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Marketing plays essential part in role in each and every organisation which specifies that it is necessary that management communicate to public about items and services. Enterprise includes various units such as human resource, finance, production, marketing, sales, research and development (Bastable, 2016). These departments require functioning with each other and in coordination so that appropriate items and services are delivered in marketplace. Marketing team responsibilities is to conduct market research and survey to anticipate taste and preference of public. This also helps them to acknowledge competitor firms products and tactics; thereby design system and conduct activities effectively. Present report is based on Your Destination which is popular transportation provider established in UK. Marketing department had made plan to enlarge business by setting branches in different nations which benefit firm to increase customer base and enhance sales and profitability.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing is process conducted in every organisation to promote information among public about their items and services. This help management to grab attention of large number of people; thereby attract them and influence their purchase decisions by communicating them features and characteristics of items. This benefit firms to improve their market reputation and position higher than rival firms; thereby generate adequate profit from business.

            Nature of Marketing: It is a function of management which includes activities carried out to make appropriate plan and take appropriate decisions in respect to marketing. For this, marketing survey is appropriate tool used by seniors to acknowledge taste and preferences of people. It helps firm to anticipate items and services of competitors to design products accordingly and deliver creative and innovative things in marketplace. Along this, management responsibility is to produce quality products, set suitable prices and frame adequate promotion messages to attract customers. These benefits firm to enhance market position and goodwill; thereby improve profitability (Cabrera and Williams, 2014).

            Each corporation consists different departments such as human resource, finance, production, marketing, research and development which require conducting activities to accomplish goals and objectives of organisation. Marketing team plays essential role to analyse present demands of people and future trends. This helps management to acknowledge external environment influence on marketing tasks of Your Destination. Company require providing adequate information to public about services, features and items. Thus, these are various roles and responsibilities that are performed by marketing department are as follows:

            Financing: This activity defines that management require utilising funds adequately, so that business operations are executed efficiently. It is necessary that firm have sufficient material and manpower in respect to objectives. Your destination which is service provider require to direct money in appropriate tasks, which help company to use various promotional techniques to advertise information about services to public. (Griffitts, 2016).

  • Market Research: It is essential tactic which specifies that marketing team conduct survey and take feedback from public to assess quality of items; thereby acknowledge needs and wants of customers. Your destination conducts this activity which helps management to anticipate position and image of firm, by finding out requirements of people and rival firms offerings. This benefits marketing team to make appropriate marketing plan and program for future.
  • Planning expenses: This defines that marketing team require formulating appropriate program in respect to cost that will be invested to conduct activities effectively. Promotional tools such as print media, electronic devices and so on are various techniques used by management to advertise among public about services of Your Destination.
  • Maintaining Brand Image: Value, brand, generosity of firm and advancements are various components that are used by marketing team to enhance market reputation. Your Destination uses this tactic to create strong brand representation in mind of people, by constructing attractive message and inform them about their items and services. This helps company to attract customers by providing them various benefits and offers (Hoeffler, Herzenstein  and Ginzburg,  2015).
  • Expansion: This specifies that firm sales and profits are improved if a successful campaign is conducted by management. Marketing team is able to improve market share of Your Destination by launching new things in marketplace. They even require focusing current trends to acknowledge taste and preference of public; thereby deliver appropriate items and services to people.
  • Customer service: This tactic defines that marketing team responsibility is to connect organisation with consumers and informing them about items and services. By designing attractive message which communicate to people in respect to features and characteristics. Your Destination provides quality services to clients and take care that they don’t face any problems and difficulties. For this feedback is appropriate technique used by management to acknowledge issues that are faced by customers; thereby provide them after sales services.

            Marketing structure: This concept specifies that each organisation require designing appropriate system so that business operations are executed effectively. Firm capacity and size determine various channels of structure in respect to market conditions. Traditional and digital advertising are various techniques that are used by management to promote information about items and services (Kennedy and Parsons, 2014). SWOT analysis, market analysis, strategic plan  are various tactics that are used by management to have accurate and complete information about system functionality and market capabilities. Customer's needs and wants are acknowledged by superiors to design system and items in respect to their demands.

These are various marketing strategies which are used by Your Destination to conduct activities are stated beneath:

            B2B: Business to business is a marketing strategy which is related with providing the products  and services to other business who are dealing in similar business operations. Your Destination which is a transport service provider require that management establishes good connection with suppliers. This help them to timely acquire material and other essential things for their operations. Along this, firm provides quality services to customers  and are able to position higher than competitors.

