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With respect to operate functions and operations, there are different kinds of activities promoted with marketing. It assists to get successful outcomes in the company through producing more systematic work performances. In this way, different strategies and activities set that help to attract customers in the business. With this consideration, development of activities consider as desired results which help to make innovation (Chen, Chowdhury and Lambert, 2015). In this aspect, present report is based on Your Destination which deal in transport sector and ascertain several activities and tasks to attract customers. They consider innovation to attract different people in the business. For gaining insight information of present report, it covers duties and responsibilities with proposed structure. Furthermore, it includes roles and responsibilities which contribute major consideration to make desired results with objectives. In addition to this, it considers focus on comparison between chosen business and other competitor. At last, it determines effectiveness through create successful plan.



To: Your Destination (Senior management meeting)

From: Marketing manager

Date: 20 June 2018

Subject: Duties and responsibilities of marketing officer with proposed structure

            In order to consider recruitment of two marketing officers, expansion plan need to develop to attain desired results. In this way, marketing considers important functions and operations to attract several people in the business. In this regard, in different international areas in which transportation facilities implement with marketing tools. Therefore, it will help to focus on innovation and attain more effectiveness in the company. Furthermore, it also develops promotional activities to produce effective results (Heiskala, Jokinen and Tinnilä, 2016). Hence, following are different duties and responsibilities of marketing officer to develop systematic work performances:

·       Collection marketing information and analysis it: In respect to attain more effective functions and operations, marketing office of Your Destination needs to identify and analyse marketing information. This is because in this aspect, they are able to develop more significant advantages that assist to meet with the targets and aims. It is the best way to focus on customer demand and requirement with the company (Sun, Wandelt and Linke, 2015). Hence, the chosen business is able to satisfy them easily.

·       Creating market plan with product design and development: Furthermore, marketing officer also needs to concentrate on design more profitability aspect. In this way, systematic results will be developed so that manager can implement effective product design and attain more profitability as well.

·       Setting standard and grade: In respect to set standard and grade, effective functioning will be developed at workplace. In this regard, effectiveness in the business could be developed to attain desired outcomes as well. The chosen business increases standards in products and services to concentrate on production activities of the business. It will help to create more values and systematic outcomes in the business (Park, Egilmez and Kucukvar, 2015). With the help of setting standards, Your Destination is able to attract more people in their enterprise.

·       Determining branding, packaging and labelling: Along with this, another responsibility of marketing officer is to determine proper packaging, branding and labelling on their services. It is the best way to cater different people at workplace. This is because in UK, there are maximum customers attracted in transport with provide them more effective packaging and labelling. It helps to gain more effective advantages at workplace to attract people in the business (Amekudzi-Kennedy, Akofio-Sowah and Brodie, 2016).

·       Price and selling: Price and selling is more effective perspective that assists to determine successful results. In this way, products and services included several benefits which help to attain more creative work performances at business environment. In Your Destination, there are several customers buying products with see and know about price and selling point of products (Stewart, Burger and Johnson, 2017).

Roles and responsibilities which contributes in the wider organisational context

            In respect to focus on the above duties and responsibilities, it can be stated that marketing manager performs different activities in proper way. In this regard, creativity and innovations help to develop target market and attain desired objectives as well. In respect to create systematic pricing and promotional activity in Your Destination, manager will be able to attract different customers easily at workplace. Along with this, standardisation activity also consider focus on attain effectiveness with cooperating among different activities. Development program also set with the systematic work performance in business environment.

            In addition to this, selling of products with proper labelling and pricing consider positive impact on desired level results. Design and activities helps to maintain innovative results and performances at workplace. Therefore, in Your Destination different programs of transport business could be set to make profitability (Chen, Chowdhury and Lambert, 2015). In addition to this, aims and objectives of the business also develop to concentrate on creativity and innovations. In wider context of the enterprise, it can be stated that developing activity will be performed through ascertain systematic results.

Marketing with Sales: Marketing department has effective relation with sales department. This is because, on the basis of research, they develop forecasting in Your Destination. As results, sales could be increases to attain more significant advantages. It is the best perspective to attain more revenue at workplace.

Marketing with finance: Marketing with finance also play major role in business success. This is because, finance department help to arrange money and it considers to conduct market research. On the basis of market research, it will help to focus on Your Destination aims and objectives.

