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Marketing is very helpful component in the modern scenario as it support the firm in achieving targets in an effective manner. It concerned with market research for understanding the entire market including demand of customers, strong competitors, build effective relations among people, create good brand image in the marketplace, formulate strategies and produce appropriate goods or services (Baines and Page, 2013). In every firm, marketing department play several roles or responsibilities for developing an organisation and achieving competitive advantages in better ways. In this various activities are included such as advertising, promotional activity, sales and deliver better products or services to the potentials customers to satisfy their needs or wants. This report is based on McDonald's as it is an American fast food restaurant and deals in varieties of food such as Hamburgers, Soft drinks, deserts, Chicken, French Fries, breakfasts etc. this report will explain roles or responsibilities of marketing functions and their interrelation with organisation. This will compare the marketing mix of different organisation and produce effective plan for achieving business objectives.   


P1 Roles and Responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing is defined as the set of process in which includes several activities such as manufacturing, purchasing, selling and delivering of particular goods or services to satisfy customers needs or wants in more appropriate manner. Marketing is an effective tool which to organisation in increase profitability and productivity as well as sales volume also because these tools or techniques are considered for creating marketing awareness in an effective manner.

Marketing plays important role in every type of organisation and along with this it has several roles and responsibilities towards the company (Bowie and Paraskevas, 2014). In McDonald's, there are various activities which done through marketing for making product successful and famous. For this, entire marketing process there is requirement of proper team so firm can gain competitive advantage over several other companies. There are several responsibilities and role of marketing some of them is given below:-

  • Market research: This is the first and for-most step which enterprise have to do when they are bring their product in the market. Marketing research is conducted with the motive of identifying current market trend and need, wants of customers ,Because satisfaction of customer is important for every kind of organisation. Hence, it help in identifying current market requirement. But all these are possible when marketing research is conducted effectively.
  • Promotion: This is primary and basic function of marketing to promote goods and services in market. Promotion assist in increasing pre-sale of products. Same process that included several tools and technique of promotion of goods in market for attracting customers and increasing sale. These are magazines, newspaper, television, events and many more all these are traditional techniques of promoting product (Mariussen, 2014). Whereas, according to current scenario there are some modern techniques also such as social media, digital marketing etc. using this is no expensive and effective. Promotion techniques gives direct impact on business by increasing sale, profit maximisation and converting customers in loyal.
  • Distribution: it is the process through which product will be delivered to the This is main responsibility of marketing department to deliver goods or services to consumers. For this, there is requirement of effective distribution channel which is framed by marketing team of the company. But the channel they are using must be effectual and help in distribution work. In some condition, there is requirement of partner also who help in the same procedure.
  • Marketing Information Management: Organisation do several activities in marketing and in this informations are collected which must be managed properly by McDonald's. For this, McDonald's can use modern technique which is named as cloud computing. It is responsibility of the marketing team to gain all the information from market and store efficaciously so as to make judgement in a better manner (Brassington, 2013). The information or data that is gathered after market research aid in making strategic decisions.
  • Product and service management: Marketing have to manage product and services in better way this is the major role of it. This is adding value to the goods and services for which customers are paying their hard earned money. Company require proper management of goods and services to the they gain competitive advantage, generate revenue and gain competitive advantage.
  • Pricing: This is the best competitive advantage enterprise can gain although, it is crucial role of marketing. Attractive pricing help company in gaining competitive advantage and also help in attracting customers.
  • Building brand image: It is an important task for every firm to create and maintain the brand image among competitors in an appropriate manner. McDonald's always focus on market campaigning for the purpose of promoting business and selling more products or services in the market (Pettitt, 2013). Effective brand is very helpful in attracting number of customers towards firm. Therefore, marketing department play vital role in implementing the strategies so that they can create or make buzz at the marketplace and support to capture market share in more impressive manner.
  • Finance: It is a essential for creating better organisation as without finance, company cannot run. Therefore, it is also known as backbone of the busi There are major responsibilities of the marketing department that they have to provide funds as well as financial support to every activities regarding market so that maximum products or services can be promoted and sold. McDonald's company also focus on proper marketing of their food and maintain the quantity as well as quality for reducing costs or expenses. It will help in controlling over the costs and minimise wastages in an effective manner. They consider the food maintenance and they ensure about durability of food stuffs or materials and sell those on time to the customers.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the organisational context

There are defined various functions and activities of the marketing department as they play crucial role in every firm for developing the business. These activities are very necessary to perform in well manner so that particular goals or objectives can be achieved (Cleverley, 2017). It support in maintaining and managing brand image in the market for long term development of the firm. Company usually consider number of promotional tools or formulate marketing strategies to accomplish predetermined goals such as proper advertising, STP ( Segmentation, Target and Positioning) and several modes of promotions.

In the every firm, Manager play crucial role in the company for creating effective brand image or goodwill in the market. They are responsible for making better decisions and formulate the strategies for developing the firm so that number of audiences can be targeted. In this consider the proper study or research for analysing the market and customers as their tastes, preferences, and demand regarding particular goods or services in an effective manner. McDonald's generally consider this and get feedbacks from customers regarding products so that they can find appropriate solutions and produce same tastes as law fat, light, spicy or heavy and delicious food items for satisfying their needs or wants.