            B2C: Business to Customer marketing strategy is linked with the offering services directly to customers and this is the vital factor in order to capture large market shares. Management of Your Destination responsibility is to utilise man, machine, material and manpower efficiently; so that appropriate items and services are transferred to people. It is essential that products are designed by members in respect to needs and wants of consumers.

            Matrix structure: This form of organisation structure determine that superior provide duties to members and connect people from different units to complete project on time. Management of Your Destination uses this structure to select expert from different departments and make them perform tasks which help seniors to accomplish projects timely.

            Divisional structure: Human resource, finance, production, marketing, research and development are various departments that are constituted by management to separate individuals and execute activities in respect to their skills and abilities.

These are various promotional techniques which are used by marketing team to advertise to public about offerings are stated beneath:

Traditional marketing: This type of concept defines that firm’s uses newspaper, pamphlets, billboards, flyer print advertisement and so on were used to promote to people about items and services. Public relations and offline advertising are various techniques that are used by marketing department to communicate to people about products (Berkowitz, 2016).

            Public Relations: This defines that organisation uses TV, radio and daily papers to make connection with customers and provide them appropriate information about items and services.

            Digital Marketing: This is modern tool which are used by marketing team to use advanced technology to communicate to public about items and services. This helps Your Destination to attract customers by providing them information about offers and packages set by them. Social media, YouTube, twitter are various promotional tactics used by company to retain clients for longer period by sending them mail about price of items and services.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing in relation with organisation

Every organisation includes human resource, finance, production, marketing, research and development units; which require executing activities such that goals and objectives are accomplished timely.  Statistical survey and market research are various tools that are used by management to have accurate and complete information about public taste and preferences. Along this, it helps marketing team of Your Destination to acknowledge competitors offering; thereby design items accordingly. Thus, marketing department requires functioning in coordination with other units which are described below:

Finance Department: This department is having the main responsibility to utilise funds adequately and take care that business have sufficient material and manpower; so that business operations are executed appropriately. Financial statements such as balance sheet and profit & loss are constituted by management which provide information about income and expenditures. Marketing unit require to have sufficient money so that appropriate promotional techniques and technologies are used to grab attention of large number of people. Your Destination requires setting up offices in different countries to increase customer base. Marketing unit of company requires having adequate resources so that business operations are executed appropriately (Brychkov and et. al., 2017).

Human resource department: This department is having the major responsibility to  recruit adequate manpower in organisation so that business activities are conducted appropriately.  They require distributing tasks and duties among workforce in according to their skills and abilities. Your Destination has skilled and competent employees, so quality items and services are provided to customers. Employer constructs friendly relations with subordinates which help them to keep them motivated and dedicated towards job. Along this, they are able to timely anticipate issues and conflicts faced by members; thereby provide them appropriate solutions. Management major duty is to have talented members in marketing team so that promotional activities are executed adequately (Lane, 2016). HR department is linked with the  marketing operations because if there had to be any promotional activity carried out then manpower is required who can easily execute the promotional activities thus developing awareness among people and they will enhance their overall sales and profitability ratios.

Production department: This segment duty is to manufacture appropriate items and provide quality services to people. Your Destination which is Service Company require that modern tools and techniques are implemented in system so that adequate things to clients in according to their taste and preference. Marketing department requires having coordination with operation unit, so that quality products and services are being given by firm to people.  Your Destination management require to provide items and services in respect to requirements of public of UK.  Marketing unit helps operation unit to manufacture items in respect to wants of public, thereby promote in market to inform consumers about different packages and offers. This help company to grab attention of large number of people by constructing connection with clients.

Sales department: This unit defines that in organisation administration provide responsibility to members to establish connection with people, by communicating them information about items and services. Marketing department provides help to sales people of Your Destination by informing public about products, its features, benefits and offers (Mittal,  2014).

Your Destination includes flexible structure so marketing team makes changes in system and makes modifications in tactics in according to market conditions. Promotional techniques are used by management which benefits company to inform public about items and offers. Thus, Memo is used by firm to inform members about expansion and transformations that are made in system are designed beneath:


                                                                                                                   Date: 30th January 2017

Your Destination is enlarging business and enhancing operations so that appropriate items and services are delivered by firm. For this, management require to have skilled members and competent members to conduct operations effectively. This memo is to inform employees that company will reward them on basis of their performance and outcomes. Expansion is good for workforce and firm who help in its success and growth; thereby enhance market position and share.



P3 Application of marketing mix in marketing planning process to achieve business objectives

Marketing department plays essential role to design appropriate marketing tactics and mix in such manner that firms are able to grab attention of large number of people. It is necessary that adequate items, prices, promotional tools and process are designed by management of Your Destination. This help company to enhance market image and goodwill, thereby position higher than rival corporations. Thus, this is comparison of Your Destination with National Express which includes good market share (Mueller and et. al., 2015).


