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R/601/0578 Marketing Essentials Apple HND in Business Level 5


Marketing essentials is a process for communicating, creating, delivering and exchanging offering that have value for customers, partners, clients and society at large. On the other hand, marketing is the management process for anticipating, identifying and satisfying customers’ requirements profitably. In Apple Inc., marketing is essentially used in different forms (Pike, 2015). Apple Inc. attracts their customers by offering the latest technological devices like Iphones, Ipad, Laptops etc. Apple Inc. does marketing in different platforms. They are selling their products to suppliers and they do marketing of those devices. In this report, it will elucidate the roles and responsibilities of Apple Inc., marketing assistance and how they compare to different organisation. In this, it also includes the mark


P1 Roles and responsibilities of the marketing function:

            Marketing functions- In this identifying the successful products for the marketplace and promote those products by different techniques marketing functions mainly include the marketing plans, products developments, market research, promotion, distribution for sale or customers service.

            Responsibilities of marketing functions- Marketing department has responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to company growth and profitability. They are also responsible for present the products according to customer’s reactions (Malhotra, 2015). Marketing functions help to understand the need of customers and also benefit to increase sales of company.

            Responsibilities towards enterprises- The marketing department is very responsible authority to achieve the pre-determine goals of an enterprise. They responsible to increase the growth of company and plane to organise, co-ordinate and control all the marketing activities.

  • The marketing assistant is responsible for market research and deciding plus also controlling the quantity and quality of production.
  • They also responsible for planning the cost of the product and price fixation.
  • As marketing assistant, they give advertisements and sales promotion for goods and services.
  • They also control the credit policy of the firm and the cost of marketing activities.
  • Marketing assistance arranges the after sales service and removes the problems of consumers (Larson and Draper, 2015).

            Responsibilities towards employees- In marketing department employees has the responsibilities to provide them proper training. Other responsibilities of marketing department as marketing assistant are-

  • As a marketing assistant they understand their employee’s performance and give solutions of employees.
  • They present the co-ordinates activities different employees.
  • Marketing department motivate their employees to development of the firm.

            Responsibilities towards society- A marketing function son society defines the promotional activities which defines the marketing methods.

  • Marketing function include the advertisements, promotional ads for society.
  • They also ensure the marketing products which benefit for society peoples.
  • Marketing functions increase the employment opportunities.
  • They protect society against the effects of economic slumps (Hair Jr and, 2015).

            Responsibilities towards customers- Marketing functions mainly involve the customer’s responsibility.

  • Marketing assistant study of customers’ needs and supply goods and services.
  • They ensure the regular supply of good and services.
  • They also examine the customers’ requirements and fulfil their demands.

            Roles of marketing functions- Marketing functions roles to maintained the all the process of marketplace and programs of marketing department. Marketing functions of roles in business to increase the company target market and show the rates of market.

  • Marketing plan- In Marketing functions, marketing assistant creates the marketing plan to determine the marketing activities, their sales, promotions and distribution of products etc. they should be carried out to achieve marketing goals (Stern and Porr, 2017).
  • Launch product- The main role of marketing function department to launch new product and to attract new customers and retain old customers, marketing assistant study for demands of customers into the market.
  • Identifying potential markets- Marketing functions department increase and create the demands of goods and services production by company. They also identified the potential markets and also maintain the relationship among the existing markets for their enterprise and its products.

            Business-to-consumers- It refers business selling their products or services to consumers. This could refer to individuals shopping for clothes for themselves at the mall, eating dinner in a restaurant or subscribing to pay-per-view TV at home. B2C mainly refers the online selling products to customers and earn profit. This model mainly determines that many people are familiar to purchase an item online for own uses. Mainly, those products are available on company website. It is a concept of selling company’s products to consumers with different kinds of price. Apple Inc. mainly uses Business-to-consumers model; company directly selling their products to another companies.

            Business-to-business- This concept mainly refers the organisations selling their products and services to other companies. It defines the products they offer to other organisations as supportive need to succeed or get a leg up on the competitions. In the contrast, the business-to- business model offer the raw material, parts or services companies need to boost profiles, from manufacturing companies to retail environments. Example of business-to-business model is auto mobile manufacturing.  The business to business model mainly defines the products and service mainly provides their companies to another companies.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context of Apple Inc.