Roles and Responsibilities of the marketing

  • Market Research: Marketing department has several roles or responsibilities in the firm as they conduct research or survey regarding market for analysing the actual situations and demand of the customers (Clow, 2013). Manager always focus on customers tastes or preferences and make better decisions regarding producing of different flavour of products or services and sell to the customers. It is necessary to analyse customers choices and how competitors are attracting audience by their food products.
  • Transportation: This is another responsibility of manager that to define the proper transportation facilities for supplying goods or services in more effective manner. It is very necessary to find most appropriate way to transport the material so that products can be made and satisfy customers McDonald's make decisions regarding the supply chain as they adopted the efficient strategy such as Just In Time (JIT) which helps in minimising wastages and expenses.
  • Assessment of risk factor: In this, marketing manager take responsibility for assessing any risks or uncertainties that can be occurred while running an organisation. They have direct impacts on the firm and influences business operations in several ways. There may be chances of rising risks when offering new product in the market including threats of competitors and substitute of products (James, 2013). Therefore, McDonald's firm requires to undertake some activities while making appropriate decisions such as investing funds, adopting various technologies and strategies for the purpose of achieving set goals or objectives.
  • Products or services management: For every firm, it is necessary to maintain and manage the quality of goods or services so that customers satisfaction level can be increased. There are number of competitors available in the marketplace who focus on formulating strategies for capturing the market and attracts more consumers in an effective manner. So that, McDonald's has adopted best strategy which is Total Quality of Management to satisfy customers desired expectations and consider their health or safety.
  • Customers services: In the modern era, it can be found that customers are king of the market so it must be required to satisfy their needs or demands by effective goods or services. therefore, each organisation focus on customers services as treat them in well manner and get feedbacks from them regarding products as well as services in an effective manner (Desai, 2013). McDonald's also does same and try to maintain relations with customers so that they will be loyal in long time. Customers satisfaction is helpful tool to create better brand image in the market and build relationship among them.
  • Human Resource: This functions is an essentials to manage the business operations and people within the firm. HR Manager play an important role in increasing productivity and profitability of the firm in more appropriate manner. They are responsible to manage the tasks and recruit suitable candidates so that goals or targets can be accomplished. Manager motivate to entire team or workforce for enhancing their skills or abilities so that predetermined goals can be achieved. McDonald's consider best qualified and skilled persons for treating or serving customers in an appropriate ways. They provide proper guidelines and training to candidates regarding taking orders, billings and cooking foods etc.
  • Information and communication technology: This is an important functions and marketing department play vital role in selecting best communication channels or process for the organisation (Dibb, 2013). It is concern with IT department which is necessary to formulate marketing strategies so that number of customers can be targeted. One of the best example is digital marketing that support in communicating with people internally as well as externally. This is very beneficial for running smooth company by ensuring business operations.
  • Sales: In this defined that marketing department also focus on increasing sales by maintaining as well as balancing the demand or supply chain in more appropriate manner. This is an essential to achieve targets or goals by providing effective products or services to the customers on the time. Sales unit is one of the factor that helps in increasing profitability in the firm and there is direct relations with consumers so that McDonald's can get more feedbacks from them for the purpose of achieving success.
  • Administration department: Marketing department is also play vital role in managing the proper administration within the firm for developing the business (Simkin, 2013). In this, McDonald's firm try to make appropriate organisational structures which helps in delivering goods or services on the time so that customers can be satisfied in well manner. Company can formulate better strategies for achieving future growth or targets by analysing the tastes or demands of particular market.
  • Product department: This department works with marketing for managing the productions requirements with the help of proper management of supply and demand. Marketing department provide appropriate information regarding current trends or situations to the manufacturing department so that they can make better decisions about production process that what to produce and how it will be satisfy customers demand in effective manner.


P3 Comparison of ways in different organisation apply marketing mix for planning to achieve objectives

Marketing mix consist several elements that helps in promoting business in more efficient way. It is an essentials and important tool which considered by the organisations for making better decisions regarding producing of goods or services, deliver process, set prices and promote those into the market. It can be said that marketing mix is an effective tool which firms undertake for making strategies to achieve particular growth and sustainability (Durmaz, 2011). There are 4ps and 7ps included in the marketing mix tool which have several elements. These are useful to formulate strategies for the organisation as they consider these tools to create goodwill among the competitors. McDonald's is a fast food restaurant which have multiple stores across the countries. There are numbers of food items selling by this firm such as hamburgers, chicken, soft drinks, French fries and milkshakes etc. the marketing manager try to promote products or services by using various tools or techniques at the marketplace.


Here are some comparison of McDonald's and CADBURY so that it can be understood better that how they are adopting marketing mix tools for developing the business. It will support in surviving from other competitors and achieve competitive advantages.

Marketing mix tools




It is concern with any items as tangible or intangible that customer purchase in exchange of values (Fazlollahtabar, 2012). McDonald's is serving several foods products such as Hamburgers, Chicken, French fries, soft drinks, cold coffee, and milkshakes in the marketplace. 

Cadbury is selling number of confectionery items at the global level including Chocolates, biscuits, crème Egg, ice creams, and desserts to the target audiences in the market.


It is generally refers to the amount which paid by consumer after consuming services or products. McDonald's make pricing strategies by considering various components as it is a restaurants so there are number of facilities available such as sitting arrangements, waters, good infrastructure, air conditioner and wash room so that they charge high price from customers. They use best strategy like competitors based and factor of production.

CADBURY selling only confectionery products that can be available at various stores so they do not charge higher prices over their products or brands (Aghasi, 2012). For example, they charge only 2 pound of Chocolate in the UK market. In this consider the pricing strategies such as market penetrations, price skimming and cost leadership for making charges.


In this select a particular location or areas for reaching at target audience (Forte, 2012). McDonald's is biggest brand as it serves foods at various developed cities. They do not consider rural areas by thinking that they will not afford firm's products or services due to high prices.&n

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