Your Destination

National express


It is a service firm which prime goal is to provide quality items and services in market in according to needs and wants of people. Company major services are to provide luxury comfort to clients by adding adequate facilities and things. Management keep making changes in system and try that people get quality services in respect to their taste and preferences.

This enterprise provides different range of items to construct brand image and compete with rival firms. Taxi fare and quality comfort are appropriate tactic that are used by firm to grab attention of large number of people. Free Wi-Fi, cab and train facility and other services are given by management to clients.



Your Destination consist packages which are mostly made for high standard people. They are adopting economical pricing strategies in order to attract customers who will maximise their overall market shares. Skimming pricing tactic is used by marketing team, as company provide different variety of items and services to public.


National express provide different range items to public to select packages in respect to their needs and wants. Penetration pricing strategy is used by marketing team to grab attention of large number of people.



Your Destination is located at prime sites which includes luxury class people. These help clients to approach company easily. Company is famous in UK, so management require to provide adequate items and services in market in according to needs and wants of public.


National Express offices are situated in UK which has large number of people. Administration require to provide different things in respect to needs and wants of consumers.  Superiors main duty is to design things and build creative and innovative items to construct appropriate position and share in marketplace.


Marketing team frame attractive message and uses appropriate promotional tools such as online advertising, social media to inform people about services and packages.

National express uses traditional marketing tactic such as public relation to keep connection with buyers and provide them information about services.


Target audience is high standard people who are ready to pay large amount to avail luxury services and things. Your destination has skilled and competent members so quality services and items are delivered by firm. Firms have recruited skilled and talented drivers who are safely driving and transferring products from one place to another. Management provide ticketing to workers, that is compensation and various benefits in respect to their  results and targets.

Internal and external are tactic used by company to segment people. Management employ individuals who have appropriate ability and skills. Along this, training and development programs are executed to enhance capabilities of members; thereby standardised services are given to clients. National Express don't give remuneration and additional incentives to members to encourage them and inspire towards job.



Main goal of firm is to implement latest technologies in system so that business activities are executed appropriately. This help management to design attractive promotion message and keeping customers connected with help of social media and online advertising. Along this, people have options to book tickets at their home and get accurate information about services. There is an effective complain process  adopted by firms in which if any employee is having any issues they can share those issues and plans can  be developed in order to resolve them.


Transformations help management to provide quality services and items to people. With use of modern techniques ticket booking facility is became simple and relevant for public.


Physical evidence

Your Destination is famous in London where people want luxury services. The physical evidence is related with the products and services which are offered by them to their potential customers so they can travel from one location to another according to their convenience.

National  express provide tickets to clients to give them options and offers to take their services again.



P4 Marketing plan for organisation

Each organisation requires having appropriate plan which help management to expand business and set up branches in different nations. Marketing plan specifies information about various activities that are executed by marketing department to promote among public about items and services; thereby grab attention of large number of customers. Mission, objectives, market analysis and aims are set which determine information to members about targets that are required to be accomplished by them. This helps management to enlarge business and enhance market share and image (Pappas, 2017).

            Mission of company: The coach provide adequate services to clients by using innovative and unique technologies in order to gain their attention thus enhancing their overall sale volume and therefore make their experience wonderful. Your Destination management has implemented various tactics in system such as firm websites, content marketing tools and mobile facility to keep connection with consumers by informing them about their packages and offers.

Marketing objective: To enhance market image and reputation by creating attractive message to grab attention of large number of people. Business expansion is appropriate tool to increase market reach and compete with rival brands.

Business Aim: Prime goal of firm in next one year in respect to expansion at national wide are:

  • Improve customer base by 20%
  • Enhance profit generation ability by 15%
  • Acquire 10% of total market share

Situational analyses: Marketing team conduct research to examine information about market conditions to acknowledge needs and wants of public. This helps management to make appropriate decisions and select alternatives which are beneficial for Your Destination. SWOT analysis is appropriate tool that are used by department to acknowledge system capabilities and market situations. This benefits administration to design system and conduct operations effectively so that adequate things are delivered in market (Baker and et. al., 2016).


Your Destination has strong brand image and reputation in UK as quality items and services are given to clients. Luxury packages are designed by management which help firm to recover expenses of services. Thus, chances of uncertainty and loss are reduced which help marketing team to enhance market image.


Management require to keep making changes in system and make tactics in according to function system in according to market conditions of UK.

This impact on management decisions and efficiency as they require to make modifications and transformation in system accordingly.  


