Marketing Management And Analysis

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Question :

Some of the questions in this assessment are like:

  • What are the concepts, theories and models of the marketing development?
  • Give the complexity and the competitive environment working.
  • Critically analyse the marketing situations and the issues faced therein.
  • Recommend all the actionable areas in marketing with the strategies in Chick-fil-a.
Answer :


Marketing is the way of exchanging information and making them aware with the values that are provided by company to them (Low, Gao and Mohdari, 2016). Chick-fil-a is the private food chain business that was established in the year 1967. It has branches in America and now planning to give franchise into UK market in order to expand its business internationally. Current assignment will conduct marketing audit of firm. It will analyse its macro and micro environment. Furthermore, report will highlight marketing strategy through which business can gain success in the UK market.


Chick-fil-a is the private fast food company which is planning to open its branch in UK market, before expanding its business in other location there is need to analyses condition of that market and its suitability (Rowley, 2016).

Macro Analyses

Pestle analyses tool can be described as strategic management approach that analyses external market and ensure whether firm will be able to deal with external factors or not.

Political factor

Government of UK is very serious about health issues of population hence continuous making such policies that can help in keeping the person healthy. Now fast food companies are required to follow these guidelines in order to meet the hygiene standards (Saura, Palos-Sanchez and Blanco-González, 2019). UK has easy trade agreement procedure hence it can give opportunity to Chick-fil-a to enter into UK market successfully. If government of United Kingdom ban some of the ingredients in order to control over obesity problems, then it can create problem for Chick-fil-a in sustaining in market for longer duration.

Economic factor

This is another major component that can affect overall working of company to great extent. UK’s economic condition is very strong, as there is high employment rate that creates opportunities for Chick-fil-a in gaining more profit and sustaining in market for longer duration. As people is are able to spend money to get luxurious facilities in restaurants hence this would help the Chick-fil-a in gaining success in this market (Kotler and, 2015). Changes in exchange rate and affect the sales and profit of Chick-fil-a, as if government increases exchange rate then entity might get fail to over the expenses which will reduce investment and revenues will be affected (Sharma and Aggarwal, 2018).

Social cultural factors

Taste, preferences, values of customer affect the fast food industry to great extent. UK people like to spend quality time in fast food. They like to have fast food but they are also concern towards the health (Gneezy, 2017). There is need to offer them healthy fast food services so that company can gain trust of people and can make them satisfied towards the Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a needs to provide such products that have low fat items so that people take interest in it. Youth rate is high in the nation hence Chick-fil-a can get more sales by entering into this country because youth like to have such kind of meal.

Technological factors

This is the major component that can impact on Chick-fil-a, UK is the developed nation that is using advance technologies in business. many restaurants and fast food cafes are using POS machines, robots, AI system in their business. use of such techniques improves working efficiency and also improve services of the firm as well. Chick-fil-a can also use such technologies to serve its consumers well in UK market. By this way it will be able to gain success in this market (Habibi and, 2015).

Environmental factors

UK government is very concern about wastage and ensure recycling of materials so that wastage can be reduced and natural resources can be kept secure for longer duration. UK has many suppliers of fast food industry hence Chick-fil-a will not face any kind of trouble there. If Chick-fil-a ensure its supply chain arrangement then it would be helpful to get more revenues (IšoraitÄ—, 2016).

Legal factors

Employment laws of America and UK are slight different hence there is need to have a look upon employment regulations of UK before entering into this market. This will help Chick-fil-a in sustaining in market for longer duration and serving consumers well. Wages rate policies, sick pay laws will help Chick-fil-a in motivating staff and retaining talent in the firm for longer duration. By this way it will be able to meet the requirement of consumers in UK market (Hassan, 2019).

Micro analyses

Chick-fil-a is the American well-known brand that was established in the year 1967. In the year 2017 it has generated sales of 4million. There is huge competition in fast food industry, there are many competitors of Chick-fil-a such as McDonalds, KFC etc. Company must have strong internal positon so that it can enter into UK market successfully and can gain success in the new market (Banerjee, 2017).


  • It is the most popular brand of USA, this has great brand image in the American market.
  • Customer service of Chick-fil-a is amazing, company ensures to offer satisfactory services to consumers. That is the reason that customer satisfaction is very high.
  • Wide range of products is another strength of Chick-fil-a, it offers multiple items such as burger, sandwiches, drinks etc. that’s why firm is unable to meet needs of wide range of consumers that help business in raising its revenues to great extent (Bianchi and Mathews, 2016).
  • Chick-fil-a keeps its workers happy by offering them amazing wages, it provides them lots of career opportunities that is the reason that company is having most talented workforces those who are serving consumers well.