Marketing with production: In order to develop functions in marketing with production department, it can be stated that manager of chosen business should ascertained production with marketing research. This is because, with the help of research, demand and requirement will be assess in systematic manner. Therefore, production department produce accordingly.


a) Using the 7Ps, comparing Your Destination approach to applying the marketing mix with National express in achieving the business objectives

In respect to determine new program and outcomes, it can be stated that Your Destination develop their effectiveness through focus on the new activities. In this regard, marketing mix elements need to consider which help to target new people at workplace. Strategies also develop through chosen enterprise will able to focus on desired results at workplace. Along with this, the selected business considers their functions and operations in transport sector to arrange different types of activities through set standards as well (Zhen, Li and Shi, 2016). With the help of active transport facilities, advance results will be gained in business environment. With the help of different kinds of transport activities and focus on arrangement, advance results will be gained in the company. There are numbers of activities has been set that organised to represent different program at workplace. Hence, key concern also consider which assists to provide better opportunities to attain goals and objectives. Following marketing mix determines in the company:


Your Destination

National Express


Your Destination considers their operations and functions to focus on desired results and outcomes. In this way, it is important to maintain effective functioning at workplace. Successful program must be developed through promoting activities and tasks in global environment (McKay, Simpson and Patel, 2017). It is very important aspect to focus on desired results in transport business. Along with this, business also establishes their new activities which assist to set new outlets and make more profitability as well.

However, in National Express marketing mix consider in another way. With the help of concentrate on competition, the business able to describe more systematic work performances in the business. In this regard, the company looking for their competitors after then they making products. In addition to this, they are also assess tangible and intangible aspect in the product which helps to attain more significant results at workplace (Chen, Chowdhury and Lambert, 2015). As per current analysis, it can be stated that the company able to increase their effectiveness easily.


In Your Destination, price is also important element that assists to focus on creative results at workplace. With the help of effective functioning, they are able to attract several customers in the business in transport activities. On the basis of competitive pricing strategy, they are able to attract many people at workplace. It is the best way to focus on profitability and gain more functioning at workplace. Furthermore, it also assists to launch new product and service that assists to establish effective functioning at workplace (Guevara, Garvin and Ghaffarzadegan, 2016).

Price is also important consideration that assists to determine marketing mix in systematic manner. In this regard, different components develop through National Express able to concentrate on their systematic work performances (Stewart, Burger and Johnson, 2017). They are also adopting competitive pricing that helps to make high position in the market. In addition to this, they are also increased their effectiveness with using different pricing such as premium, penetration, etc.


Your Destination considers their operations in different areas so that they are able to maintain effectiveness in creative manner. In this regard, products and services will be delivered in online and offline market to attract customers. With this regard, products and services will be promoted to make high investment in the business. It is the best way to produce more effective results in the nation. There are different locations exist in which the selected business can produce effective results with developing visibility of customers. Hence, they divided the whole market as per special stores.

In UK and other areas of the world, there are different aspects exist in which National Express consider their operations and functions. In this way, it is important to increase online and offline selling so that business able to develop more profits and access more customers as well (Bergqvist, Macharis and Woxenius, 2015). It assists to focus on successful results and outcomes that help to meet with intensive distribution at workplace. They adopt distribution strategies through customers could be attracted at workplace.


In order to perform several functions and operations, it can be stated that Your Destination has several promotional tools. It is the best way to gain more creativity and increase performances to focus on desired activities. Furthermore, vision and goals of the company is to increase their customers in new areas (Lowe and Mosby, 2016). Hence, they produce different options to promote their business such as discount, vouchers, coupons, etc. It is the best way to produce effective results in the business with taking innovative results. Apart from this, the company also using advertisement, through they are able to communicate their functions and operations in international areas easily.

Apart from this, National Express considers different types of promotional activities that assist to meet with desired results and outcomes in the business environment. There are several options in front of company such as sales promotion, social media advertisement, public relation, etc. Advertisement is main consideration which helps to maintain effectiveness at workplace. In this regard, communication must be developed using radio, media, advertisement, etc. In addition to this, public relation adopted to make effective program that develop effectiveness of the company (Shen and Peng, 2018).


People are considered as another important tool that assists to gain more effective results in the market. In this regard, in Your Destination, different staff members consider plan to focus on desired results and outcomes in the business. With the help of their creativity, they are able to attract more customers at workplace (Ding, Lu and Zhang, 2016). It is the best way to create evidence towards marketing activities.

People are the most important elements for National Express that assists to focus on desired level outcomes and results at workplace. With the help of systematic work performances, it can be stated that staff members of the enterprise make full efforts and support to attain more profitability at workplace. Hence, they are able to attain goals and objectives at business environment.

Physical evidence

In this consideration, products and services of Your Destination develop with adding value and effective system. It is the best way which assists to attain objectives and goals in desired manner. With consideration of branding activities, the company increase their promotional tools in the business development program.

In National Express, there are different types of physical evidence consider important role which help to increase profits and revenue (Park, Egilmez and Kucukvar, 2015). With this consideration, it is important to implement successful operations and functions to focus on development of business activities. Right product at right time assists to meet with systematic work performances at workplace.


In the process, it can be stated that there are different activities looked with ascertain more creative functions and operations. In the selected enterprise, more creative and systematic plan has been developed through which Your Destination is able to maintain customer loyalty at workplace. With the help of systematic process, it can be stated that the chosen business more create effective consideration at workplace (Fahimnia, Bell and Sarkis, 2015).