Your Destination has opportunity to enter new market and increase customer base. This help management to enhance market reach and grab attention of large number of people.


Nation Express is competitor of Your Destination. Along this, there are various other competitors; so it is essential that adequate items and services are delivered by firm. Marketing team require to set appropriate packages and offers to attract customers and enhance market share.

Marketing department also uses PESTEL analysis to acknowledge marketing conditions and government rules and regulations. This help management of Your Destination to take appropriate decisions, select alternatives and frame adequate policies and tactics to make system function effectively. Thus, this is explanation of PESTEL which is described beneath:

  • Political factors: Your Destination is small transportation service provider which is conducting business in UK require to take registration from government. Along this, management require making strategies and tactics in respect to rules and regulations of authorities; thereby make system function legally and enhance market position (Hoffman and Turley, 2015). Marketing unit responsibility is to design system and conduct operations in according to rules and regulations of government.  Your Destination has license from authorities which help management to conduct activities effectively and improve market position and share.
  • Social factors: Your Destination which provides transportation service requires providing different variety of things in respect to people’s requirements. Along this, as company has made plan to operate business in UK and set up numerous branches in nations to increase customer base thereby enhance sale and revenue. Your Destination conduct CSR activities which help superiors to enhance goodwill and image in marketplace. Management provide different types of items and services to people in respect to their demands and requirements.
  • Economical factors: Country state defines organisation sales and revenue, as if there is inflation than people have sufficient funds to purchase things in respect to their needs and wants (Karasar and Öztürk, 2014). Management of Your Destination require to have adequate capital so that they are able to execute appropriate activities; thereby deliver variety of items and services in market.
  • Technological factors: Management require implementing modern tools and techniques in system so that quality items and services are delivered by Your Destination. Social media is appropriate promotion tools that are used by marketing team to advertise among public about products and offers. Online advertising, mobile and E-marketing are various techniques that are used by team; to advertise information to public and inform them about packages and offers.
  • Environmental factors: Your Destination which is transportation firm requires using latest tools and techniques so that natural resources are utilised efficiently. It is essential that vehicles are environment friendly and there is no pollution emission. Internet helps marketing team to prevent firm from using paper and provide quality items and services to consumers.
  • Legal factors: This tactic defines that Your Destination requires having skilled superiors so that appropriate norms and policies are made in respect to manpower. This help firm to construct strong brand goodwill as staff get fair treatment and opportunities on basis of their skills, performance and outcomes (Bastable, 2016). Marketing team consists members which have capability to design attractive message which help them to grab attention of large number of people. Management provide opportunities to members on basis of their performance and outcomes. Along this, members are given compensation on basis of their results which help seniors to retain skilled and competent people for longer period.

            Marketing mix: This program includes components such as product, price, place and promotion that marketing manager of Your Destination specifies in plan.

            Product: Your Destination which provides transportation services to public require to provide different types of vehicles in respect to needs and wants of people.

            Price: This concept defines that management of Your Destination have design different packages to provide things in according to demands of public and attract them to avail services from competitors.

            Place: Your Destination is popular and famous firm established in UK, as they provide different forms of items and services in respect to needs and demands of people.

            Promotion: Your Destination marketing unit uses online marketing, social media and print advertisement tools to inform public about vehicles, packages and features and benefits to grab attention of large number of people.

            STP: This concept is used by Your Destination firm to provide variety of items and services to target appropriate people and establish adequate image and position in mind of people.

  • Segmentation: Your Destination provide different forms of vehicles in according to variety of public and their needs and wants.
  • Targeting: Your Destination main focus is to grab attention of people which don't have vehicles and will approach firm to avail things and travel to other places.
  • Positioning: Promotional tools such as social media and e-marketing are various techniques that are used by Your Destination to spread awareness among public about items and services.

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures












Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance







            Evaluation: Market unit require to examine system functioning is as per defined plan and market conditions. Standards are appropriate device that are used by members of Your Destination to acknowledge deviations of actual performance from benchmarks.

            Control: This define that marketing plan helps Your Destination to analyse deviations of actual from benchmarks, thereby take appropriate actions to remove obstacles and execute activities in respect to needs and wants of people.


As per above report, it can be concluded that marketing is activity conducted by management to make appropriate plan and program. It is necessary that marketing mix is framed which specifies information about product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence that are constituted to compete with rival firms. Marketing department duty is to examine market conditions and frame attractive message to attract customers by providing them information about items, features and benefits. Along this, they even require to function and provide assistance to other units by providing them information about needs and wants of people. Thus, marketing is appropriate activity conducted in organisation to grab attention of large number of people and enhance sales and prof

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