  • Chick-fil-a has limited outlets, it has branch in USA America only. Poor geographic coverage is the major lacking point of company, that’s why firm is unable to meet productivity target. Other competitors have outlets in different locations that enhances their productivity (Ton and, 2015).
  • Customer retention is another major weakness of Chick-fil-a, its foods are very expensive hence people generally move to other brand to get quality and affordable products.
  • Chick-fil-a is popular brand but it does not really pay emphases on innovation. In the absence of innovation, it sometimes faces difficulty in competing with big fast food brands.


  • Increasing health awareness can create opportunity for Chick-fil-a, as if Chick-fil-a offers healthy products to its potential buyers then enterprise can be able to enhance its customer base that would be better for business to raise its profitability and sustaining in UK market for longer duration (Homburg and, 2015).
  • Expansion in new markets will create opportunities for Chick-fil-a, as firm can enter into new market that would help in serving more new consumers and increasing profitability of business to great extent.


  • Changes in government regulation can create threat for Chick-fil-a because now it will have to make changes in its procedure which will enhance operational cost of firm to great extent.
  • High competition can also be threat to the firm because it would create problem in sustaining in market for longer duration (Chong and, 2017).
  • Increasing supplier’s cost can be threat to the firm because this will enhance cost of Chick-fil-a and its profit will get down.


SMART objectives

  • To increase sales of its chicken burger by 30% till the end of 2020.
  • To open three more outlets in UK within 6 months.
  • To enhance number of customer of Chick-fil-a by 25% till the end of 2020.

Smart objectives are specific and measurable that help companies in increasing opportunities to accomplish the organisational goal successfully. As Chick-fil-a has planned to open its branch in UK now, for that there is need to have clear objectives. This can support business unit in aligning business activities in systematic manner. Objective of raise sales by 30% is valid because this is achievable target, as if Chick-fil-a open its outlet in United kingdom then it would be able to attract new buyers which will raise its sales easily by that desired percentage (Dagevos, 2016). If firm is entering into this market then it will raise its revenues which will fulfil its financial need, by this way it will be able to open new outlets in new location easily.


Segmentation strategy

This is most essential part of marketing plan, segmentation determines the specific profile of person to which firms aims to target. There is need to have to clear segmentation strategy so that Chick-fil-a can offer satisfactory fast food services to its consumers in the UK market in order to run business in this country successfully (Balmer, 2017).

Demographic segmentation will be used by the Chick-fil-a, as it will target people by looking at their age, gender, occupation. All these are most essential parameters through which consumers taste and preferences can be identified effectively. Chick-fil-a will offer different products to young people and kids. There will be wide range of chicken burger items as per the requirement of consumers. Apart from this, there will be range of burger, young people can buy it at lower cost and also costly burgers will also be available here. The main target market will be young people and children because they like such kind of fast food to great extent. Apart from this, geographic segmentation will be applied by Chick-fil-a (Wu and Naidoo, 2016). As USA is the different from UK hence there is difference between consumer behaviour, culture and believes. Hence enterprise will take care of this element and will serve the products to customers accordingly.

Targeting strategy

There is very essential for Chick-fil-a to target the right person, if it is not done then enterprise will not be able to meet its sales target within stipulated period of time.

Chick-fil-a will implement mass targeting strategy; it will target everybody. This would help business in gaining attention of mass audience and dealing with new consumers in significant manner. Apart from this, differentiated targeting strategy will also be used by Chick-fil-a. It will target the large group of people in the UK market. Chick-fil-a can decide to offer different services to different segment people. As need of children are different from young people (Liu and Chou, 2016). If Chick-fil-a offers differentiated services to the target consumers then it would be more likely able to satisfy needs of different consumers. This would help in generating more sales in UK market and meeting its desired objective in significant manner. Chick-fil-a is planning to provides several benefits to different group of people, this would help the firm in raising satisfaction level of all consumers which will enhance its success rate in the new market (Babin and Zikmund, 2015).

Behavioural segmentation strategy will also be used, as Chick-fil-a will understand the behaviour of person and will offer them services accordingly. Hence it is planning to offer reasonable price chicken items with quality.

Positioning strategy

Positioning can be defined as company’s ability for influencing the perception of consumers (De Mooij, 2019). Chick-fil-a is planning to implement cost positioning tactic; this is beneficial for the organisation because by this way consumers will be able to get quality goods at affordable rates. This would be great tactics in order to raise satisfaction level of buyers. Quality positioning strategy will also be implemented by Chick-fil-a, people want quality goods and for that they are ready to pay high prices. If this need is being fulfilled, then customers will take more interest in the company which will enhances success rate of firm in the UK market. If it fails to ensure quality of its food items, then it may affect its reputation and firm will not be able to sustain in the competition market for longer duration (Yasmin, Tasneem and Fatema, 2015).

Perceptual map

This can be defined as graphical representation of consumer perception towards products characteristics of the firm. By preparing this map Chick-fil-a can analyses its position in the market as per the consumer’s preferences. By this way firm can makes changes in its products so that interest or preferences of customers can be raised towards the organisation. Subway, McDonalds are highly demanded fast food brands. Demand of Chick-fil-a is also high because it offers affordable products to the wide range of customers that enhances its demand in the market and help business in growing well in new location as well (Kumar, 2017).