            In Apple Inc. marketing department responsible for each products promotions and marketing they have following responsibilities-

  • Market Research- Market research is key responsibilities for the marketing department. Research helps to identify the market opportunities and latest trend in market it helps to introduce the company’s weakness and strength. In Apple Inc., market assistance makes research on products what they try to present in the market and they try to understand the needs of customers (Babin and Zikmund, 2015).
  • Products development- Marketing department works with the external and internal developments team to develop new technologies products. In Apple Inc. they always develop those products which look unique to other organisations. They responsible for develop those products which is advanced on technologies and provide advanced feature to consumers.
  • Communications- Marketing assistance is always responsible for communicate with customers. In addition, it ensures the customers’ requirements and their needs. Apple Inc. Assistant makes sure that products they provide that is based on customers need or not. Depending on their available budgets, they may plan advertisements, develop e-mail marketing programs, create promotional content for the organisation's website. For communication to customer, they directly talk on company website (Brady, 2014).
  • Sales support- Apple Inc. assistant improve the sales performance and growth of business, they responsibilities to work on team and also prepares presentations for the sales team. Teams with high-quality leads by running advertisements that include such as telephone number, or company website to register their details.

            Roles of marketing functions- Marketing department ability to maintain the customer requirements and supplies good and services. Marketing assistant roles to manage all the marketing processes. Following roles are-

  • Innovate- Apple Inc. always suppressed their customers and to present various advanced features products. Marketing department work on new techniques, customer’s retention and improvements. Apple Inc. always makes to ensure that product previously they present is customers likely or not and they present more effective product next time.
  • Improves sales- Apple Inc. introduced with many techniques which improved their sales increasingly. They try new technology's product and innovating them. Apple Inc. direct interacts with customers to examine the lack of products and other information about the products (Joel, 2017). They present advanced features and unique products timely. Marketing department knows the feeling of customers they know what products customers can try or what is not.
  • Define strategic plans- Main role of Apple Inc. is to define strategic plans for marketing and they plan for involving new features in their products and present the products and service according to customer’s satisfaction. Apple Inc. strategies are planned for the long term. These strategic plan of the company and with other departments plans. They may set the objectives for the company.
  • Manage marketing budgets- The crucial role of marketing assistant is to manage the marketing budget of company. These define the company profile. Apple Inc. timely defines the company budgets.

            SOSTAC Model- Company mainly determines this model, SOSTAC system covers the structure and comprehensive plan. It defines step by step process plan.

  • In this, S refers the situation analysis.
  • O refers the Objectives.
  • S stands for Strategy.
  • T refers to Tactics.
  • A determines to Action.
  • C defines for Control.
    • Roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of marketing environment using Apple Inc.:

Marketing environments refers the force and factors affects to maintained a successful relationship. It includes the internal and external factors that surrounded the business and influences its marketing operations. Internal factors are customers, retailers, shareholders or distributors etc. and the external factors such as social, legal, political, technological, economic etc (Potter and, 2018). Roles and responsibilities of those factors contact of Apple Inc. It defines the responsibilities on specific person or organisation like suppliers, employees, retailers. Or roles is determines the Apple Inc. planing, organising and process for those external factors. Apple Inc. always pointed their externals factors. This is because those factors mainly force on various organisations.

  • Significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units within Apple Inc.:

The interrelationship between marketing and other functions has been increasing and receiving attention of the discipline, these relations determine the quality movements of organisation. In Apple Inc., it examines all the impacts of quality movements, services, expansion and evolution of marketing. On the other hand, Apple defines the relations and maintained their profit to their services. Marketing functions mainly faced the challenge of the market place, sometimes marketing department avoid the customers need and their demands that problems they faced in the market. Customers avoid their products and go with competitors’ products. The relationship between marketing and other functions tell the ordinates of marketing between organisations and sales departments.        


P3 Compare Apple Inc. and Samsung apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives:

Marketing mix

Apple Inc.




Apple Inc. design a products like Ipad tablets, Mac desktops, Iphones, smartphones, personal computer. The company also generates the revenues via iTunes and the iTunes stores, Mac app stores, iClouds and apple pay. Apple Inc. also develops IOS and OS operating system's software and applications software as iLIFE AND iWork.

The company Samsung design electronics products. Mainly company designed the mobiles phones, home appliance and device solutions. Their signature product is mobiles. They present yearly a new model with additional features and attractive price.



Apple provide their products to all world on every countries because their business increase very efficiently and their apple Inc. provide their products in whole world. Their stores are available in all the world so people can easily buy their products (Baker, 2014).

 Samsung sales bases on the multinational electronics company. Samsung have 158 stores in Korea. They also present the online sales and Samsung have many stores in India and they also give online facilities nod home delivery service to customers.


Apple Inc. mainly provides high quality and high range of products to the customers. Their product features a quality id different to other organisations’ products.

Samsung pricing strategies determines depending on the product range. And the time of the product launch.


Apple do promotion to their products on gives advertisements on television, social media's.  To defines their products features and their functions.

Samsung do promotion to their products on their websites and selling their products to social sites and also give advertisements on social media's.


The employees at Apple stores they solve the customer’s queries about the products and provide better information about the product.

Employees of Samsung stores they provide the exact information about the products and also present the products according to the customers’ requirements.

Physical evidence(packaging)                                                 

Apple has wonderful stores that have class apart and gives a customer's total delight. Their website have numbers of their products  present and their details also mention on them(DÄ…browska and Podmetina, 2018).

