the customers for the future marketing strategies.

Directors; These are the important guest for the event to make the future strategy and the product developments(Gharajedaghi., 2011.).


The Samsung have to use the cost effective channels to invite the stakeholders for the event;

Telephone: Samsung can use this communicational tool for the invitation but they have to use the proper format and voice code for the invite them. This is tool is generally used in the personnel communication. This is having two way communication channel.

E-mail: Liaison trainee can use this, this is very cost effective and most probably used by the companies to make invitation. This is having the full details about the event and it gives an impact on the invitees. But it is having single channel communication(Grant. and O’Donohoe., 2007.).

Fax: This is an older way of communication and it is not necessary that the invitees have the fax numbers.

Word of mouth: Liaison trainee can use this for the known directors and marketing employees. But it have a chance that they does not remember the day and time of the event.

Facebook and Twitter: The trainee can use this to invite the customers in the event, this is one of the most cost effective channel and it having the two way communication channel(Gailloux., and et. al, 2012.).


The liaison trainee have to make ensure about the invitees that they are coming in the event. They have to cross check about their availability in the event because the success of the event is depends on the guests of the event. They have to cross check about they are coming or not. They have to take feedbacks from the invitees and the time availability for the event(Forsgren. and Johanson., 2014.). They have to make proper short discussions to take feedbacks for them when they are making communication for the invitation. Liaison trainee have a responsibility to take their opinion about the event and their interest in the event. The trainee having the duty to clarify their agenda of the event and ha has to clear their doubt for the event. It is better to take feedback to make the strategy implementation, their feedback are essential part.


The trainee have to make an interesting and memorable event for the product launch, this is essential to make interesting because this the attraction for the stakeholders. They have to use advertise their event by the social networking sites, advertisements in the local news papers and magazines(Eisenberg., Goodall Jr and Trethewey., 2013.). Promotion is a basic tool for the success of this event so they have to use it in a effective manner. In the event company have to promotional activities and contest to increase the interest and involvement in the event. Winner of the contest have some surprise and which a factor helps in the stakeholders numbers in the event. The trainee have to make some questions related to the products knowledge and it may be quick quiz for the stakeholders and mostly for the customers. So this is the most useful part to make the memorable and successful event for the launch of the product.


As the company has invited all of the stakeholders which are having connection with the product. They have to increase number of stakeholders to create better product launch next time.


In this task I have to use more better communication medium like SKYPE meet with the stakeholders to invite them which can impact on the number of guests in the product launch.



The Samsung is using the various tools of the communication, they are using the traditional tools and contemporary tools to communicate with their stakeholders. They are using telephones to make communication with their customers. They are having the expertise in it. Their representatives having specialisation in it and they are making the sensible communication with them(Du., Bhattacharya. and Sen., 2010. ). Letter is also is a another format which is a very old and traditional tool of the communication. Announcement board is a tool which helps in internal communication, the announcement board is announce the immediate information to the whole organisation. Internal memo is used in the internal communication and this is a hand written note which provided by the supervisor to the employees. Formal and informal meetings of the departments are the general communicational tools which helps in to make clear situations in between them. Email and website are the latest communication tools and it is very effective quick and trendy so they have to use this properly.


The Samsung have to use effective communication with the customers to make a relationship with them. They have to make proper talk with the customers when they are buying their products. The sales representative have to make more and more discussion with the customers to analyse customers needs and their experience with the Samsung. Face to face interaction is the best tool which make a quick revert of the feedback(Dodd., 2007.). The market representatives have to make special and effective communication with the regular customers for the feedbacks of the products and services. They have to give a feedback form which have a proper format like customer details, selected questions related to the product they are using and what are the changes they want from the company in their products and services. This is a proper format to take the feedbacks from them(Crane. and Matten., 2007. ).


The Samsung UK have to make proper and regular communication with the local community. They have to use the efficient way which creates an impact on the targeted audience. Samsung can use the regular town hall meetings, they have to make invite their regular consumers by the above given communication tools. The company can use this in a regular way, the company have to use a particular day for this and they have to make reminder by the e-mail(Argenti., 2015.). The company can use this for the regular communication and problem solving meetings. The Samsung can use as a problem solving meetings. The Samsung can use the local media also to make communication with local peoples and users, so they can use the local radio channel, local television channel and local internet channel to make communication with them.


A personal SWOT analysis focusing on the communication skills:


I have strong point that I can elaborate my feeling and plans perfectly to the targeted audience and as liaison trainee this is the best part for me. Face to face communication is the best task which I perform easily anywhere and with anyone.


My weak point is that I am not a good listener so sometimes it creates a very bad impacts in the meetings and seminar so I have to work on it as soon as possible(Attridge., 2009.).


I can communicate with the unknown person and this is an opportunity for me because the corporate sectors wants this types of peoples in their company.


I have to polish my ability to perform more better in the Samsung, there are many more trainees and they are very talented so I have to work on my weakness and I have to be a strong competitor for them(Coombs., 2014.).

I have to make effective stereo channel communication so I have to listen first and give the answer. This way gives a solution for the betterment of my weakness.


An individual communication plan is needed by Samsung for managing communication of information inside the organisational structure. There are three levels in Samsung where a communication plan can be implemented. These three levels are Top level, middle level and lower level management. There are various methods through which middle level can communicate with the top level management, either by sending mails or by interacting personally with them. But lower level management needs to communicate only through mail, if they wants to communicate with top level management. Because it will be informal communication, in case they communicate directly with top level managerial personnels.


All of the above report is tells about the communication in the Samsung UK, they are having several stakeholders and they have to make proper informational exchange and company is managing it. The liaison trainee is organising an event for the product launch and he is making their effects on it. Communication is a essential part for the Samsung.

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