Process of National Express consider important consideration at workplace that assists to meet with desired results at workplace. Distribution system of the company is effective so that smooth functioning will be ascertained to maintain effectiveness at workplace.


b) Producing a basic marketing plan for national expansion

In order to create marketing plan for Your Destination, it is essential to include following elements:

            Executive summary: Your Destination is one of the famous transport sector business in the UK country. They develop significant advantages to attain more creative work performances at workplace. With the help of innovative marketing plan, they can expand their operations and functions in new areas of the world. In this way, more customers also attracted which increasing profits and revenue as well (Stewart, Burger and Johnson, 2017).

            Background, purpose and focus: Your Destination is famous transport enterprise which deals in different kinds of activities and functions. They generally consider selling transporting products and services in UK and others areas. They are also listed in different kinds of activities such as travel agent, internet service provider, health insurance, etc. Their purpose is to increase customer base in the enterprise and focus on maintaining creativity to attract several people at workplace. It is the best aspect to attain more desired results at workplace (Murphy and Usher, 2015).

            Situation analysis (SWOT): Main strength of Your Destination is that they managing their staff members easily those are committed, dedicated and passionate to provide transportation services. Their staff members have more knowledge and they are skilled to deal with international customers. However, lack of highly specialised technology is main weakness of the business. Due to small workforce capacity, business loosing lucrative results. With the help of government assistance, there are several opportunities exist in front of chosen business to increase their creativity. There are competitors main threat to the chosen business because they possess solid goodwill (Sun, Wandelt and Linke, 2015). New entrants are also major threat so that it creates negative impact on the enterprise.

            Target market: Your Destination considers their target market with several people. They mainly consider their program to attract family, friends group, college group, etc. All they take part to make significant advantages and maintain more creativity at workplace. As results, it is essential to focus on their needs and requirement which help to maintain creativity at in Your Destination. Furthermore, the company also targets businessman so that they can develop international areas' operations in significant manner. On the basis of target market, the company producing their results in different areas (Haddad, Gracia and Skoufias, 2017).

            Goals and objectives: With respect to develop international operations and functions, Your Destination has several objectives that assist to meet with effective functioning. In this regard, the chosen business wants to increase their customer base and attain more profitable results as well. Therefore, it will help to focus on increasing promotional results. With the help of development program, the chosen business also wants to expand their business in places. As results, they require consider more research towards market and attain more creative work performances in the business as well (Çetinkaya, Alenazi and Sterbenz, 2015). In context to attain more creativity, it can be stated that innovative results will be ascertained at workplace.

            Marketing mix strategies: In respect to determine marketing mix strategies in Your Destination, there are different elements included. In this way, products are categories in term of coaches, reservation, lightning, catering, water, bed rolls, medical aids, etc. Along with this, the company also provide different products that assist to meet with desired results. Furthermore, pricing element considers to focus on setting systematic work performances in the business environment. In this way, the chosen business operates their functions on the basis of competitive pricing. Hence, it considers several principles such as cost and value of services, differential charging, etc. Along with this, the selected business develop different kinds of products and services in different places (Globerman and Storer, 2015). Therefore, distribution facility consider in remote areas in which online facilities consider such as passenger's current status enquiry, fare enquiry, etc. There are different promotional tools exist that assists to expand enterprise in systematic manner. In this regard, advertisement on social media so that customers could be attract easily.

            Plan for monitoring and evaluation: Furthermore, planning also consider monitor and evaluate program in systematic manner. In this aspect, it is important for Your Destination to continuously check their program development in different areas. It will assist to maintain more effectiveness at workplace (Heiskala, Jokinen and Tinnilä, 2016). On the basis of customer feedbacks and their reviews, the company needs to focus on the development program which helps to attain desired results at workplace. On the basis of effectiveness, it has been seen that managerial skills also develop to maintain significant advantages at workplace.

            Budget/resources: With respect to make marketing plan, there are different resources must be carry to attain desired results. In this way, the chosen business needs to develop their effectiveness with human resource, technical tools, etc. All these activities help to attain more significant advantages at workplace (Amekudzi-Kennedy, Akofio-Sowah and Brodie, 2016). Furthermore, physical resources also implemented to focus on the relevant consideration that assists to promote Your Destination in new areas. In this way, total budget requires around £785. As per amount, activities and tasks have been set to focus on desired results outcomes in the business.


From the above report, it can be concluded that marketing essential consider important role in the business. In this regard, several activities have been set that assists to meet with systematic work performances at workplace of Your Destination. They demonstrate different roles and responsibilities which assist to perform functions and operations in international market. As results, aims and objectives must be developed with attain profitable outcomes. Furthermore, it summarised about deal with aims and objectives in international market context. It will help to focus on maintain working efficiency and attain more creative results at workplace. Moreover, it carried out comparison between Your Destination and National Express on the basis of marketing mix. Therefore, it will help to attain more desired results in the systematic manner. From the comparison, it can be stated that effectiveness will be developed in systematic manner.


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