Competitors are the major stakeholder of business that influence the working of organisation to great extent. Company always makes effective strategies so that it can show itself better than its competitors. That gain attention of new buyers and people take interest in products and services of the organisation (Lam and Harker, 2015). Chick-fil-a has many competitors such as McDonalds, KFC etc. All these have great positon in the market and always ensure offering satisfactory goods to its buyers. Chick-fil-a has branch in USA only whereas other competitors are working globally. This has created huge competition for business.




Church chicken


Number of employees

It has 1000 employees.





It has branch in USA only and has less presence in global market. It has outlets in 48 sates of USA (Successful Brand Positioning:Chick-fil-A, 2014).

It has branches in many countries and has around 37855 restaurants.

It has outlets in around 17796 locations globally

22621 branches it has and it is operating globally.


10.5Billion revenue was generated by company in the year 2018.

It has generated 20.9Billion in the year 2018

1.2Billion revenue is generated by company

26.2Billion is generated by firm.


It provides sandwiches, chicken dishes to the many customers.

It offers hamburger, French fries, soft drinks, salads, coffees etc. many items

It offers breakfast, burgers, chicken products, desserts to consumers across the world.

Fried chicken, soft drink, milkshakes, sandwiches etc.

Rank score







Marketing is the tool that is used by business to gain success in the market. If companies fail to manage marketing process in effective manner, then its sales may get affected badly.


Recently Chick-fil-a has chicken products which is liked by consumers. But it will also offer coke, waffle fries, nuggets to the customers in order to raise their interest towards Chick-fil-a. Firm will ensure to conduct market research so that needs of customer of UK can be analysed (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). This strategy will be helpful in making necessary changes in production so that satisfactory goods and services can be offered to UK consumers. Furthermore, firm will ensure quality hence it will follow all the regulation to deliver high quality fast food to the customers. Packaging of the fast-food items will be so amazing that will help the organisation in gaining attention of buyers in new location. This tactic will support business in sustaining in new market for longer duration successfully.

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This is the major factor that always influence choice of person to great extent. As the target person of the company is children and young people hence it will offer them quality food at affordable prices. It will use penetration pricing strategy, in this enterprise would be able to provide most quality food at most reasonable prices. This would be better strategy in order to attract new buyers and gaining competitive advantage as well. Bundle pricing strategy will also be used by Chick-fil-a, it will offer combo items to the buyers so that they take more interest in this outlet (Homburg and, 2015).


Firm will use direct distribution tactic and will also sell its items through franchise technique. It will give its franchise to the firm that has strong reputation in market. By using both these strategies enterprise will be able to attract more consumers and make them contact directly.


UK is the developing country where people use social networking sites mostly hence Chick-fil-a is planning to use social sites option to promote the brand in UK market. This is the great strategy because cost of promoting through these sits are affordable and by this way entity can make contact with mass audience. This is the strategy that can support organisation in raising its sales in the UK market by 30% till the end of 2020 and also it will be able to establish itself in new market successfully (Bianchi and Mathews, 2016).


Employees are the stakeholders those who have high influence over business performance. If employees are happy then firm can gain success in the market. Chick-fil-a will ensure that its workers will feel satisfied in UK market. For that entity will provide them high wages and will also provide them incentives if they achieve the required target. This would motivate them and will retain talent for longer duration. In addition, Chick-fil-a will also provide necessary leaves to its workers on time. It will provide them flexible working hour facilities. All these strategies will support business unit in retaining skilled staff members and improving their productivity. This would be better for business to meet the demand which will help in established in the new market successfully (IšoraitÄ—, 2016).


Chick-fil-a will have its own website to make connection with consumers. It will circulate necessary information on its website and will allow its buyers to raise their problem on its website. Customer care executive will call the person on immediate bases and issue of that individual will be resolved within 24hours. This strategy will make the person satisfied and happy (Bianchi and Mathews, 2016). By this way people will like to have its chicken items on regular bases. This will support firm in raising its profit in the new market.

Physical evidence

UK has many big brands such as KFC, McDonalds. All these outlets are well structured and have great facilities for customers. Chick-fil-a will have great logo and will have great tagline to gain attention of potential buyers. Apart from this, there will be proper space for kids and families (De Mooij, 2019). This strategy will make them feel good and they will think to come to this outlet again in near future.


Study can be summarised as marketing process works as strategic tool that help business to establish in new location successfully and raise its brand awareness globally. Companies need to make proper strategic marketing plan so that it can sustain in market and can gain competitive advantage. Advertisements, promotions support business in raising number of consumers and also aid the organisation in raising its sales to great extent. Great quality food, effective promotions and effective pricing strategy are helpful to gain success in the new market.

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