Samsung mostly present their new product on their website and also defines all the details about the products.


Process of Apple Inc. includes the simplicity of product and has factories across the world.

Samsung process determines distribution of their services to customers and their product varieties.


Different tactics applied by Apple Inc and Samsung:

Apple Inc.


Apple relies the most completely difference strategies first is products placement. 

Samsung strategy worked on latest product present.

Apple strategies to make market reputations and increase their popularity.

Its main aim is to present the latest electronics models.

Apple Inc. include has repeatedly taken the top spot for its brand equity and has a cult following since ages.             

Samsung strategy was to build something similar to another company but make better and faster at lower cost.

Apple aims to develop unique products that have advanced features in the products according to other companies’ products.

Samsung has the most important strategy to develop new features in very new products that they present in the market.



P4 Basic marketing plan for Apple Inc.:

SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. - Apple SWOT analysis reveals the company’s internal strengths and weakness or opportunities and threats. Those are explained as follows-





·       Apple Inc. main strengths increase their brand awareness and create stronger demands for the company products.

·       Apple has strong distribution channels which help to increase company growth and their popularity.

·       Their brand is unique to other industries so in the market company have numbered one position on quality product (Wirtz and, 2014).

·       They always present high cost products because it established high features products.

·       Its main weakness is interdependence on the sales.

·       In India, their distribution channels are weak more than other countries.

·       They always present highly cost products so lower people cannot afforded company products.

·       Apple has opportunities to expand their mobile payments market.

·       Apple adopts the mobile enterprise app marketing.

·       Apple has opportunities to gain the tractions as more business shift towards buying subscription-based software.


Apple faced main threats of risk of data breaches.

 Most threats to storing U.S. Dollars.


Pestle analysis of Apple Inc.-

Apple is one of the most visible and recognisable customer’s electronic brands of the world. PESTLE analysis of Apple recommends that its high performance is linked to the company effectiveness. The apple pestle analysis include the various factors such are-

  • Political factors- In the political factors, Apple is one of the number one American technology company that has a large amount of cash. Apple could become the target of growing nationalism and anticipating and could reduce its market share.
  • Economic factors- Apple Inc. mainly increased the labour cost in china and take away the cost advantages of some apple products. Economic factors also define the city people condition how they adopt new products and services of organis It is because most of the people never adopt the high levels services and products.
  • Social factor- In the Apple Inc. they present against expensive and stylish products among some customers in the United States and Europe. They also present attractive products and numinous features products for their countries people. They ensure the countries people demands and their test.
  • Legal factors- Apple Inc. provide the legal products to consumers. And they also provide the warranty services to customers. And complete all the legal formalities with organisation and with products.
  • Environmental factors- Apple Inc. the biggest environmental issue Apple is the disposal of used or non-working electronic devices. Company know the people friendly products so they present the products according to people test. (Koch, 2015).

Marketing objectives of Apple Inc.-

  • To Apple Inc. offers premium products at premium process still maintaining 4%.
  • To changing technology behind the biggest companies 6%.
  • To expand the national wide chain 7% globally.
  • To increase the profit margins 10%.

            Vision of Apple Inc. Apple vision is creator of change in this world. Apple vision statements clearly state their long term goals for the future. Apple vision is being the best designing and manufacturing electronic devices in the world.

            Goal of Apple Inc. - Apple Inc. goal is to sell products and services within tight times frames, and their cost they present the best possible value products and services to customers and best quality products to the customers.

            Mission of Inc. - Apple mission to design Macs the -best personal computers in the world. Their mission is to increase their business being the largest brand in all the world. There mission to successful  as one of the most valuable companies in the world (Griffitts, 2016.).

            Marketing programs-

Marketing programs



Digital marketing

Apple Inc. includes digital marketing via emails, website, social sites etc.



2 times in month.


Apple mainly gives advertisements on television, their own websites and social media and other promotional websites.


2 days in week.


 Apple Inc. promotes their products to gives ads on newspapers.

2 times in week.


Monitoring and measurement techniques of Apples Inc. -

Monitoring refers to Apple product's developments company ensure before development they examine all the industry products and make sure the products make is unique from other in industries or not, their features is advanced or not. Measurement refers to the techniques during product’s development. The products what the company develop are according to customers’ needs or not and according to their reactions or not is taken into consideration in this method.


In this report, it is concluded the marketing essential  in any industries it depends on company reputations and company's growth. This report defines Apple Inc. roles and responsibilities and their marketing strategies as the company increases their brand on electronic industries. In this report, it also determined the 7ps of marketing mix of Apple Inc. and how they increase company growth (Hada and Ashawat, 2014). It also defines the marketing plan of Apple Inc. and involves its SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis and marketing programs or goals, mission and vision of Apple Inc.


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